Organizing Options

On this wintry Saturday I though I’d do a little cleaning up, maybe you’re bit by the organizing bug too.  Here are some fun projects you can make to help you organize your home.

Denim pocket wall organizer

Terry cloth caddy

Wood tiered organizer

Wood pallet home organizing station

Family organizer

Ribbon organizer

Trellis organizer

Entryway organizer

Clothespin organizer

Garden bucket organizer

Cereal box organizer

Organizing under your sink

Surprising solution organizing purses

Self-contained shelving

Ribbon board

Twine dispenser

What great organizing tools have you created?

New Year, New You

Today on this very first day of the new year I thought I’d share a few thoughts about making this your best year yet.  If you feel like you’ve been stuck for a while or just aren’t moving in the direction you want to go, I hope these ideas can give you a jump start into something fresh and new.

~move around the furniture in your home and office

~move to a new house, apartment, city or state

~get a hair cut

~try a new creative medium

~book a session with a personal stylist

~throw out what you don’t use anymore

~choose a new paint color for rooms that you spend a lot of time in

~make a new friend

~do something nice for someone else every day

~take a walk every day

~try a new technique, or revisit an old one

~buy a new tool or unearth an old one

~build a website to show off your creativity

~work with a partner to create something together

~get a pet or volunteer at a shelter

What will you do with this new year to get your creativity flowing?

Spooky Skeletons

Today I’ve got some creepy skeleton, skull and bone crafts and snacks for you.

Creepy Crafts

Skull topped mason jar

Stenciled skull canvas

Skull wreath

Skull potato stamp

Glittered skull candelabra

Papier mache glowing skull

Skull treat box

Halloween party picks

Shrunken apple heads

Plaster bones

Skeleton invitations

Sock skeleton

Glow in the dark skeleton treat bag

Dancing skeletons pumpkin

Halloween treat bag

Bones tumbler

Party streamers

Outdoor skeletons

Freaky Food

Bones of the dead

Sugar skulls

Spinach ricotta skulls

Skull pops

Marshmallow skulls

Skeleton crew candy coated pretzels

Skull cake

Scary skulls

What scary skeletons are you celebrating with this year?

Circus Celebrations

Today we’re celebrating a summer favorite, the circus, with some fun crafts of our favorite circus animals!

Stenciled stool top

Paper plate animals

Forget me not elephant

Elephant feet

Elephant night light

Crochet elephant

Sock monkey

Climbing monkey

Pipe cleaner monkey

Lion mittens

Lion note holders

Tiger step stool

Bear bookend

Polar bear glove puppet

Cute felt bears

Bears felt ears headband

Cuddly bear cub toy

Polar bear knit hat

Santa Claus mouse ornament

Menswear mouse toy

City mouse

Pinecone mouse

Mouse Christmas ornament

What are your favorite circus animal crafts?

Feature Friday: Arty Vicky

Today I’m happy to announce that we’ve got a new friend joining us for Feature Friday (if you want to be featured you can comment below Vicky’s post). Vicky is passionate about many things creative, which is really an important lesson to us creative people: we have to be open to wherever creativity may find and inspire us!  Let’s hear what Vicky has to say about being creative and her creative passions.

Why are you passionate about being creative?:
As a child I remember making a little house for my Easter chick, inside the box my Easter egg came in. It even had curtains, a bed, shelves and little cardboard plates. I still see the potential in everyday materials, like empty containers, that I get really excited by modern craft supplies.

I love trying new activities or putting my own creative slant on an old activity, but once I feel I have mastered a craft to a level I am happy with, I flit on to the next one.

I’m always asking questions too. If someone tells me, you must use a particularly expensive tool or product, then I’ll become determined to find a cheaper, easier way. This is because I believe arts and crafts should be accessible to everyone’s abilities and budgets.


What have you learned from being creative and pursuing creative hobbies and passions?

When I was younger I suffered a bout of severe depression. Eventually I reached a stage where I forced myself to sew some soft toys. Slowly I realized that the more creative I became, the more my mental health improved. With time I discovered my greatest joy is to teach other people how to create with art or craft.

I’m not a trained teacher, but over the years I have voluntarily taught my daughter and her friends and other home school children, intellectually disabled people, elderly people, other artists and I’m now teaching art at a drop in centre for people with mental health distress.

As a teacher I have learned that creativity can not only lift a person’s mood, but it can also boost their self esteem. Creating on my own, for myself or as gifts, is relaxing and self affirming, but my greatest passion lies in lighting someone else’s creative fire, especially people who are unsure of their creative abilities.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work and creativity?

For the past year I have been teaching myself about the Internet, especially Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress, and I’ve taught myself how to record and edit videos. My dream is to share my skills and knowledge with people from all over the world.

I will be presenting all sorts of art and craft activities, many of them will be easy and inexpensive, but some will be more advanced. I will be putting up a couple more videos on drawing zentangles and then I have a series planned on using a cuttlebug.

I’ve made a start, I’m bursting with ideas for more activities and I’m open to requests. I want to share my ideas and skills freely with anyone who is interested in arts and crafts, but I would particularly love to inspire the people who teach people. I’d love to reach out to other people who facilitate activities for children and adults of all ages and abilities.

I believe the world is full of beautiful people and the Internet is like a huge well of positive energy that we can all draw from. I am excited to be part of a community which even stretches down here to New Zealand.

You can connect with Vicky at her blog, and on Facebook and YouTube.

Thank you Vicky!  Keep sharing creativity with the world!  I look forward to seeing what you create.

Merry for Moms

We celebrate Mother’s Day this coming Sunday in the USA, so today we’re sharing cards and crafts, and Thursday will be some yummy foods!


Purse-onal greetings

Mother’s day candles

Teacup tidings

Cupcake magnets

Embroidery card

Plus 12 more card ideas!


Spa door hanger

Wheel of affection

Mosaic flowerpot

Homemade body scrub

Mother’s Day notebooks

Textured spring bracelets

Stepping stones

Shadow box of memories

Crochet cell phone cover

What will you be giving your mom this Mother’s Day?

Touches ‘O Green

To get ready for St. Patrick’s Day next Monday, I’ve got some crafts, games and a little magic to share with you today!

Lucky earrings

Shamrock boutonnieres

Lucky T-shirt

Charm and clover greeting cards

Lucky day greeting card

Lucky dish towel

Clover coasters

Napkin and cork coasters

Magnet magic

Spring ribbon wreath

Shamrock wall hanging

18 more decoration ideas

10 cute Leprechaun trap ideas

Will you be creating some clover magic this week?  Share your ideas in the comments!

Lights of a New Year

As we end a year and look towards a new one, I thought sharing some light with you would be appropriate.

Christmas lightbulb suncatcher

Tinsel drink stirrers

Flower party lights

Wood tealight holders

Tall candle vases

Glowing mini trees

Festive winter luminarias

Joy luminarias

Paper cutout night lights

Animal night light

Holiday lights charm bracelet

Rustic mason jar candles

Kwanzaa candle

Snowflake lantern

What are you doing to ring in the new year?