Made with Melon

Today we’re taking a look at honeydew and cantaloupe recipes, a perfect summer treat!



Honeydew fizz

Honeydew granita spritzer

Kiwi honeydew limeade

Honeydew agua fresca

Honeydew mint and lemon thyme mojito

Honeydew cucumber mojito

Honeydew basil nojitos

Honeydew coconut cocktails

Honeydew smoothie

Honeydew tropic freeze


Honeydew cucumber soup

Melon berry bowls

Far east shrimp cocktail with honeydew granita

Cucumber honeydew salad with feta

Mexican honeydew salad

Slightly pickled honeydew with herbs

Honeydew and cream ice pops with pistachio

Cantaloupe and honeydew gelatin



Cantaloupe yogurt drink

Cantaloupe coconut water

Cantaloupe infused water

Cantaloupe martini


Creamy cantaloupe custards with mixed berries

Cantaloupe granita

Cantaloupe and tarragon sorbet

Watermelon and cantaloupe kanten

Chilled cantaloupe soup with tarragon syrup

Cantaloupe and mozzarella with prosciutto and basil

Grilled fish with spicy cantaloupe cucumber salad

Corn and cantaloupe chopped salad

Smoky sweet and sour cantaloupe

Gnocchi, cantaloupe and feta salad

Green tea and honeyed cantaloupe soup

Melon and hibiscus gelato

What are your favorite ways to eat melon?

Shrimp Specialty

Today we’re taking a look at a summer favorite, shrimp! 

Chipotle beer and butter shrimp foil pack

Hot shrimp dip

Coconut shrimp

Pork and shrimp Asian dumplings

Garlic shrimp

Shrimp roll

Shrimp burgers

Sesame shrimp

Shrimp stew

Shrimp jambalaya

Shrimp chowder

Shrimp and cheese crisps

Ginger soy shrimp

Shrimp and sausage boil

Cajun shrimp and sausage stir fry

Southwestern shrimp

Garlic shrimp and crab tacos

Linguini with shrimp scamp

Grilled herb shrimp

Fried shrimp

Shrimp fra diavolo

Shrimp and crab au gratin

Shrimp puffs

Spitfire shrimp

What’s your favorite way to cook and eat shrimp?

Polenta Picks

Today we’re looking at something that not everyone is familiar with or has tried: polenta.  If you’re not familiar with polenta, it’s cornmeal that’s been boiled and then baked, fried or used in some other way in a recipe.  Let’s take a look at some sweet and savory options.


Polenta asiago bread

Polenta croutons

Herbed polenta

Polenta fries

Polenta lasagna

Soft cheesy polenta

Polenta squares with prosciutto

Tian provencal with polenta

Polenta stuffed peppers

Polenta toad hole

Baked polenta sausage and artichoke hearts

Pork tenderloin with Swiss chard and polenta

Sweet and fiery polenta fries


Pumpkin ginger polenta with stewed fruit and marscapone cream

Italian polenta cookies

Polenta grape cake

Lemon polenta cake

Rosemary polenta cake

Breakfast polenta with figs and marscapone

Polenta almond cake

Golden sweet polenta with blood oranges

Polenta quick bread with lemon and thyme

Cherry polenta cake

Sweet polenta pudding topped with red wine poached pears

What’s you’re favorite way to eat polenta?

Pineapple Picks

I’m super excited for summer so today I’m sharing a taste of the tropics: pineapple recipes!

Sweet and Savory:

Pineapple salsa

Hawaiian pizza

Caramelized pineapple

Spicy pineapple salad

Jerk pineapple pork chops

Baked goods:

Taste of the tropics cake

Pineapple upside down scones

Coconut pineapple thumbprint cookies

Pineapple upside down cake

Pineapple tarts with ginger miso

Pineapple bread pudding

Mango pineapple buckle

Pineapple carrot cupcakes

Pineapple and macadamia nut shortbread

Pineapple banana crepas de cajeta

Pineapple filled macaroons

Gingered mango pineapple crisp in crunchy wonton cups

Sticky honey pineapple custards

Drinks and cold treats:

Pineapple floats

Pineapple and ginger smoothie

Plum and pineapple sangria

Spiced pineapple cocktail

Pineapple mint daiquiris

Pineapple berry fizz

Pineapple parfait

Chilled pineapple mousse with pistachios

Pineapple pops

Pineapple coconut gelato

Gluten Free:

Pineapple upside down cake

Mango pineapple crumble

Banana, coconut, and white chocolate chip muffins

What’s your favorite pineapple recipe?

Drink to Summer

Today I’ve got a selection of summer inspired drinks, most with a little fruit or other summery inspiration!

Summer white sangria

Peach teallini

Summer breeze

Peach and blackberry muddle

Honeydew agua fresca

Summer fruit sangria

Watermelon-cucumber cooler

Peach juleps

Honeydew granita spritzer

Cherry beer

Rhubarb ice tea

Strawberry lemonade

Strawberry hibiscus tea lemonade

Frozen peach margaritas

Peach juleps

Hibiscus-honey iced tea

Tropical ginger punch

Watermelon mojito

Bing cherry mojito

Pineapple-rum cocktail

Pina colada

Mango margaritas

Spiked mango lemonade

Melon and mint lemonade

What is on your drink menu for this holiday weekend?

A Little Summer Crafting

We’re getting close to the end of the school year in the US, so today I’ve got some fun crafts and creative ideas for you and the kids to do this summer on days that are too warm to be outside (including one you make indoors and use outdoors).

Lots of rock crafts

Matchbox guitar (includes a video)

Clothespin pinwheel

Sponge ball

Bubble wands

Origami finger puppets

Sun print cards

Stickers from scratch

Sea creature cardboard creations

Popsicle painting

No-sew tutu

Upcycled plant markers

Decorative paper clips

Craft stick airplanes

Friendship bracelets

Salt art

Butterfly wall art (video)

Fringe musical anklet

Flying fish

Paper flowers

What are you planning to try crafting and creating this summer?

Crazy for Kabobs

As we get closer to the summer and grilling season, today we’re looking at some kabob recipes and ideas, both sweet and savory.


Grilled chicken and peach

Chicken and red onion

BBQ chicken kabobs with potatoes and summer squash

Greek chicken

Lemon sage pork chops

Brine-cured pork kabobs with jalapenos and pineapple

Curried lamb kabobs with cherry tomatoes and red onions

Beef and broccoli

Fontina stuffed meatball kabobs

Blue cheese burger kabobs

Antipasto kabobs

Grilled bread and veggie

Baby potato

Tomato kabobs


Scallops with beets and prosciutto

Swordfish kabobs

Salmon kabobs with cucumber feta salsa

Tuna with marinated baby artichoke

Ginger tuna kabobs

Thai tuna kabobs

Grilled fish with cherry tomatoes

Halibut with zucchini and grape tomatoes

Shrimp with lemon and cilantro

Shrimp and chorizo

Spicy shrimp and sugar snap peas

Thai shrimp kabobs

Shrimp boil on a stick

Sweet shrimp kabobs


Grilled plums

Spicy melons

What do you like to include on your kabobs?