Ready for Ribs

To get ready for summer today I’ve got some yummy rib recipes!

Slow roasted beef ribs

Honey chipotle glazed

Smokey baby back

Molasses glazed cocktail ribs

Baby back marinated in tamarind sauce

Slow cooker sweet and sour country ribs

Thai style baby back ribs

Asian style baby back ribs

Chinese style spare ribs

Pomegranate braised short ribs

Honey apple

Sweet and spicy

Kansas city

Summer breeze

Caribbean rum

Marvelous mustard

Apricot chipotle

Memphis dry

Caribbean baby back ribs

Texas cowboy style

What are your favorite rib recipes?

Hamburger Helping

With Memorial Day this weekend most families and friends are gathering for a BBQ, so today I’m sharing some things you can make with traditional beef hamburger meat.


Blue cheese stuffed

Cheddar stuffed

Stuffed beef

Thin burger

Bacon cheeseburger

Open-faced with mushrooms

Southern style

Mexican hamburgers

Home-ground burgers with bacon, cheese, and fresh thyme

Pepperoni pizza

Teriyaki burger

Texas cheeseburger

BBQ sauced burger

Chorizo chile 

And More:

Spicy pocket pies

Beef and cheddar hand pies

Skewered Greek meatballs

Oven grilled meatloaf sandwich

Cheeseburger pizza

Hamburger and grape tomato pizza

Mexicali hamburger casserole

Sloppy joes

Lighter beef tacos

Beef empanadas

Courtney’s spicy beef

What are your favorite ground beef and hamburger recipes?

Craving Chocolate Chips

Yes, today we’re working out that cute culinary sweet, the chocolate chip!


Double chocolate zucchini bread

Double chocolate banana bread

Chocolate chip pancakes

Golden chocolate chip muffins

White whole wheat chocolate chip muffins

Banana chocolate chip muffins

Cakes and Pies:

Chocolate almond coffee cake

Gluten free chocolate chip cake

Chocolate chip pound cake with chocolate coffee liqueur sauce

Chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate chip frosting

Pecan chocolate chip pie

Chocolate chip cannoli cupcakes


Crazy blonde brownies

Chocolate chip scones

Chocolate chip walnut mandelbrot

Chewy chocolate chip granola bars

Chocolate chip turtles


Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookie sandwiches

Flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookie dunkers

Chocolate chip shortbread

What are your favorite chocolate chip recipes?

More for Mom

Tomorrow in the US we’re celebrating Mother’s Day!  If you haven’t gotten a gift yet, or need something fun to do with mom tomorrow, here are some fun ideas!

Gifts and Crafts

Create a canvas of spring flowers

Bejeweled mirror

Polka dot mug

Circles of love t-shirt

Sharpie doodled mug

Mommy and me wood photo plaque

Mother’s day shadow box

Baby girl bracelet

Baby boy bracelet

Mason jar spa

DIY family trees

Iron on tote bag

Say it with flowers

Monogrammed napkin

Even more crafts


Felt flower card

Thumbprint card with mommy and me rainbow loom bracelets

Floral card

Glitter flower card

Tissue flower card

Clip art card

Even more cards

What are you gifting the mom in your life this Mother’s Day?

Magic Macaroons

Today we’re celebrating the tasty coconut with macaroon recipes!  Hint: they’re a tasty treat for mom!

Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons

Coconut pineapple thumbprint cookies

Chocolate coconut macaroon bars

Chocolate macaroon cake

Coconut pyramids

Coconut chocolate macaroons

Chocolate coconut macaroon cups

Black bottom coconut bars

Coconut macaroon tartlets

Coconut apricot macaroons

Orange coconut macaroons

Raspberry macaroons in chocolate shells

Chocolate chunk macaroons

Peach macaroon cobbler

Coconut macaroon cheesecake

Coconut cranberry macaroon

Mayan macaroon cupcakes

Lemon currant macaroons

Paradise macaroons

Lemon coconut macaroons

What are your favorite coconut and macaroon recipes?

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

Today we’re getting ready for Cinco de Mayo!  I’m ready for some good Mexican food and a drink or two!  If you’re curious here’s some of the history behind the holiday.



Straw flowers

Punched tin napkin rings

Ribbon lanterns

Tissue paper fringe decorations


Spicy chicken empanadas

Shrimp and snapper seviche tomatillos

Avocado bar

Sweet and smoky brittle

Fajita style quesadillas

Street enchiladas

Pork tenderloin adobo with cilantro, raisin and almond rice

Huaraches con carnitas

Mexican black bean pizza

Chorizo topped Mexican pizzas

Fish tacos with cabbage and chile pepper slaw

Cupcakes with Mexican hot chocolate frosting

Mexican brownies

Chocolate tequila mousse

Coconut flan

Tres leches cake


Spiced pineapple cocktail

Tequila thyme lemonade

Tequila cranberry cooler

Tequila sunrise

Chile citrus margarita

Coconut margarita

Elderflower tequila slipper

What will you be making to celebrate Cinco De Mayo?