Totally Trail Mix

Today as we’re thinking about getting back to our busy fall schedules I thought I’d share some different trail mix recipes.

Pumpkin seed and dried cherry

Honey oatmeal clusters

Crunchy cereal

Goji berry



Puffed rice


Maple, almond and banana

Edamame and cranberries


Banana raisin


Caramel corn

What do you like in your trail mix?

Thank You Teachers

We’re starting another school year so I thought we’d start off with gifts for the kids to bring their teachers on the first day.

Fuzzy eyeglass cases

Stamps of approval

Printed memo blocks

Handy monogrammed bag

Plant gifts

Simple note cards

Apple pie spiced hot tea

First day survival kit

Mason jar cookies

Magnetic strawberry plant

Decorative note cards and holder

Chalkboard mugs

Button bookmarks

What gifts have you given teachers over the years?

Plans with Peaches

Today we’re doing a little end of summer celebrating with peach recipes.

Peach jam

Peach drop cookies

Peaches and cream oatmeal cookies

Peach pie pops

Spiced peach muffins

Peach scones

Peach blossom tarts

Peach pie pinwheels

Peach pastries

Peach caramel Blondie bars

Peach pie twisters

Fresh peach cake

Peach buckle

Rustic peach tart

Summertime peach pie

Southern style peach cobbler

Peaches and cream ice cream cake

Peach margaritas with peach wedges

Ginger peach margaritas

Peach and mint frappes

What are your favorite peach recipes?

Plating Potatoes

Continuing with the fun we had on Tuesday with food crafts we’re looking at one of those main ingredients if you will, potatoes!

BBQ pulled pork potato skins

Guacamole potato salad

Crispy Latkes

Armadillo potatoes

Baked, mashed potatoes

Potato volcano

Creamy potato, garlic soup

Potato and leek soup

Duchess potatoes

Potato bacon torte

Perfect crispy potatoes

Cheddar corn chowder

Creamy Dijon dill potato salad

Twice baked potatoes with green onions

Twice baked sweet potatoes with sage and pecans

Sweet potatoes with coconut, pomegranate and lime

Baked sweet potato fries

What are your favorite things to do with potatoes?

Playing with Food

Today I think we’ll do something different and take a look at some crafty ways to use food, in this case printing pictures with ink/paint and food.


Autumn leaves

Holly print


Teddy bear


Simple prints on grocery bags

Fun creatures on baby clothes

More fun shapes

Glow in the dark space shirt

Apples and more:

Apple prints

Apple prints that look like pumpkins

Rose stationary from Radicchio

Printing with Okra

Fruit and veggie friend stamps

What fun things have you made or decorated with food?

Delightful Drinks

August is here! Often known for being the hottest month with lots of dog days, scorching heat and lots of sun of course!  So what do we need but a cool drink to get us through, right?!

Cucumber Cape codder

Singapore sling

Fog cutter

Frozen mojito

Watermelon mojito

Mint ginger iced tea

Ginger lemongrass pina coladas

Coconut banana colada

Blackberry bourbon lemonade

Sparkling strawberry ginger lemonade

Lavender infused lemonade

Spiced orangeade

The hula coola

Orange Boston cooler

Cherry vanilla smoothie

Purple mango smoothie

Tropical getaway smoothie

Limeberry crush

Tequila sunrise margarita

Summer fruit daiquiri

Watermelon basil daiquiri

Pisco sour

Frozen Thai iced coffee

Rum punch

What’s your favorite summertime drink?

Sea Inspired

This week we’re taking a look at some fun crafts inspired by one of my favorite places: the beach!

Mini lighthouse

Lighthouse bottle

Seashell critters

Sand mosaics

Towel beach blanket

Cute coverup

Sand and candle centerpiece

Seashell lights

Shell butterflies

Mussel shell wreath

Seashell night light

Shell seating card holders

Sea glass tiled tray or tabletop

Sea glass necklace

What inspired beach creations have you made?