Food for Football Fun

Tuesday I shared some fun crafts and games for football fun.  Today I’ve got some recipes to help you make the most of the big game party.

Snacks & Apps

Mac and cheese bites

Taco cups

Buffalo chicken tortilla bites

Mini football subs

Football turnovers

Thai fried chicken wings with hot-and-sour sauce and salted mango

Pigs in a blanket

Porcini stuffed mushrooms with Camembert

Spicy-sweet chicken wings

Vegetable chili con queso

Soft pretzels

Swedish meatballs

Mini meatballs

Buttermilk onion rings

Pizza pockets

Delicious Dips:

Spinach-artichoke dip with blue cheese and bacon

Pineapple black bean guacamole

Roasted corn and crab dip

Sweet Scores

Strawberry margarita cheesecake minis

Fudgy football brownies

Football cupcake

Football cookies

What are you serving for the big game?

Punt & Party

Yes, the Superbowl is getting close!  If you’re a football fan you’ll enjoy these crafts and activities.



Comfy cushion for the game

Pencil goalpost game

Football table runner and coasters

Scrapbook layout

Snack box

Football T-shirt


Tabletop football

Flag football

Wall football

Passing practice

Complete the pass (like pin the tail on the donkey)

Thursday I’ll be sharing some game day eats! Share your football fun in the comments too!

Plans with Popcorn

Whether you’re a movie fan or like to snack while watching TV or a sports game, popcorn is a great snack!  If you like a little sugar or spice to go with your popcorn, you’ll like these recipes!

Trail mix popcorn

Cheesy garlic popcorn

Caramel popcorn

Chocolate-almond popcorn

Cajun popcorn

Chili lime popcorn

Cheese pizza popcorn

Maple-pecan popcorn

Kettle corn

Rosemary popcorn

Honey-mustard snack mix

Ooey gooey hearts

Cranberry-orange caramel corn

Aztec chocolate caramel popcorn

What are your favorite things to do with popcorn? Share your recipes in the comments.


Penguin Playtime

Today I’m sharing about one of the cutest animals, penguins!  Share your favorite penguin crafts and games in the comments too!

Recycled penguins

Toilet paper roll penguin

Pipe cleaner penguin

Egg carton penguin

Bean bag penguin

Bobbing bird

Snow scene with penguins

Pinecone penguins

Needle-felted penguin

Knit penguin

Pony bead penguin

Penguins and igloo

Clay pot penguin

Penguin tote

Penguin jewelry

Penguin thermometer

Penguin games

Outrageous Oats

Today we’re honoring the humble oat!

No bake granola bars

Oat and quinoa granola bars with chocolate and cherries

Oat, nut, and fruit granola bars

Cherry date oat bars

High fiber fruit and yogurt muffins

Oat waffle

Oatmeal bread

Oat and yogurt pancakes

Wheat, oat and flax buns

Apple oat bread

Banana oat breakfast cookies

Gluten free triple chunk oatmeal, coconut cookie bars

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Cappuccino caramel oat bars

Strawberry oatmeal bars

Pumpkin oatmeal

Vanilla spice oatmeal

Honey coconut oatmeal

What are your favorite things to make with oats?

Greening Up the New Year

Today I thought we’d get a little extra oxygen and some cheery green leaves in our lives with some indoor gardening activities and ideas.


Green and grassy

Spring in a bottle

Windowsill gardens

Indoor water gardens

Chalkboard pots

Cute house planter

Goldfish pond gazing ball

Wrapped clay pots

Can’t forget the plants of course!  Try these top 10 plants for cleaning indoor air, or 29 super easy to care for plants.

What do you plant indoors?

Simmering Soups

Today we’re warming up with some delicious and homemade soups!

Beef, barley and vegetable

Creamy tomato

Italian wedding

Wild rice

Hearty black bean

Chicken, lentil and barley

Roasted corn and crab

Red pepper and snapper

French lentil, leek and mushroom

Minestrone with mushrooms and feta

Spicy shrimp and noodle

Southwest fiesta

Everyday vegetable

French onion

Chicken noodle

Cream of wild mushroom

Tuscan vegetable

Share your favorite soups in the comments!


Snow Surprises

We’re beginning the year with snow!  Yes, snow crafts and activities for all ages.  FYI, you’ll be getting 2 posts a week this year from me, one on Tuesday(crafting) and one on Thursday(cooking).

Snowflake hair barrettes

Tic tac toe snow game

Window clings

Let it snow T-shirt

Keep out the cold critters

Snuggly snowy scarves

Sock snow people

Never melt snowballs

Snowman garland

Winter sun catcher

Snow mosaic

Fairy snowflakes

Snow queen

Felted snowman

Snow pal

What are you inspired to make with snow?