Cooking with Crawfish

International Jazz Day is April 30th so today I’m sharing recipes about one of the foods that are often associated with Jazz, crawfish!

Crawfish etouffee

Crawfish boil

Crawfish bread

Crawfish bisque with crawfish boulettes

Crawfish fettuccini

Crawfish quiche

Corn, crawfish and andouille chowder

Crawfish mac and cheese

Mini crawfish pies

Crawfish and mirliton soup

Cocktail crawfish turnovers

Cajun crawfish rice

Backyard crawfish boil soup

Crawfish, spinach and zucchini bisque

Crawfish jambalaya

Crab stuffed mushrooms

Crawfish stuffed potatoes

What are your favorite crawfish recipes?

Preference for Pretzels

Today, April 26 in the USA is National Pretzel Day.   To celebrate I’ve got some pretzel recipes you can try at home.

Homemade Pretzels:

Soft pretzels

Pretzel bites

Sourdough pretzels

Everything pretzels

Classic pretzels

Stuffed pretzel bites

High fiber pretzel rolls

Gluten free soft pretzels

Rye pretzels

Chocolate pretzels

Italian Parmesan pretzels

Brew pub pretzels

Cooking with Pretzels:

Everything chocolate bark

Pretzel sparklers

Pretzel crumbles

Chocolate pretzels

Pretzel shortbread bars

Pretzel chicken with fig mustard dip

Chewy caramel popcorn and pretzel bars

Pretzel pets

Dulce de leche pretzel bites

No bake butterscotch pretzel bars

Peanut pretzel bars

What are your favorite pretzel recipes and ways to cook with pretzels?

Plans For Passover

Passover begins this Friday evening, Tuesday I shared some recipes to try with Matzo, today we’re taking a look at some other recipes you may want to try for this year’s Passover.


Potato kugel gratin


Citrus roasted asparagus

Zucchini and tomato frittata

Cranberry and pear chutney topped sweet potatoes

Castillian style Passover potato casserole

Haroset stuffed hens gravy and sweet potatoes

Roasted chicken

Roasted capon with quinoa and olive stuffing

Haroset braised short ribs

Meyer lemon brisket with pomegranate gremolata

Braised brisket with carrots, garlic and parsnips

Beef brisket with dried fruit

Grilled halibut sarandeado

Gefilte fish with fresh beet horseradish

Halibut with braised, sliced artichokes and lemon



Chocolate nut cake

Almond cookies

Flourless chocolate cake

Flourless fudge cookies

Sponge cake

Apple Matzo cake

Apricot torte

Almond coconut tart

Raspberry macaroons with chocolate shells

Walnut dacquoises with honey-walnut ice cream

Apricot Hamantaschen

Passover cobbler

What are you planning on making for Passover this year?

Matzo Market

With Passover beginning this week our featured ingredient today will be matzo.


Matzo pizza version one, version two

Spinach and matzo pie

Swiss chard and Fontina lasagna

Spinach lasagna

Matzo brei

Sephardic chicken soup with sofrito and herbed matzo balls

Matzo brei with creamed spinach and crispy onions


Apple matzo pudding

Apple matzo cake

Matzo apple tea cakes

Apple cinnamon matzo brei

Matzo house

Sweet matzo pie

Matzo smores

Matzo munchie

Crystallized ginger orange zest matzo

Matzo brownies

Lemon coconut matzo jelly roll

Caramel matzo crunch

What do you like to do with your matzos?

Prime Rib Recipes

Today we’re taking at look at some ways of dressing up the crowd favorite prime rib.

Rib eye steaks with hot as heck sauce

Herbed prime rib with two sauces

Marinated prime rib

Ancho rubbed prime rib with grilled papaya butter

Moroccan rib roast

Ribeyes with garden tomatoes

Tomato crusted beef ribeye roast

Beef rib roast

Ribeyes with chipotle butter

Masala spiced rib eye steaks with tomato okra relish

Prime rib sandwiches with horseradish sauce

Smoked prime rib with red wine steak sauce

Herb salt crusted prime rib

Black pepper crusted prime rib

Herb crusted prime rib roast

Roast prime rib with thyme au jus

What are your favorite prime rib recipes?

Craving Cups of Chocolate

Today we’re going to look at two ways to eat chocolate: mousse and pudding!


Chocolate ricotta mousse

White chocolate mousse

Tofu chocolate mousse

Individual chocolate mousse

White chocolate mousse with cherry sauce

Genoise torte with chocolate and praline caramel mousses

Bittersweet chocolate mousse torte

Chocolate mousse tart with hazelnuts

Frozen chocolate mousse tart

Gluten free nut crusted chocolate mousse tart

White chocolate mousse tarts

Frozen chocolate mousse trifles

Chocolate chestnut mousse cake

Milk chocolate mousse cake with cashew brittle

Chocolate mousse cake with raspberries

Chocolate icebox pie

Chocolate peppermint mousse pie

Mini frozen mousse pops

Frozen chocolate nougat mousse


Chocolate ginger pudding

Mocha chip pudding

Chocolate yogurt pudding

Chocolate cinnamon pudding

Lighter chocolate cinnamon pudding

Chocolate intemperance

Stovetop chocolate pudding and pie filling

Pots de creme

Individual dark chocolate pudding cakes

Chocolate pudding cake version one, version two

Dessert shot parfaits

S’mores pudding dessert

What are your favorite chocolate pudding and mousse recipes?