By the Sea

Today we’re taking a little trip to the seashore for some rope and lighthouse inspired decorations and crafts.

Rope wrapped drum light shade

Rope trivets

Nautical rope vase

Nautical multi strand bracelet

Nautical stripe yarn bracelet

Dip dyed nautical rope bracelet

Anchor pillow

Nautical rope mirror

Nautical tote bag

Nautical crochet tote bag

Lighthouse candle sticks

Lighthouse candle holder

A paper lighthouse and a lighthouse made from a cup

Braided doormat

Rope coasters

Nautical knobs

Clay pot lighthouse

Simple shell decoration ideas

18 more nautical decoration ideas

What are your favorite by the sea crafts?


An Accessory Touch Part 1

This week and next I’ll be sharing some cute ways you can add a touch of whimsy or fun to your outfits with homemade accessories.   This week are some fun earrings and bracelets, next week will be necklaces and mixed sets.


Duck tape feather earrings

Big stone earrings

Sea glass earrings

Sequin ball earrings

DIY stone earrings



Fabric bangles

Painted leather bracelet

Studded tulle bracelet

Braided wish bracelets

Miss tentacles bracelet

Springtime in Paris floral and pearl bracelet

Nautical multi-strand bracelet

Studded wrap bracelet

Metal and turquoise wrap bracelet

Tulle chevron cuff bracelet

Silver cross connector bracelet

Denim cuff bracelet

Bangle beauties

Bow tie bracelet

High tide bracelet

Sea glass bracelet

Leather cuff bracelet

Dip-dyed sailor bracelet

Textured string bracelet

What are your favorite earring and bracelet ideas?

Sea Inspired

This week we’re taking a look at some fun crafts inspired by one of my favorite places: the beach!

Mini lighthouse

Lighthouse bottle

Seashell critters

Sand mosaics

Towel beach blanket

Cute coverup

Sand and candle centerpiece

Seashell lights

Shell butterflies

Mussel shell wreath

Seashell night light

Shell seating card holders

Sea glass tiled tray or tabletop

Sea glass necklace

What inspired beach creations have you made?

I Love Lobster

Lobster is a favorite of many seafood lovers, and since this month we celebrated National Lobster Day, I thought I’d share some yummy recipes!

Lobster shepherd’s pie

Open-faced lobster rolls with avocado spread

Lobster rolls

Lobster and corn chowder

Lobster bisque

Penne with lobster, corn, zucchini and arugula

Pasta with marinated tomatoes and lobster

Lobster ravioli with crabmeat and cream sauce

Linda’s spicy lobster linguini

Lobster mac and cheese

Lobster and soba noodle salad

Lobster newburg

Brown butter risotto with lobster

Easy lobster paella

Grilled lobster tails with lemon-red Fresno butter

What are your favorite ways to cook and eat lobster?

Best of the Beach

Today we’re taking one last trip to the beach this summer.  What was your favorite summertime beach memory this year?

Crafts and Fun:

Colorful creatures

Sand-casted starfish

Fish swivel bracelet

Spiraled shell necklace

Seashell critters

Fishy soap

Sea glass bracelet

Sea glass tray or tabletop

Candles in seashells

Clamshell wreath

Beach drink charms

Sand and shells wreath

Beach clock

Scrapbook page

Send out summer themed cards to thank your friends

Decorate with shells

3 more things to do with shells

Lots more fun shell ideas


Beach cake

Beach cupcakes

Swim party cupcakes

Castle cakes

What treasures have you discovered at the beach this year?

Oceans Away!

June 8th is World Oceans Day, and if you know me, you know I love anything to do with the beach and the oceans, so today is a perfect excuse to share with you some of my favorite ocean themed crafts and creations.  Don’t worry, as we get into the summer we’ll take a look at some beach fun too!

Crafts and Activities:

Salt dough starfish necklace

Sun catcher aquarium

Sandpaper starfish

Trained seal craft and activity

Good luck goldfish

Flying fish

Fancy fish lampshade

Ocean dioramas

Bobbing for Nemo activity

Little mermaid clothespin dolls

Undersea turtle clings

Food Fun:

Out for a swim cupcakes

Sand dollar cookies

Sebastian cupcakes

Ocean potion

Pearly bites

Share your favorite ocean crafts and foods in the comments section!

Beach Beauty

Today we’re taking a trip to one of my favorite places, the beach!  I love all things about the beach-the walking, the waves, the creatures, the sand and the shells!  Today I’ve got a bunch of fun and creative crafts all relating to the beach for you!

Sand starfish

Mermaid wand

Cockleshell critters

Rock necklace

Seaweed still life

Sand bass

Sandy hand mosaic

Seashell critters

Seascape centerpieces

Seashell and pebble sprayed stationary

Sea glass tiled tray or tabletop

Shell flowerpots

Clamshell wreath

Fire and water (cool candle idea)

Seaside birdhouse

Mosaic art

Nature walk bracelet

Seashell koalas

Shell wind chimes

What are your favorite things to make with seashells and sand?  Share your ideas below!