Nature Inspired Crafts and Decorations

With Earth Day happening this week, today I’m sharing some DIY crafts and decorations you can create to spruce up your space, all inspired by different parts of nature.

Bunny table runner

Macramé leaf wall hangings

Watercolor plant markers

Poppy brooches

Jellyfish ribbon mobiles

Crepe paper flower lanterns

Folded butterfly mobiles

Butterfly greeting cards

Solar system crochet blanket

Resin agate magnets

Paper flower and leaf corsage

Crochet unicorn

Nature inspired coloring pages

Natural fairy home and garden

Birch tree shadow box

Ribbon floral hoop art

Crochet petal pillow

Ladybug crochet backpack

Clay nature impression pendants

Wood bead eucalyptus garland

Paper sunflowers

Hemp cord earrings

Apple slice and berry autumn wreath

Daisy paper wreath

Garden herb plant stakes

Hanging planter string art

Paper eucalyptus garland

Macramé rainbow keychain

Leaf soaps

Spring leaf ‘thank you’ card

Blue ombre feather macramé earrings

Yarn wrapped rainbow wall hanging

Dog paw clip frame

Crochet spring nature wreath

Toilet paper zoo animals

Mug rugs with animal appliques

What have you crafted or created this month that is inspired by nature?

Earth Friendly DIY Bags

This month one of the things we’ll be taking a look at is Earth Day, so today I’m sharing a bunch of DIY bags to help you avoid a little plastic, do good for the planet, and have fun crafting and creating.

Linen tote bag with front pocket

Cotton and canvas tote with rope handles

Drawstring bag

Boho crochet bag with tassels

Stenciled basic tote with tassels

Canvas bucket tool organizer

Go-green grocery bags

Crochet medium handbag

Nylon tote bag

Barrel duffle bag

Mesh laundry bag

Plaid cosmetic zipper bag

Large weekend duffle bag

Fabric lunch bags

Crochet market bag

Patchwork bucket bag

Felted bag

Rainbow fleece duffle bag

Teacher carry-all bag

12×15 tote bag

Diaper bag

Latticework crochet shoulder bag

Laptop bag

Crochet triangle tote bag

Simple knit shoulder bag

T-shirt bag

Removable tote organizer

What are your favorite bag projects to make?

Cakes and Pies for Easter

Easter is this Sunday, and I’m excited for egg hunts and all the sweet treats that are part of the celebration of this special day.  In preparation for the Easter feast, I’m sharing cake and pie recipes!


Hummingbird carrot cake

Hummingbird cake

Rich chocolate cake with ganache frosting and truffle-egg nest

Triple citrus Bundt cake

Lemon mascarpone crepe cake

Cloud cake

Lemon honey cake

Lemon cream rolled cake

Coconut meringue cake

Coconut almond egg shaped cake

Meyer lemon yogurt cake

Meyer lemon upside down cake

Carrot ginger layered cake with orange cream cheese frosting

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Meringue frosted cake with raspberry filling

Robin’s egg cake

Pineapple mimosa cake

Raspberry lemon cake

Gluten free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting


Double coconut cream pie

Coconut key lime pie

Crisp coconut and chocolate pie

Easy coconut cream pie

Mile high triple chocolate espresso mousse pie

Chocolate peanut butter pie

Vanilla pudding pie

Rhubarb and strawberry lattice pie

Citrus chess pie

Pear and lemon pie 

Lemon lime slab pie

Easter pie

What are your favorite Easter and spring pies and cakes?

Happy [Easter] with Ham

Palm Sunday and Passover are less than a week away, and Easter is less than two weeks away, so this week and next we’re taking a look at two parts of the Easter dinner, starting with ham recipes today.

Buns, Biscuits and more Tasty Treats:

Ham and cheese buns

Mustard biscuits with ham and cheese

Ham and cheese mini croissants

Ham and gruyere thumbprints

Ham and egg crepe squares

Ham and cheese foldovers

Hot ham and cheese rolls

Ham and gouda pastry puffs

Casseroles, Sides and Starters:

Baked crepes with ham and mushrooms

Italian Easter pie

Spinach linguine with ham and broccoli

Cheesy macaroni with ham

Ham and cheese ziti

Slow cooker ham sandwiches

Ham and mushroom egg casserole

Creamy ham and potato casserole

Hearty ham and three bean soup

Ham and asparagus casserole

Macaroni and cheese ham pie

Ham and corn frittata

Ham and hash brown breakfast bake

Slow cooker ham and lentil stew

Polynesian ham and rice

Ham and swiss pizza

Slow cooker creamy ham and wild rice soup

Hot ham and cheese wreath

Just Ham:

Mustard maple glazed

Brandied ham

Apricot bourbon glazed

Pineapple mustard glazed

Skilled grilled ham with glazed pineapple

Maple peach glazed 

Tangerine glazed 

Aromatic spiced

Orange baked

Glazed pineapple ham

Brown sugar mustard glaze

What are your favorite ham recipes?

Plenty of Pistachios

With St Patrick’s Day just a few days away, I thought we’d be inspired by all the green that’s around to celebrate all things Ireland and Irish, and take a look at some pistachio recipes.

