Summer Breads and Muffins

With the summer harvest season in full swing, today I thought we’d take a look at some recipes that feature the summer fresh fruits and vegetables baked into delicious breads and muffins.


Spiced peach muffins

Praline peach muffins


Raspberry chocolate chip muffins

Raspberry cream cheese muffins

Raspberry white chocolate muffins

Lemon raspberry muffins


Blueberry muffins

Blueberry sourdough muffins

Whole wheat blueberry muffins

Blueberry flax muffins

Greek yogurt blueberry muffins

Blueberry oat muffins

Banana blueberry muffins

Blueberry oatmeal bread

Orange blueberry bread

Blueberry banana bread


Rhubarb filled streusel muffins

Rhubarb walnut bread

Spiced raspberry rhubarb muffins

Pear rhubarb bread


Triple berry cinnamon swirl bread

Gluten free strawberry muffins

Strawberry coconut bread

Strawberry brown butter banana bread


Browned butter plum muffins


Cherry almond muffins


Double chocolate zucchini bread

Zucchini bread

Whole wheat zucchini chocolate chip bread

Zucchini lemon muffins

Zucchini carrot muffins

Cinnamon topped whole wheat zucchini bread

Zucchini muffins with raisins or currants, and walnuts

What are your favorite fruits and vegetables to incorporate into breads?

An Iced Tea for Summer

As we experience hot summer temperatures and get ready for Fourth of July celebrations, today I thought we’d take a look at a classic summer beverage: iced tea.  There are even a couple of adult iced teas, too!

Black tea base:

Strawberry basil 

Cranberry mint

Chai iced tea

Vegan coconut Thai

Blackberry bourbon

Berry, melon and mint

Orange bourbon

Spiced thyme and lime

Peach ginger

Lemon iced tea

Herbal tea base:

Hibiscus iced tea

Hibiscus mint

Red berry hibiscus lemonade

Hibiscus and ginger

Lemongrass mint

Red iced tea

Rhubarb iced tea

Sweet apple

Green tea base:

Passion fruit

Ginger tea

Bubble tea

Mint iced tea

Ginger green

Even more iced teas: 

Iced jasmine

White tea with black currant cordial

Blueberry basil

Lemon ginger with berry cubes

What’s your favorite iced tea?

Luscious Lemonade Treats

With summer just beginning and the heat overwhelming many, today I thought we’d take a look at some sweet treats that taste just like the classic lemonade beverages many of us grew up with and enjoyed on hot summer days like we’re having.

Cake and Cupcakes:

Lemonade cake

Lemonade party cake

Raspberry lemonade cake

Strawberry lemonade poke cake

Blueberry lemonade poke cake

Pink lemonade layer cake

Ducky lemonade cake pops

Spiked raspberry lemonade cupcakes

Pink lemonade cupcakes

Lemonade cupcakes


Fluffy pink lemonade dessert with pretzel crust

Raspberry lemonade freeze

Frosty coconut lemonade

Two-tone lemonade mousse

Strawberry lemonade popsicles

Lemonade sorbet

Bars and Cookies:

Raspberry lemonade cheesecake bars

Strawberry lemonade bars

Strawberry and pink lemonade whoopie pies

Pink lemonade cookies

Pink lemonade thins

Pink lemonade thumbprints

Lemonade pinwheels


Lemonade pie

Pink lemonade pie

Frozen strawberry lemonade pie

Raspberry lemonade freezer pie

Boozy lemonade pie

Triple lemon pie

What are your favorite lemonade treat recipes?

Celebrating Ocean Creatures

June 8 was World Oceans Day, a day to both celebrate all the awesome life that exists in oceans and the inspiration we find in beaches and oceans, as well as recognize the damage that has been done and is being done and the importance of caring for our oceans.  So today I thought we’d look at some crafts and creations celebrating all the creatures of the ocean.

Starfish and Shells:

Starfish coasters

Starfish cupcakes

Shells decorated with colored puffy paint


Crochet shark afghan

Shark snuggle sack

Shark fin dog costume

Shark quilt

Dolphins and Whales:

Stuffed fleece dolphin

Stuffed fleece whale


Crochet octopus

Stuffed fleece octopus

Baby crochet octopus

Octopus cupcakes


Fish bag

3D school of paper fish on canvas

Under the sea cookie pops

Under the sea scene on graham crackers

Under the sea scene on blue marshmallows

Paper lantern fish


Seashell turtle

What are your favorite ocean creatures to craft and create?

