Green Tea Time

Today in thinking about Earth Day on Sunday I thought we’d take a bit of a spin on the green concept and look at green tea recipes, both food and drink recipes you can make to enjoy and celebrate Earth Day.


Lunch and Dinner:

Green tea poached chicken with green tea rice

Pacific halibut in green tea broth

Green tea poached shrimp stir fry drizzled with green tea vinaigrette

Poached tilapia with green tea with lemon butter sauce

Green tea poached salmon with ginger lime sauce

Green tea salmon with quinoa

Green tea baby back ribs and jicama green apple salad

Green tea ramen soup

Oven cooked green tea rice


Green tea cookies

Frozen green tea souffles

Green tea shortbread leaves

Pears poached with green tea

Green tea sorbet

Green tea cupcakes

Lucky leprechaun frozen green tea

Green tea and coconut popsicles

Jasmine green tea truffles

Green tea infused blondies

Tempura bananas with coconut green tea sauce


Green tea with lemon and pomegranate

Iced green tea with cucumber

Green tea and cranberry spritzer

Green tea and spiced apple drink

Coconut green tea

Strawberry green tea

Green tea and fruit medley smoothie

Sweet cinnamon and green tea marTEAni

Peachy green tea cooler

What’s your favorite green tea food or drink?


Yes for Yogurt

With taxes due in just a few days here in the US for many people I’m thinking about the topic of stress.  There are many foods you can eat when you’re stressed that will help to lower your stress including avocados, bananas, tea, Swiss chard, salmon, carrots, turkey, oatmeal, blueberries and pistachios.  Another food that’s helpful in stress is yogurt, so today I’m sharing some yummy yogurt recipes.

Yogurt and Toppings:

Yogurt cones with kiwi

Yogurt with caramelized pineapple and hazelnuts

Yogurt with kiwi and macadamia nuts

Yogurt with apple and almonds

Yogurt parfaits with blueberries and lemon

Yogurt panna cotta with strawberries and granola

Apricot compote yogurt parfaits

Papaya and berry yogurt parfaits

Breads and Sweet Treats:

Yogurt and cranberry coffeecake

High fiber yogurt and fruit muffins

Yogurt waffles

Yogurt and fruit muffins with bran crumb toppings

Greek yogurt pancakes


Yogurt jam fools

Yogurt panna cotta

Fresh orange and yogurt tart

Greek yogurt cake

Yogurt plum pie

Orange yogurt cake

Lemon yogurt cupcakes

Tortilla cups with yogurt and fresh fruit

Pistachio and rhubarb yogurt cake

Apple chips with sweet yogurt dip

Lemon yogurt cake

Greek yogurt cheesecake

Frozen Yogurt:

Frozen vanilla yogurt

Blackberry frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt with pink peppercorns

Chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt with cinnamon spiked blueberry sauce

Chocolate frozen yogurt with chunky rocky road sauce

Ice cream sandwiches with raspberry frozen yogurt

Macaroon and frozen yogurt sandwiches

What are your favorite ways to enjoy yogurt?

Fun with Favors

Last week on the blog I shared some fun and creative DIY gifts you can create to give to the bride and groom in your life.  Today we’re taking a look at some favors that you can create to give to your guests if you’re the bride or groom this year!

Tulle champagne bottle

Olive oil jar

Cake for one

Stamp your wedding favors

Beeswax taper candles

Accordion photos

Etched flowerpot

Rosemary sea salt

Grits to go


Succulent favors

Coffee beans

Paint stick keychains

Flavored salts

Herb rub

Vanilla sugar

Infused simple syrups

Pinecone fire starters

Mini snow globe

Vanilla extract

Salted caramel hot chocolate on a stick

What fun and creative wedding favors have you seen or gotten?

Easter Treats and Eats

With Easter less than one week away, today we’re looking at Easter recipes.

Breads and Rolls:

Spring sweet bread

Columba Pasquale Easter dove bread

Easter bread wreath

Hot cross buns

Currant scones

Easter bread bunny brioche

Gluten free hot cross biscuits

Appetizers and Main Dishes:

Bacon cheese quiche

Oven browns

Hash brown quiche

Twice baked potatoes with Greek yogurt

Artichoke and feta dip

Cream of asparagus soup

Potato, snap pea and pea tendril salad

Asparagus, leek and gruyere quiche

Spring salad with fava beans

Rack of lamb with mint and capers

Honey rosemary roast lamb with potatoes and green beans

Short ribs with black barley and mushrooms

Pancetta wrapped pork roast

Coffee crusted beef tenderloin

Gluten free wine braised brisket with onions

Salmon with brown sugar and mustard glaze

Crisp grilled salmon with fennel and olive relish

Glazed ham with apricot mustard sauce

Glazed ham with horseradish cream

Ham and cheese bake

Ham with 5 spice cherry sauce

Spice rubbed ham with apple maple sauce

Orange baked ham

Easter dinner on two sheet pans


Mango carrot cake

Carrot and zucchini bars

Sourdough carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Carrot cheesecake with marzipan carrots

Carrot cake parfaits

Coconut almond candies

Italian easter cookies

Honey ricotta turnovers

Easter chick cookies

Coconut nest cupcakes

Bunny shape Easter treats

Almond custard tarts with strawberries

Meringue frosted cake with raspberry filling

Lime infused coconut pound cake

Simple lemon cake

Deluxe lemon bars

What are you planning to cook this Easter?

