Snacking in September Week 5

It’s our last week in September, and our last set of hot cross buns, guacamole, salami, rice krispy treats and chocolate milk shake recipes!

Breakfast: lighter hot cross buns

Lunch: Guacamole hummus

Dinner: Salami crisps with sour cream and basil

Dessert: Surprise pumpkin rice crispy treats

Drink: Chocolate stout shake

Cooking with Coffee

Yes, today we’re looking at some yummy dessert and drink recipes that feature coffee.


Mocha whoopie pies

Coffee and cream sandwich cookies

Irish coffee bar

Coffee crisps

Coffee walnuts

Coffee and cookie brownie

Mocha brownies

Coffee pecan toffee

Coffee and cream bread pudding

Kahlua chocolate chunk cookies

Coffee and macadamia nut biscotti

Mocha chocolate icebox cake

Cappuccino cake

Mocha cake with nuts and dried fruit

Coffee mallow torte

Coffee cream pie

Irish cream cupcakes

Banana coffee muffins

Mocha latte cupcakes

Mocha madness ice cream

Coffee pudding


Frozen Thai iced coffee

Creole coffee punch

Turkish coffee

Vanilla coffee white hot chocolate

Mexican coffee

Coffee frappe

Pumpkin spice latte

Peppermint chocolate coffee

What are your favorite coffee recipes?

Rock-ing Creativity

Yes, today we’re taking a look at some cool rock inspired craft projects, and maybe a snack or two!

Crafts and Activities:

Rock creatures

Rock dominoes

Stone spa mat

Door stop

River rock mirror

Tic tac toe game

Button stepping stones

Critter paperweights

Rock cabinet pulls

Rocky garden gift

Fabric covered stepping stone

Glow in the dark creations

Paisley rocks

Monster rocks

Crochet rocks

4 more rock craft ideas


Candy rock favors

Pop rocks pretzels

What are your favorite rock creations?

Ready with Rice

Today I’m sharing about one of my favorite ingredients: rice!  I love the little grains and how well they work with and in so many dishes!

Fried Rice

Mushroom fried

Japanese fried

Quinoa fried

Thai fried

Spicy vegetable fried


With shrimp and mint

With asparagus and peas

Wild and brown

Beet and brown rice with goat cheese

Other Dinner Dishes

Herbed rice with dates and pomegranates

Baked rice with sausage, peppers and corn

Brown rice with salmon, avocado, and toasted nori

Black rice with broccoli and almonds

Salmon ginger rice bowl

Roast lemon chicken and rice soup

Creamy risotto with asparagus and peas

Wild rice dressing

Wild rice with corn and basil

Lentil and rice stuffed peppers

Brown rice pilaf

Italian rice

Wild rice stuffed acorn squash with cranberries, pecans and pancetta

Chicken and rice casserole

Sushi rice


Vanilla rice pudding

Coconut rice

Rice pudding balls

If you want more rice pudding recipes you can visit this blog post.

What are your favorite rice dishes and sides?

Totally Teddy

Today we’re celebrating an icon that generations have loved: the (teddy) bear.  Many ideas are soft and cuddly, but there were a few cute other ideas I couldn’t resist sharing!

Tooth bear

Bear bookend

Clay polar bears and igloo

Felted koala bear

Polar bear knit hat

Felted polar bear

Animal hat

Crochet giant panda

Care bear costume

Pom pom bear

Beanbag bear

Bear walnut ornament

Bear pony bead key chain ornament

Night-light cut outs

Seashell koalas

What are your favorite bear crafts?

Frittata, Strata, Quiche O My!

Yes, today we’re doing a little breakfast round up inspired by the fabulous egg with fritattas, stratas and quiche!  Start your morning off right with a good and healthy breakfast.


Asparagus and cheese

Zucchini frittata

Tomato, scallion and cheddar

Spinach and bacon

Green bean, ham and cheese

Pasta and cheese

Spinach frittata with green salad

Mexican frittata

Breakfast sandwich frittata

Shiitake mushroom and cheese

Apple and cheddar

Veggie frittata

Bacon, potato and kale

Egg white frittata

Frittata bagel sandwich

Valerie’s brunch frittata


Holiday breakfast strata

Zucchini and sausage

Asparagus with sourdough

French toast strata with sausage

Ham and cheese

Sausage and Swiss chard

Baked brie

Spicy sicilian

Hash brown strata

Berry strata

Mexican chorizo strata

Sausage and spinach

Sourdough strata with tomatoes and greens


Mushroom and cheddar

Bacon and cheese

Ham and Swiss

Sausage and potato

Broccoli cheddar

Asparagus, leek and gruyere

Goat cheese with hash brown crust

Swiss chard, mushroom and white cheddar

Herbed with blue cheese

Quiche Lorraine

Tomato, olive and rosemary crust-less quiche

What are your favorite breakfast egg recipes?

Back to School Bash

Today we’re having a back to school party with some toys, snacks and activities.  If you missed the post last weekend, I shared some projects for getting ready for going back to school.

Felted finger puppets

Origami finger puppets

Paper tops

Pipe cleaner creatures

Make a school bus

Crayon wreath

Hopscotch mat

Back to school bingo game

School bus cake, cupcakes and cookies

Chalkboard cookies

Bake sale treats

What are your back to school party ideas?