Honey Helpings

As we’re thinking about fall and fall flavors one of those that is great in any season, but is a warm flavor that is great to add to fall and winter dishes is honey.  Let’s take a look at some honey recipes:

Breads, Muffins and Rolls:

Honey oatmeal bread

Vermont whole wheat oatmeal honey bread

Sourdough honey quinoa bread

Honey wheat rolls

Honey challah with flax

No knead amaranth honey nut bread

No knead honey bread

Honey rosemary bowknots

Honey cornbread muffins


Honey cake

Honeycomb buns


Mini bee stings

Honey caramel sticky buns

Honeyed walnuts

Honey madelines

Honey sesame crisps

Honey lace cookies

Honey rice pudding

Walnut honey cake

Spiral fritters with honey

Mini honey fruitcakes

Honey and pine nut tart

Honey roasted plums

Honey ricotta turnovers

Honey nut bars

Honey rose plum cobbler


Honey pistachio tart

Honey bee doughnut pop

Honey ricotta cheesecake

Other Honey Ideas:

Honey butter

Lavender honey

Honey syrup

Satsuma and honey mandarin marmalade

Cinnamon honey butter

What are your favorite recipes with honey?

Teacher Appreciation

School has started and the kids are with new teachers, so today I’ve got a selection of ways to thank the new teacher for what they do, even if you don’t know them and their personal preferences yet (there are tons more personal ideas out there once you do know the teacher, for thank you gifts at the end of the school year).

Felt gift card envelope

Coloring tin

Clipboard with gift card

Paperclip bookmarks

Handy bag

Teacher apple card

Back to school striped mason jar

Notebook paper frame

Pick me up jar

“You’re a lifesaver”

Glitter scissors (everyone will know which scissors belong to the teacher)

Top of the charts

Crayon monogram

And even more ideas

What are you gifting teachers this year?

Better with Butterscotch

Today we’re taking a look at a flavor that speaks loudly of fall: butterscotch. So grab a warm drink and let’s think about baking some yummy fall treats.

Bars and cookies:

Butterscotch chocolate brownies

Salty butterscotch pecan bars

Butterscotch macadamia nut cookies

Butterscotch acorns

Butterscotch blondies

Schraffts butterscotch cookies

Frosted butterscotch cookies

No bake butterscotch bars

No bake butterscotch pretzel bars

Butterscotch crunch squares

Chocolate dipped butterscotch logs

Cakes, cupcakes, pies, tarts:

Butterscotch finger cakes

Butterscotch pecan cupcakes

Butterscotch tarts

Butterscotch marble cake

Butterscotch meringue pie

Butterscotch pecan tart

Chocolate chip butterscotch pie

Butterscotch pudding cake

Butterscotch tassies

More treats:

Butterscotch sundae sauce

Butterscotch apple sweet rolls

Butterscotch pudding

Butterscotch bark

Vanilla bourbon butterscotch sauce

Chocolate ganache butterscotch pudding

Butterscotch apple crisp

Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce

Moloko butterscotch

What’s your favorite butterscotch recipe?

Doing Dumplings

We’re getting into apple season, so one food that comes to mind is apple dumplings.  But of course there are lots of other types of dumplings you can create, so let’s take a look at some sweet and savory dumplings, and filled dumplings as well as dumplings that resemble biscuits in form.


Apple dumplings

Apple dumpling slices

Baked apple dumplings

Warm berries and dumplings

Apple dumplings with orange sauce

Pear dumplings with maple orange sauce

Blueberry dumplings


Chicken stew with dumplings

Turkey and dumplings

Tamale pie

Pork and shrimp Asian dumplings

Steamed ricotta dumplings

Asian dumpling soup

Broccoli rabe dumplings

Edamame dumplings

Beef steamed dumplings

Spinach and ricotta dumplings

Vegetarian steamed dumplings

Gluten free chicken and dumplings

Do you have a favorite dumplings recipes?

Back to School Crafting and Creating

We’re in full back to school mode, so today we’ve got creative ideas and projects to help organize your home and show help your kids show their individuality as they go back to school.