Summer Parfaits and Trifles

Today as we head into summer with lots of fresh fruits and heat, I thought we’d take a look at some desserts that require little or no ovens or heating (unless you’re making your own cakes): parfaits and trifles.


S’mores cheesecake parfait

Skinny tiramisu parfait

Red velvet parfait

Death by chocolate trifle

Chocolate crunch cheesecake parfait

Triple chocolate brownie trifle

Caramel cream brownie trifle

Grasshopper trifle

Spiked brownie trifle

Classic fudge brownie trifle

Chocolate peanut butter silk trifle

Cookies and cream parfait


Strawberry banana parfait

Mixed berry cream parfait

Key lime strawberry parfait

Fresh strawberry and rhubarb sauce parfait

Creamy caramel peach parfait

Strawberry margarita parfait

Mango coconut parfait

Coconut berry muesli breakfast parfait

Lemon strawberry shortcake trifle

Blackberry lemon yogurt trifle

Lemon pear gingerbread trifle

Lemon ginger trifle with apricots

Patriotic cheesecake parfait

Overnight oat parfait

Strawberry cream parfait

Lemon blackberry cheesecake parfait

Berries Romanoff parfait

Strawberry shortcake trifle

Chocolate and Fruit:

Berry brownie parfait

Mexican chocolate raspberry parfait

Chocolate kiwi berry parfait

Black bottom strawberry cream parfait

Even more sweet treats:

Pumpkin parfaits

Homemade eggnog ice cream parfaits

Coconut pumpkin parfaits

Key lime trifle

Carrot cake trifle

What are your favorite parfaits and trifles?

Ready with Raspberries

I’m thinking a bit about Memorial Day next weekend, and about all things red, white and blue.  So today I thought we’d look at something red, red raspberries, and some tasty recipes we can enjoy over the weekend and this summer.


Raspberry puff turnovers

Raspberry chocolate chip muffins

Raspberry cream cheese scones

Raspberry lemon quick bread

Double drizzled raspberry rolls

Raspberry cream cheese muffins

Appetizers, Dinner, and Sides:

Raspberry vinaigrette

Raspberry brie tarts

Raspberry jam

Raspberry salmon

Balsamic raspberry chicken

Pork chops with raspberry chipotle sauce and herbed rice

Cakes, Pies, Tarts:

Raspberry almond puff

Raspberry lemon cake

Raspberry tea cake with mascarpone cream filling

Raspberry pie

Raspberry lime rickey cake

Chocolate mousse cake with raspberries

Raspberry pudding cake

Raspberry trifle

Raspberry pretzel salad

Frozen raspberry dessert

Raspberry upside down cake

Frozen chocolate raspberry pie

Raspberry cheesecake

Raspberry tart

Raspberry tiramisu

White chocolate raspberry cheesecake

Gluten free chocolate mousse cake with raspberries

Bars, Blondies and Brownies:

Red, white and blue blondies

Raspberry bars

Raspberry swirl cheesecake bars

Raspberry mousse brownies

Raspberry streusel bars

Gluten free raspberry almond bars


Lemon raspberry thumbprints

Linzer cookies

Mini raspberry palmiers

Raspberry chocolate chip meringues

Raspberry ribbon slices

Even more treats:

Blackberry and raspberry frozen yogurt

Raspberry ricotta mousse

Raspberry lemonade

What are your favorite raspberry recipes?

Avocado Adventures

This week we’re taking a look at tasty ways to enjoy avocados. Of course they can be eaten just as they are, they can be part of delicious guacamoles, and they’re great on salads, but that’s not all you can do with avocados.

Salsa and Salads:

Orange avocado salad

Avocado chicken salad

Avocado, apple and bacon salad with avocado dressing

Chicken salad with avocado dressing

Egg white and avocado salad

Brussels sprout salad with avocado and pumpkin seeds

Avocado salad with mango, pineapple, and jicama/radishes

Crab and avocado salad

Avocado salad with cucumbers and onions

Avocado corn salsa

Caribbean pork with avocado pineapple salsa

Lemon chicken with avocado corn salsa

Appetizers and Meals:

Fried avocado wedges with wasabi lime mayo dipping sauce

Avocado salsa and cilantro omelet

Beefy bacon avocado ranch pasta skillet

Steak and avocado rolls

Avocado deviled eggs

Chicken avocado egg rolls

Tuna with avocado mayonnaise

Dips, Dressings and Spreads:

Avocado lime ranch dip

Green chile avocado dip

Avocado feta dip

Avocado and white bean dip

Greek yogurt guacamole

Avocado lime crema

Avocado ranch dressing

Avocado hummus


Chocolate avocado mousse

Avocado pie

Avocado ice cream

No bake avocado cheesecake

Chocolate avocado banana bread

What are your favorite ways to enjoy avocados?

