Devilish Drinks

This month we’ve looked at a lot of fun activities and foods you can create for your Halloween party tonight.  Today I’ve got some easy, festive and delicious drink ideas that you can make for your party, or to just celebrate at home.

Cinnamon cider

Frog in a blender

White ghost

Apricot iced tea

Transylvania punch

Bloody Punch

Tangled web shakes

Monster mash slush

Candy corn drink

Layered ooze

Bleeding heart martini

Sinister cider

Black lagoon

Spooky spirits

Bloody good

Spooky punch

Pumpkin sangria

Dragon’s blood non-alcoholic

Mad hatter

Phoenix rising


Pumpkin jelly shots

What are your favorite spooky drinks?

Creepy Candy Corn

Today we’re on our second to last day of Halloween haunts.  With Halloween finally on Wednesday we have spent time looking at all different kinds of spooky.  Today, in a bit of a different direction, we’re going to look at candy corn.




Corny family



Door hanger

Easy garland




Sugar cookies

Mini cupcakes

Crispy treats



Spiky cupcakes


Ice cream


Do you like candy corn?  What do you do with your candy corn?

Monster Magic

It’s almost Halloween!  Can you feel the kids excitement building?  Today we’ve got some of those creepy and strange monsters and snacks for you.


Franken Spoon

Monster napkin rings

Toilet paper disguises

Fur-ocious wreath

Spools of monsters

Paper bag haunted house

Monster treat pot

Eye and feather wreath


Jack Skellington cupcakes

Oogie boogie cupcakes

Edible eyeballs

Monster cupcakes

Sweet monster cupcakes

Blue blob

Mini monster cupcakes

Frankenstein cupcake

Spiky monster cupcakes

Medusa cupcake

Eyeball cupcake

Cute orange and blue monster cupcake

Octopus monster cupcake

Peeking monster cupcake

Big horned monster cupcake

More monster cupcakes

Pizza monsters

Monster lollipops

What scary monster things have you seen or eaten this year?

Scary Spiders

Today we begin another week of scary, spooky and haunted fun as we get closer and closer to Halloween.  I can’t wait to see all the great costumes and decorations!  Today I’ve got some scary and spooky spider fun for us.


Spider hatchlings

Spider egg sac

Spider pumpkin carving

Spooky spider

Sculpted spider

Spider pillow

Sea spiders

Spiderweb table runner


Spider treat bag

Furry spiders

Spiderweb balloon

Fuzzy spiders

Spiderweb door mat

Spider garland

Spider bag

Spider pillows

Spiderweb coasters

Spiderweb lampshade

Halloween window webs

Black and white spiderweb pillow

Orange and black spider wreath


Spider cupcakes: one, two, three, four,

Carmalized cobwebs and licorice spiders

Pecan caramel spiders

Spidery cookie wreaths

Spider cake

Tangled web shake

Truffle Tarantulas

What about you?  What spooky things do you like to do with spiders? 

Wild Witches

Today we’re taking a look at some of the wicked, wild, and even weird, witches!


Broom favors

Minnie’s witch hat

Witch craft

Witch pumpkin

Lawn ornament

Mini witch pumpkin

Witch candy plate

Witch cooking spoon


Witch’s stew game


Chocolate witch’s hat

Wicked witch cupcakes: one, two, three, four, five

Witch legs cupcake

Squished witch cupcake

Witch’s hat cookie

Witch hat calzone

What witchy things do you like to do for Halloween?

Creepy Cats

Today we’re pawsing to look at some black cats for your Halloween fun.


Clay pumpkin and black cat

Black cat silhouette

Black cat on your garage

Black cat in your window

Treat boxes

Lawn ornaments

Cat pumpkin

Pencil toppers

Cat tablecloth

Trick-or-treat tin


Black cat treasure hunt


Black cat cookies

Paw cookies

Cat cupcakes

Alley cat pops

Do you have cats crawling through your Halloween decorations?  What are your fun and scary cat ideas?

Petrifying Pumpkins

Today we’ve got lots of fun and funky pumpkins for decorating, carving and eating pleasure!


Pumpkin purse

Pumpkin tablecloth

Grab bag

Stained glass pumpkin

Pumpkin pie potpourri

Papier mache pumpkins

Gourd family

Pumpkin baloons

Glittered centerpiece

Pumpkin favor pouches

Leaf carved lanterns

Gourd luminaries

Yarn wrapped pumpkins

Stacked pumpkins

Homespun pumpkins

Kid-friendly “scary” decorations

Pumpkin wreath

Pumpkins and candles

Paper pumpkins

Paper pumpkin garland

Glass nametags

Mickey Mouse pumpkins

Pumpkin carving ideas galore


Pop goes the pumpkin


Pumpkin seed candy

Jack-o-lantern cupcakes

Pumpkin patch cupcakes

Pumpkin cookies

What are your favorite things to do with pumpkins??

Grave Ghosts

Today we’re starting our second week of Halloween crafts and snacks with some ghostly fun.


Leaf ghosts

Frosty leaf ghosts

Spirit jugs

Papier mache floating ghosts

Ghost wind socks

Salt dough ghosts

Floating ghosts

Ghostly graveyard

Ghostly glasses

Enlightened ghosts


Ghostly spirits

Peanut buttery ghost cupcakes

Candy headstones

White chocolate ghosts

Goblin flatbreads

Ghostly meringues

Billowing ghost cupcakes

Floating ghost cupcakes

Graveyard cupcakes

Ghostly pumpkin pudding

Fluffy ghost cupcakes

Ghost crispy treats

What creative ideas do you have for incorporating ghosts and graveyards into your Halloween decorating and fun?

Going Batty

Today we’re up for part 2 of our scary tour through creative Halloween ideas with some batty finds.


Origami bats

Candy dish

Bat doormat


Flapping bat

Bat mobile

Shivering bat shade

Hanging bat pumpkin carving

Bat garage door design

Bat napkin ring

Black bat pumpkin

Bat costume mask

Batty gift box

Bat pumpkin centerpiece


Batty cupcakes

Batty bites

Flying bat cupcakes

Vampire bat cupcakes

Dulce de leche bat cookies

What batty things do you have planned for your spooky celebrations?

Spooky Skeletons and Mummies

Today we’re beginning our Halloween journey with some creative and edible haunted mummy and scary skeleton ideas!


Craft stick mummy

Mummy pumpkins

Mummy greeter

Yummy mummies

Sock skeleton

Skull potato stamp

Skeleton treat bags

Mummy lantern

Dancing skeleton glasses

Skull candles


Hot dog mummy

Pizza mummies

Breadstick bones

Mickey mouse mummy cupcakes

Funny bones

Gingerbread skeleton cookies

Skull pops

Skull madelines

Scary pear heads

Mummy cupcake

Screaming spice cookies

Skeleton cupcakes

Mummy cupcake

Skeleton bones cupcake

Handy pretzels

Wrapped cupcake

What are your favorite mummy and skeleton ideas?