Creative Quilting

In line with the fact that we’re in winter and it’s cold outside, today I thought we’d take a look at some quilts and quilt themed items we can make.


Crossroads quilt

Random flying geese quilt

Christmas ornament quilt

Mermaid quilt

Chevron design quilt

Raccoon quilt

Swirling stars quilt

Moroccan tiles quilt

Seafoam churn and dash quilt

Butterfly quilt and pillow

Twist and turn quilt

Zig zag quilt

Hexagon quilt

Child’s play quilt

Shirt pocket quilt

Quilt inspired projects:

Framed quilt squares

Quilted pot holders

Quilted phone cover and eyeglass case

Quilted stocking

Quilted jewelry roll

Quilted coaster set

Medallion quilted wall hanging

Quilted coat lining

Tulip table runner

Plat patchwork tee-pee

Quilted tote

Quilted pet bed

Patchwork duffle bag

Quilted fabric tote

What do you love to quilt?


Hats Off To You

Today I’m feeling the chill in the air even when the sun does peek out so I thought I’d share a few fun hat ideas.

Party hats

Wacky white rabbit’s hat

Reversible hat

Princess hat

Fleece hats

Reindeer hat

Snowman hat

Snowboarder’s hat

Woolen beret

Knit hat

Candy cane striped infant’s hat

Knit cable hat

Peruvian hat

Crochet Viking hat

Crochet hat with tassel

What is your favorite hat to wear?

Beautiful Bags

Today I thought we’d have some fun with different bags, clutches, purses and pouches.

8 cute critter clutches

Fabric clutch

Classic camp craft pouch

Drawstring pouches

Mickey tote bag

Yoga mat tote bag

Shoe bags

Ever open laundry bag

Over the shoulder bag

Roomy tote

Chenille bag with name tag and pocket

Reusable gift bag

Quilted messenger bag

6 pocket bag

Brown suede with plaid stripe tote

Cinch it tote bag

Small treat totes

Log cabin tote bag

Easy denim tote with floral brooches

Removable tote organizer

Almost no sew makeup bag

Reversible purse

Placemat purse

What bag and purse creations have you made?

Celebrating with Animal Friends

Today we’re looking at some cute and friendly animals to help us celebrate the holidays.

Red nosed wreath deer

Reindeer ornaments

Clay pot penguins

Penguin snowglobe

Birds in trees greeting card

Polar bear family card

More reindeer ornaments

Friendly penguin

Friendly reindeer

Almond birds

Felted owl

Reindeer slippers

Dala horse

Partridge ornament

Cardinal ornament

Dove garland

What fun decorations do you have with animal friends?

Celebrating Sewing

One of my favorite spare time activities is sewing.  I love having the needle and thread in my hand knowing I’m going to fix something or create something fun and beautiful.  In honor of National Sewing Month, today I’ve got some fun, profitable and easy projects for you to check out.

Ghost pillow

Patchwork coasters

iPod holder

Drawstring bag

Coffee cup cozy

Pot holder and oven mitt

Quilted place mats

Soft baby blocks

Large floor cushion

Fleece pillow toys

Hankie holder

Lavender pillows

Dragon gloves

Quadropus toy

Star shirt

Textured pillows

Teatime towels

Felt leaf pillow

Pocket scarf

Oak leaf bowl

Cuddly pig

What about you?? What are your favorite sewing projects?

Fourth Celebration

The Fourth of July in America is a special holiday-it’s the day we celebrate our birth as a nation.  While we’ve come a long way since our birth, we have a long way to go before we create an America the founding fathers would be pleased with.  This Fourth, have some food, decorations and fun with your friends and family.


Family Fun shares star cookies, red white & blue ice cream sandwiches, red white & blue fruit salad, Uncle Sam ice cream cones, patriotic ice pops, and a patriotic drink.

Kaboose shares orange creme popsicles, iced peach tea with blueberries, red & blue “popsicles“, and personal red white & blue trifles.

Martha shares summer shortcake, fruit & cheesecake flag, red white and blue parfaits, and vanilla cabinets with fresh fruit.

King Arthur shares lemon-blueberry trifles, and Food Network shares a Fourth of July cocktail.

Fireworks, Stars & Decorations

Awesome punch cup idea for saving cups as well as decorating and personalizing, starry luminaries, string of stars, American cross stitch, patriotic window clings, knitted napkin rings, place cards, fourth tray, star table runner, star table runner, star glasses, and bandana party invites.


Rocket balloons, star stilts, a flag flag, and flag tag from Family Fun.

Patriotic toss game from JoAnn, holiday lanterns from Martha Stewart, and bubble wands from Better Homes & Gardens.

Are you ready to celebrate the Fourth of July, Independence Day?  I’m not quite ready yet, so stay tuned Friday for a family-friendly post too.

FF: Sew Chic Boutique

Today’s guest on Feature Friday is Cicely James from sew chic boutique.  Cicely does some amazing things with needle, thread and fabric!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a mom of 2 third graders, a wife to my wonderful husband Ken for 15 years, and a full-time college student. Many of the bags I make are made from fabric I have designed and had digitally printed, which means it’s printed using an extremely wide computer printer made just for fabric. One thing that’s sort of funny is I sew barefoot because it makes the whole process so relaxing but, a little scary if I drop pins on the floor!

Why are you passionate about sewing and bags?

I am passionate about sewing because it is a from of creativity that allows you to transform a piece of fabric into any 3 dimensional item you can think of. For me it is a form of relaxation from the quiet cutting of the fabric to the hum of the machine while I am sewing a project. I love to sew clothing and things for the home as well as bags, but I love sewing bags because it is an expression of a woman’s fashion sense. I am also addicted to bags and change my bag according to my outfit and mood so sewing them allows me to have as many as I’d like.

What got you started with sewing and being creative as a hobby/business?

I originally took up sewing to be able to create curtains for the home since I was in the military and moved a lot. I figured it would save some money sewing window coverings myself. After a while I moved on to clothing and fashion accessories. I got into sewing as a business by accident when people saw my bags and suggested I should sell them. So with the encouragement of my husband I started sew chic boutique and I am still making bags.

Do you have a favorite bag you’ve created?

My favorite bag is my CiCe Bag in Brown. I have one for myself and carry it in any season of the year. It has a 1950’s vibe to it and is made with an very vintage print of oilcloth fabric.  I also really like the Jodi Hobo Bag

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

My future plans for my work is to make more make it yourself/ DIY kits so people can create sew chic boutique style. I have many friends that say they can’t be creative and think many people feel that way. I hope that having these kits will help people try making handmade with help from a tutorial and the right materials. I am also planning to make my creations more bohemian, romantic, and feminine because I love to make pretty things.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

My tip to share for those wanting to make a hobby into a business is to never give up on your dream and work at it everyday until you get where you want to go.

You can connect with Cicely on Twitter, Facebook, Etsy and her blog!

~Thanks for sharing Cicely!  I love the idea of DIY kits, it’s always been a passion of mine to bring art and creativity to everyone, even those who don’t think they can do it.  Keep creating those gorgeous bags!  I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.