Cheesecake Choices

Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts.  It’s not an addiction, but it’s pretty good!  Since July 30th is the day we celebrate cheesecake in the USA, last year I shared some yummy cheesecake recipes. This year I’ve got some more recipes with suggestions on servings for you today.

1-No bake: if you don’t have time there are some great ideas for easy, and tasty no-bake cheesecakes.

Cherry cheesecake

No-bake cheesecake

Pumpkin swirl

Raspberry tarts

2-Make it to go: cheesecakes, and cakes in general, are hard to transport.  Here are some bite-sized ideas.

Cheesecake jars

Key lime bars

Hazelnut squares

Raspberry hearts

Chocolate squares

Ginger almond minis

Cheesecake cups

Savannah cheesecake cookies

3-fruit toppings: even if you can’t bake a whole cheesecake, you can still buy one and put a delicious fruit topping on it to dress it up.

Summer berry topping

Caramel apple



4-do it “right”: if you’re a die hard cheesecake fan you’ll probably just do it right and make a real cake

NY cheesecake

Sour cream

Low fat

5-try something new: if you’re a fan of new things, you’ll probably want to try these takes on a favorite.

Chocolate peanut butter

Caramel peanut butter

Black bottom

Cranberry filled

Sweet potato with gingersnap crust

Coconut macaroon

What’s your favorite flavor and thing to do with cheesecake?  Share your  ideas below.

Beach Beauty

Today we’re taking a trip to one of my favorite places, the beach!  I love all things about the beach-the walking, the waves, the creatures, the sand and the shells!  Today I’ve got a bunch of fun and creative crafts all relating to the beach for you!

Sand starfish

Mermaid wand

Cockleshell critters

Rock necklace

Seaweed still life

Sand bass

Sandy hand mosaic

Seashell critters

Seascape centerpieces

Seashell and pebble sprayed stationary

Sea glass tiled tray or tabletop

Shell flowerpots

Clamshell wreath

Fire and water (cool candle idea)

Seaside birdhouse

Mosaic art

Nature walk bracelet

Seashell koalas

Shell wind chimes

What are your favorite things to make with seashells and sand?  Share your ideas below!

Picnic Party

Today I’m going on a picnic and you’re invited to join!  I’ve got some fun crafts, food and decoration ideas to celebrate with you.

Crafts and Decorations:

Fruity button embroidery napkins

Waterproofing a blanket

Bottle wrap

Cocktail glass flowers

“Pocket” knives and more

Ripstop towel picnic blanket

Striped picnic basket


Sesame coleslaw

Alphabet pasta salad

3 bean salad with honey and mustard vinaigrette

Chili corn snack mix

Apple crunch mix

Salmon sandwiches

Picnic chicken

Spiced avocado sandwich

Southwestern chicken wraps

Bacon, spinach and tomato salsa sandwich

Turkey avocado wraps

California sushi wrap

Easy egg rolls

Must-have chocolate chip raisin cookies

Watermelon berry lemonade

Lemonade with berry ice cubes

What will you serve at your next picnic?  If you have fun ideas for picnic games and activities I’d love for you to share them below.

Best of Blueberries

Today we’re taking a moment to stop and appreciate blueberries!  They’re a delicious summer fruit that you can grow at home!  If you’re lucky enough that the wild animals didn’t eat yours like they did mine, you’ve probably got enough left to make some of these delicious recipes.

Starts and Snacks



Scones with lemon glaze


Whole wheat muffins

Gluten free muffins


Corn and blueberry salad

Pies and Tarts

Mini tarts



Cream cheese tarts


Upside-down cake

Frozen Delights


Yogurt ice

Ice cream pie



Of course, blueberries eaten straight off the bush are delicious too!  What do you love to do with blueberries?

Summer Sun

It sure is hot today!  Much of the USA has been experiencing a heat wave, which I enjoy, but most people don’t.  It does remind me about the best part of summer-the sun!  So today I’ve got some hot crafts for you to try out in thinking about the sun and heat of summer.

Sun Fun by Day

Solar t-shirts

Cute cover up

Pierced sun catcher

Sun print cards

Sun print pillows

Raffia tote bag

Sun tea

Sun sculpture

Sun catchers

Fire Heat by Night

Campfire caps

Cd campfire

Friendly fireflies

What do you like doing best in the sun or at the campfire?

Fourth of July Food

Happy Fourth of July!  Today I’m sharing some red, white and blue edibles that will make your party today, this weekend or this summer festive!

Dinners and Drinks

Red hot and blue wings

Nation nachos

Rocked dogs

Crispy cheese stars

Grilled packet potatoes

Stuffed sausage sliders

Red white and blue daiquiris

Coconut lemonade


Firecracker cupcakes in a jar

Red, white and blue cheesecake

Revolutionary berries

Spangled sandwich pops

Red, white and blue ice cream cake

Star cookies

Summer berry trifle

Patriotic pops

Flag cupcakes

Fruited cheesecake flag

Pretzel sparklers

Red, white and blue parfait

Vanilla raspberry sundaes

Blueberry ice cream pie

Sparkler cupcakes

What are your favorite red, white and blue treats?  Share them below,

Crafting Fourth Fun

It’s almost the Fourth of July, Independence Day in the USA.  We always celebrate with lots of red, white and blue decorations.  To get you inspired (or keep your kids busy) here are some fun red, white and blue ideas!

Confetti launcher

Punch cups

Firework pens

String of stars

Clothespin pinwheel

Paper lantern makeover

Sand Candles

Safe sparklers

Napkin rings

Red, white and blue rubber band candles

Star shaped bubble wands

Stars & stripes quilt block

Easy table makeover

Stars and stripes napkins and rings

Fireworks T-shirt

Red, white and blue candle decorations

Wednesday I’ll be sharing some festive food ideas!  What are your traditions for the Fourth?