A Heart for Hearts

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, today we’re taking a look at some creative and fun ways you can celebrate.


Accordion heart card

Mason jar hearts card

Xoxo love card

Simply said card

Burlap heart embellished card

Watercolor heart card

Owl be your friend forever card

Heartstrings card

Critter cards

Rosy stationary

Love multiples cards

Heart fold card

3D accordion card

Accordion Valentine

Even more card ideas


Styrofoam heart trio

Resin heart pendant

Framed heart photo montage

Gold foil heart banner

Kid’s caterpillar garland

Spray painted Valentine’s day votives

Little love light

Zip tie garland

Heart shaped pot holders

Lacy votive holder

Crayon hearts

Mini Valentine’s gift bags

Heart seals

Papercut hearts

What fun Valentine and heart-inspired creations are you making for this weekend?


Heart Helpings

Today we’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day with some heart inspired snacks, treats and sweets.

Breakfast and Dinner

Lemon love buns

Heart pancakes

Chocolate chip scones

Heart pizzas

Heart roasted potatoes

Cheese filled hearts


Carmel chocolate seduction

Chocolate valentine hearts

Chocolate caramel hearts

Brownie hearts

Creamy fudge hearts

Bittersweet chocolate hearts

Brownie heart cupcakes

Chocolate sweet hearts

Chocolate ganache heart tartlets

Chocolate eclair hearts

Chocolate mousse with puff pastry hearts

Hearts of passion

White chocolate bark heart bites


Chocolate pistachio heart cookies

Heart of gold cookies

Shortbread hearts

Linzer heart cookies

Cream cookie sandwich hearts

Valentine heart pops

Honey and poppy seed hearts

Conversation heart cookies

More Treats

Vanilla hearts

Sweetheart cheesecakes

Cheesecakes with raspberry hearts

Happy hearts

Heart rosettes

Meringue hearts

Raisin heart pockets

Red velvet heart cake

Stuffed cupcakes

Strawberry pie hearts

What heart inspired eats are you making this Valentine’s Day?

Celebrating with Chocolate Mint

For this Valentine’s Day I thought our special treat could be made of chocolate mint.

Cookies and Crunch:

Dark chocolate peppermint dips

Chocolate mint macaroons

Mint chocolate sandwich cookies

Chocolate mint crackles

Chocolate peppermint crunch

Chocolate mint checkerboard cookies

Mint crinkles

Chocolate mint creams

Mint meringue kisses

Chocolate mint tiddlywinks

Gluten free chocolate peppermint snaps

Bars and Brownies:

Think mint brownies

Melty minty brownies

Chocolate mint squares

Melting mint brownies

Dark chocolate mint bites

Pies, Cupcakes and Cakes:

Chocolate mint torte

Grasshopper cupcakes

Mint chocolate chip cake

Chocolate mint icebox cake

Grasshopper pie

White chocolate and candy cane cheesecake


Mint chunk ice cream

Mint chocolate gelato

Mint parfait

White chocolate and mint cups

White chocolate mint mousse

Chocolate mint puddings

Chocolate mint leaves

What are you making for Valentine’s Day?

Creating for Love

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, so today’s post is full of cards, gifts and crafts.


Simply said

Watercolor heart

Owl be your friend forever

3-D Valentine’s Day

Marbleized Valentine

Pop-up card

21 more ideas

 Crafts and Gifts

Sweetheart sugar cookie crochet brooch

Valentine’s striped picture frame

Spray painted votives

Romantic candles

Treat bags

Heart bookmark

Spa jar

Glitter heart

Clay necklace and bracelet

Silk lined jewelry boxes

What will you be creating this Valentine’s Day?

Luscious Love

Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, is a great chance to spend some time with your significant other, or just your family and celebrate all that you love with delicious food!


Raspberry chocolate kiss cocktail

Blizzard cocktail

Pomegranate champagne punch

Chocolate martini

Chocolate stout shake

Wine to warm you

Tiramisu tippers


Spicy beef and broccoli noodle bowl

Shrimp scampi

Seared tenderloin steak

Chiken and mushrooms in red wine sauce

Linguini with shrimp

17 more romantic food and wine pairings


Cake pops

Heart sandwich cookies

Raspberry tarts

Chocolate dipped shortbread hearts

Creamy fudge hearts

Lovebug cookies

Chocolate intemperance

Chocolate truffle torte

Cherry pie

Mini raspberry and white chocolate whoopie pies

Individual brownie trifles

What are you serving this Valentine’s Day?

Very Creative Valentines

Friday we celebrate love again, so today I’ve got some crafty and creative ideas to start your gifting off with. Thursday I’ll share recipes to make your day special!

Crafts and Decorations:

Sticky hands, warm hearts

Heart string

Window heart

Candy box

Crayon hearts

Love beads

Papercut hearts

Heart-felt bag

Be still my heart T-shirt

Crafty heart T-shirt

Lace heart T-shirt

Shrinky Dink heart charm bracelet




Paw prints in the snow

Glitter heart

21 more ideas

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Lotsa Love

Yes, Valentine’s Day is just a few days away!¬† Prepare to celebrate your love with these fun crafts and delicious treats.

Crafts and Gifts:

Sweetheart roses

Valentine pencil toppers


Curtain of hearts

Puzzle pin

Knot bracelet

Valentine treat cups

Photo montage

Valentine’s Day wheel

Simple Valentine’s Day card

Be my Valentine mobile and decoration

Origami heart card

Crafty heart t-shirt

Show me the chocolate t-shirt

“You’re hot” card

Fluttering heart wreath


Creamy fudge hearts

Raspberry almond financiers

Raspberry chocolate parfaits

Raspberry tarts

Brownie heart cupcake

Bourbon currant cookies

No-bake truffle treats

Raspberry eclairs

Lovebug cookies

Mini chocolate and yogurt parfaits

Raspberry tiramisu

Individual brownie trifles

Chocolate martini

How are you celebrating love this year? Share your ideas in the comments!