A For Asparagus

Something that I enjoy but struggle with cooking is Asparagus.  So as I was looking around for some different recipes I could try (and learning I probably overcook it all the time), I though I’d share them here today.

Asparagus and cheese frittata

Spring tonic quiche

Asparagus strata with sourdough

Creamy risotto with asparagus and peas

Polenta wedges with asparagus and mushrooms

Shaved asparagus salad

Asparagus panzanella

Steamed asparagus

Asparagus mimosas

Asparagus with creamy mustard sauce

Roasted asparagus, lemon and dill

Roasted asparagus with capers and lemons

Asparagus with lemon butter

Roasted sesame asparagus

Steamed asparagus with brown butter and hazelnuts

Asparagus and crab salad

Asparagus and Gruyere tart

Chicken and asparagus rolls

Roasted asparagus with Parmesan

Asparagus greens with farro

Gemelli with asparagus and sausage

Roasted asparagus orange salad

Gingered vegetable tofu stir fry

Chickpea and asparagus salad

Braised vegetable medley

Roasted asparagus, fish and bay leaves

Chicken and asparagus skillet supper

Penne with asparagus and cherry tomatoes

Asparagus soup

Wild mushroom and asparagus risotto

Primavera with prosciutto, asparagus and carrots

What are your favorite ways to cook and eat asparagus?

Bright Bananas

Today we’re going to take a look at one of the least expensive items you can eat: bananas!  Sometimes we don’t know what to do with them when they get beyond the point that we want to eat them by themselves so these recipes are a great way to use those older bananas.

Breads and Muffins:

Banana chocolate chip muffins

Peanut power banana bread

Banana muffins

Whole grain banana bread

Double chocolate banana bread

Banana walnut bread

Banana bread with pecans

Blueberry banana bread

Banana bran bread

Banana bread with streusel-nut topping

Banana millet muffins

Banana multigrain streusel muffins

Banana coconut bread

Banana crunch muffins

Cupcakes, Cake and Pie:

Banana cinnamon bundt cake

Banana cream pie

Banana whoopie pies

Banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

Banana nut pound cake

Cookies and Treats:

Banana fudge cookies

New Orleans banana shortcakes

Caramel bread pudding with coconut and banana

Bananas foster

Banana pudding

Tiny banana splits

Chocolate covered banana pops

Banana empanadas

Banana oat breakfast cookie

Peanut butter banana bonbons

Banana bars with butter rum frosting

Banana fritters

Banana galettes

Banana chocolate triangles

Banana sour cream pancakes


Banana daiquiri

Orange banana smoothie

Papaya banana smoothie

Banana raspberry smoothie

Banana, peach and flax smoothie

Gluten Free and Vegan:

Gluten free banana chocolate chip muffins

Gluten free banana muffins

Gluten free banana bread with coconut and flax

Gluten free whole grain banana muffins

Vegan banana bread

What are your favorite banana recipes?

St. Patrick’s Day Feasts

Today we’re going to start getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on next Saturday with some Irish inspired recipes for the whole day!


Bruleed Irish oatmeal

Irish breakfast porridge

Bread, Scones and Muffins:

Irish cream scones

Irish soda scones

Irish soda bread muffins

Seeded sourdough soda bread

Rye soda bread

Irish soda bread

Currant orange Irish soda bread

Gluten free Irish soda bread muffins


Irish lamb stew

Roasted root vegetable Irish lamb stew

Irish beef and stout stew

Mustard herb beef stew

Smokey cheese potato soup

Beer glazed sausage and apples

Braised beef shanks with mushrooms and olives

Squash and sausage shepherds pie

Garlicky steamed mussels and little neck clams with pesto toasts


Irish cream shortbread

Irish butter shortbread

Shamrock cookies (video)

Irish cream cupcakes

Irish coffee cupcakes

Black and white Irish cream cupcakes

Irish coffee bar

Pistachio bars

Irish whiskey cheesecake

Chocolate Irish cream cheesecake

Stout gingerbread with lemony hard sauce

Irish cream delights


Irish ricky

Irish buck

Irish whiskey sour

Maple Irish coffee

Hot nutty Irishman

What are you planning for St. Patrick’s Day?