White Chocolate Confections

Today in the US is Mother’s Day, so I thought we’d look at some sweet treats for mom, made with white chocolate.

Cookies and Muffins:

Cranberry, orange and white chocolate drop cookies

Vanilla white chocolate drop cookies

White chocolate macadamia nut cookies

White chocolate macaroon cookies

White chocolate pretzel cookies

Raspberry white chocolate muffins

Bars, Brownies and Scones:

Coconut and white chocolate brownies

Black and white brownies

White chocolate cherry blondies

Seven layer bars

White chocolate cranberry bars

Double berry white chocolate crumble bars

Oatmeal, cranberry and white chocolate cookie bars

Almond, apricot, and white chocolate decadence bars

Apricot and white chocolate scones

White chocolate key lime cheesecake squares

Other Treats:

Peppermint crunch bark

Cranberry nut chocolate bark

Pistachio and white chocolate mousse tartlets

White chocolate peppermint napoleons

White chocolate mousse

Slow cooker white chocolate hot chocolate

White chocolate peppermint martini

Tarts, Pies and Cakes:

White chocolate cream cheese frosting

White chocolate macadamia nut tart

White chocolate fudge torte

White chocolate cheesecake cookie lasagna

White chocolate cheesecake

New York white chocolate cheesecake

Lemon and white chocolate cheesecake bites

Strawberry and white chocolate champagne cake

Chocolate cupcakes with white truffle frosting

White chocolate mud pie

What are your favorite white chocolate recipes?

Start with Sourdough

Sourdough is probably my favorite bread, although my mother does make these rolls that are sweet and tasty and would be a close second for me.  Since 2019 sourdough bread has been all the rage, with lots of people having time on their hands to learn how to work with the starter and bake lots of bread.  Today we’re going to put those new skills to the test with some tasty recipes.

Getting Started:

Sourdough starter

Gluten free starter

Extra tangy bread

Rustic bread

Multigrain boule

Bread machine crusty sourdough bread


Buttery buns

English muffins

Sourdough popovers

Pumpkin spice bread

Fruited sandwich bread

Honey quinoa bread

Fresh milled spelt bread

Sourdough banana bread

Sourdough focaccia

Rye sourdough bread

Sourdough croissants

Cinnamon raisin bread

Sandwich biscuits

Gluten free flatbread

Other Treats:

Sourdough waffles or pancakes

Green apple pancakes

Pizza crust

Blueberry muffins

Date nut cranberry muffins

Sourdough pretzels

Cinnamon crumb cake

Cinnamon buns

Chocolate chip cookies

Sourdough crackers

Chocolate cake

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Recipes Featuring Sourdough:

Cinnamon baked French toast

Slow cooker sourdough and wild rice stuffing

Sourdough stuffing with apples, acorn squash and hazelnuts

Dried cherry sourdough stuffing

Asparagus strata with sourdough

Baked brie bread bowl

What are your favorite sourdough recipes?

Nature Inspired Crafts and Decorations

With Earth Day happening this week, today I’m sharing some DIY crafts and decorations you can create to spruce up your space, all inspired by different parts of nature.

Bunny table runner

Macramé leaf wall hangings

Watercolor plant markers

Poppy brooches

Jellyfish ribbon mobiles

Crepe paper flower lanterns

Folded butterfly mobiles

Butterfly greeting cards

Solar system crochet blanket

Resin agate magnets

Paper flower and leaf corsage

Crochet unicorn

Nature inspired coloring pages

Natural fairy home and garden

Birch tree shadow box

Ribbon floral hoop art

Crochet petal pillow

Ladybug crochet backpack

Clay nature impression pendants

Wood bead eucalyptus garland

Paper sunflowers

Hemp cord earrings

Apple slice and berry autumn wreath

Daisy paper wreath

Garden herb plant stakes

Hanging planter string art

Paper eucalyptus garland

Macramé rainbow keychain

Leaf soaps

Spring leaf ‘thank you’ card

Blue ombre feather macramé earrings

Yarn wrapped rainbow wall hanging

Dog paw clip frame

Crochet spring nature wreath

Toilet paper zoo animals

Mug rugs with animal appliques

What have you crafted or created this month that is inspired by nature?