Sides & Specials:

Pistachio crusted cod with citrus salsa

Brie with caramelized onions, pistachio and cranberry

Salmon with cranberry pistachio sauce

Apricot and pistachio rolled pork

Gorgonzola and rosemary cream puffs

Cookies & Biscotti:

Cherry pistachio biscotti

St Pats pistachio cookies

Pistachio cranberry biscotti with white chocolate base

Chocolate chip sandwich cookies with pistachios

Pistachio shortbread

Pistachio brittle

Cappuccino pistachio shortbread

Raspberry pistachio thumbprints

Pistachio linzer cookies

Pistachio orange shortbreads

Pistachio butter sandwich cookies

Tarts, Bars, Cakes & Pies:

Frozen pistachio pie

Pistachio and cardamom cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache

Pistachio orange cheesecake

Pistachio bars

Pistachio creams

Pistachio fudge cups

Sea salt pistachio fudge pie

Cranberry pistachio candy squares

Pistachio and white chocolate mousse tartlets

Pistachio cranberry fudge

Cool pistachio dessert

Whipped cheesecakes with pistachio crust

Pistachio pineapple dessert

Pistachio baklava tartlets

Pistachio ricotta cheesecake

Chocolate pistachio fudge tart

Creamy pistachio pops

Pistachio gelato

What are your favorite pistachio recipes?

Preference for Pound Cake

One of the simplest desserts that can be dressed up or enjoyed just as it is, is pound cake.  It’s typically considered a bland cake, much like angel food cake, and has similarities to some coffee cakes, but personally I have no trouble eating it by itself at any time of day.

Plain and Simple:

Brown sugar and sour cream 

King Arthur’s original

Golden vanilla

Sour Cream

Two step

Cream cheese

Ina Garten’s

Buttermilk pound cake

Gluten free vanilla

Sweet Selections:

Chai spice

Lemon glazed

Black and white

Maple with maple rum glaze

Orange with bourbon glaze

Apricot brandy

Layered peppermint

Eggnog pound cake

Berry cornmeal

Lemon lime

Pineapple pound cake

Lemon and raspberry

Gluten free lemon

Gluten free chai spice

What are your favorite pound cake recipes?

Crafting and Creating with Resin

To finish out our month I thought I’d share some creative projects in case this winter has been too much for you.  It may be a new media to you, if so you can start here and learn about making molds, and here to learn about using colored resin. Let’s take a look at what we can craft and create with resin.


Glitter picture frames

Wood and resin signs

Agate magnets

Initial/letter keychain

Personalized pressed flower keychains

Poinsettia gift tags

Christmas ornaments

“Stained glass” hearts

Photo coasters

Holiday layered coasters

Personalized pressed flower coasters

Color changing geode coasters

Resin layered tree cake topper

Trinket boxes with lids

Ocean inspired knob pulls

Chess pieces


Gummy bear hair clips

Tortoise shell earrings

Christmas star rectangular earrings

Spring floral triangular earrings

Wildflower teardrop earrings

Greenery teardrop earrings

Hoop Christmas wreath earrings

Confetti ring

Wildflower hoop pendant

Pink and pearl faceted drop pendant

Winter snowflake drop pendant

Do you enjoy working with resin? What are your favorite projects and best tips?

Mardi Gras Magic

Today is the official celebration of Mardi Gras, so today we’re looking at some purple, green and gold decorations and crafts and some tasty colorful treats.

Mardi Gras Fun:

Mardi Gras earrings

Mardi Gras masks

Mardi Gras balloons

Mardi Gras bracelet

Calming jar

Simple circle garland


Flameless glittered votives

Beaded ceiling light

Beaded charger plate

Mardi Gras painted wine glass

Bead mosaic

Beaded wreath

Purple flower crown

Purple ombre heart flower decoration

Beaded peacock feather frame

Gold flower tulle skirt

Gold fabric trim and paper crowns

Mardi Gras Food:

Mardi Gras donuts

Mardi Gras cupcakes

King cake

Mask cookie pops

King cake ice cream

Stuffed monkey bread king cake

Mardi Gras macaroons

What color are you adding to the world this Mardi Gras?

Celebrating with Cinnamon Rolls and Sticky Buns

In preparation for Valentine’s Day on Sunday, today I thought I’d share recipes for a pair of sweet treats with you: cinnamon buns rolls and sticky buns!

Cinnamon Buns and Rolls:

Cinnamon rolls with cajeta sauce

Birthday cake

Sourdough cinnamon rolls

Cranberry orange

Cinnamon and pumpkin

Butterscotch apple

Caramel apple

Brioche rolls with almond cream

Orange scented

Sweet potato

Roasted strawberry and cream cheese

Cream cheese

Caramel nut

Hawaiian roll

Italian cinnamon rolls

Hazelnut cinnamon rolls

Gluten free

Sticky Buns:

Sticky buns

No knead sticky buns

Swedish cardamom sticky buns

Walnut chocolate

Tangerine pistachio

Orange cream

Overnight orange and vanilla

Pumpkin and brown butter streusel sticky buns

Whole grain

Maple walnut

Apple walnut

Almond sticky buns

Pecan sticky buns with bacon caramel

Cinnamon bun and sticky bun inspired treats:

Cinnamon roll muffins

Cinnamon roll cookies

Cinnamon roll cake bars

Sticky bun doughnuts

What are your favorite sticky bun and cinnamon roll recipes?

Made with Potato Tots

To start off this new month and our month of love, I thought we’d take a look at a classic comfort food ingredient (and tasty treat by itself), the tater tot!

Homemade tots:

Crab tater tots

Tater tots version 1

Tater tots version 2

Sweet potato tots


Muffin tin breakfast cups

Tot topped sausage egg bake

Breakfast casserole

Pressure cooker Southern tot casserole

Breakfast totchos skillet

Breakfast crescent ring

Instant pot egg casserole bites

Chorizo tater bites

Lunch and Dinner:

Mexican beef tot pie

Sloppy joe tot casserole

Bacon cheeseburger tot casserole

Chicken pot pie with tots

Green chile tot casserole

Muffin tin buffalo chicken tot cups

Totcho casserole

Alfredo bacon tot casserole

Hotdish tot casserole

Do you enjoy cooking with or making homemade tots?