Ideas For The Home:

Coat and accessory storage

Dream desk

Mudroom makeover

Magnetic lunch chart

Table with paper scroll

Homemade study center

Sticky note calendar

Loft/bunk bed organizer

Laptop stand for bed

Bringing Fun to School:

Scrapbook pockets

Counting abacus

Embroidered craft cups

Blank art journal

Colored story notebooks


Dip died pencils, stationary and cards

Easy backpack

Roll-up pencil kit

Container magnets

Felt pencil case

DIY pencil pouch

Handmade bookmarks

Confetti pencils

Denim covered pencil can

Stamped pencils

Craft a cute binder

Fabric covered books

DIY galaxy backpack

Colorful bookcovers

Pink eraser USB flash drive

Milk jug lunch box

iPad composition notebook cover

Corner bookmarks

And Even More Ideas:

Even more back to school crafts

Back to school scrapbook ideas

What fun DIY back to school ideas and projects have you tried?

Muffins for Breakfast

I’m thinking about a tasty Sunday breakfast, so for those who enjoy a bit of bread with their breakfast, today we’ve got English Muffin recipes.

Making Muffins:

Griddle English muffins

Baked English muffins

English muffin toasting bread

Sourdough muffins

Honey wheat muffins

Portuguese muffins

Baked cinnamon muffins

High fiber muffins

Multigrain muffins

Pumpkin muffins

Cinnamon sugar muffins

Apple spice muffins


Sourdough crumpets

Gluten free sourdough muffins

Low carb paleo muffins (grain free, gluten free)

Dairy free muffins

Add Ons:

English muffins with apple and cheddar

English muffin breakfast pizzas

Peanut butter and banana English muffins

Ham, egg and cheese sandwich

Ham, egg and English muffin casserole

Spinach and egg sandwiches

Florentine eggs on English muffins

Huevos rancheros breakfast sandwich

Gooey buns

Do you enjoy English muffins?  What’s your favorite way to eat them?

More Muffins

As we think about heading back to school this month many of us are thinking about making breakfast easier and healthier.  One of my favorite morning treats is the muffin.  It’s also great as a snack or dessert depending on the ingredients.


Basic blueberry

Blueberry flax

Blueberry sourdough

Apple muffins

Banana chocolate chip

Spiced peach

Apple cinnamon pull aparts

Cranberry whole grain

Banana pina colada

Blood orange with cranberry and walnuts

Lemon muffins

Peach muffins

Muesli muffins

Veggies, nuts and fruit:

Morning glory muffins

Pumpkin muffins

Walnut date


Doughnut muffins

Chocolate breakfast muffins

Cinnamon muffins

Stollen muffins

Buttermilk granola muffins

Maple crunch muffins

Special Requests:

Gluten free blueberry

Gluten free morning glory

Gluten free oat, apple and walnut

Gluten free corn

Gluten free pumpkin

Gluten free blueberry with coconut flour

Gluten free blackberry

Almond flour lemon poppy seed

What are your favorite muffin recipes?

Starting Back to School

Today I’m thinking back to school, so we’ve got some healthy and interesting ideas that you can pack or snack on (they’re good for adults too).  There are also a few ideas for a back to school party too.

Fresh Ideas:

Gluten free pasta

Breakfast cookies

Better boxed lunch

Pretzel pets

Oatmeal bars

Chocolate chunk cookie cupcakes

Magic blondies

Cinnamon tostada

Popcorn balls

Cranberry oat cereal bars

Guava pudding

Chocolate hazelnut rice pudding

Honey nut cereal treats

Strawberry banana cereal treats

Fruity cereal treats

Real fruit rolls

Hot cereal with apple butter and walnuts

Banana blueberry cornmeal muffins

Trail mix cookie cups

Walrus cookie pops

Chocolate zucchini cupcakes

Marshmallow pops

School Inspired Ideas:

Candy crayons

Pretzel crayons

Pencil cupcakes

Apple cookies

Krispy apple treats

Pencil pushers

Apple cupcakes

What are you planning for snacks this fall?