Friends with Love

Today for Feature Friday I’m featuring some of my favorite Feature Friday friend’s valentine designs.

Michelle Lisa Mosaics: light switch cover, lamp.

Finding Charm: earrings, necklace, bracelet, earring set, anklet.

Color Bakery: Hearts of art pin

Kreative Notions: I found love journal, be mine valentine’s

SwtTsCrafts: friend love, wood storage box.

Faerymoongoddess: love flies free earrings

Debra’s Designs: mother of pearl bracelet, love pendant.

Origami Spirit: keep the romance alive

Yesterday’s Trash Art: loving cookies with icing

BluKatDesign: earrings, statement necklace.

More Than Colors: love stained glass sign, I fancy you stained glass heart.

HoneyBeeAffairs: patriotic crocheted coasters, crocheted washcloths.

HockmanGirl: gunmetal locket, diamond heart earrings.

Bent & Twisted Creations: heart bookmark

GaelicForge: stone pendant

GardenVibe: blossoming love earrings, warming to you earrings.

Juergen Roth: love me tender photo, pink orchid photo.

S S Soap: lavender, strawberry banana, bath bombs.

Jewelry by Debby Designs: silver heart cabachon, red and white love earrings, smooth white earrings.

Ginalimosaics: valentine’s sea glass decoration, stained glass heart necklace, heart locket.

Thank you to my creative friends for their beautiful work!  If you’d like to be featured on Feature Friday, contact me here or let me know below.


Let’s Love

Today, to wrap up our look at love this month, I thought I would share some of the love I’ve seen from creative friends this year.  Take a look:

Michelle Lisa Mosaics: hypnotic hearts stained glass lamp

Finding Charm: think pink with these earrings

SweetT’sCrafts: wooden storage box of love

Faery Moon Creations: put a little love in your heart

BluKatDesigns: necklace of hearts

DebrasDesigns: mother of pearl hearts

Hockmangirl: diamond swirl earrings

HoneyBeeAffairs: crochet hearts

MoreThanColors: red stained glass heart

Juergen Roth: bleeding hearts photo

Gaelic Forge: celtic scrolled heart earrings

Jewelry By Debby Designs: Silver Heart Cabachon

Ginalimosiacs: sea glass hearts

SSSoap: organic heart soap

These are just a few of the creative friends I’ve featured over the year, if you’d like to be featured you can learn all about it here.

What things have you created with love? I’d love to see your designs!

FF: Shot With My Phone

Today’s special guest is Naveen Konduri.  He does some really cool work with his iphone, and has taken what many of us just see as an extra camera into a form of creativity.

Why are you passionate about photography and being creative?

As we live our busy lives doing this and that we often forget to appreciate the wonder and beauty which is all around us. Photography is my way of trying to capture these moments and appreciating them. Hoping that these photos would encouraging others to look around them and find small joys in the every day life we lead. We don’t have to look forward for expensive vacations just look around and you will find something to interest you.

Most of the pictures I take are usually when I walk to work or while I am running in the evening, it just amazes me on how much I can shoot on a road I walk every day, every day there is something new, something fresh.

What got you started with iphones and photography as a hobby/business?

There have been many moments in the past when I’ve wished I had my camera on me to capture an amazing moment such as a cloud pattern I noticed when I suddenly looked up,  the way light reflected of a window pane,  the shadows cast by a street lamp. I have always wanted to constantly capture those simple fleeting moments which make my life come alive.

I have fulfilled this craving by becoming an “Iphonographer” (a term loosely used to describe someone who uses an iPhone as a camera). My camera is my phone, and my dark room, the plethora of apps I use to process my photos on the go.

Do you have a favorite photo you’ve taken?
Here is a collection I created just for you, it’s some of my favorite work, from flowers and rainbows to bridges and birds.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I will continue to explore the world around me, take more pictures, share them with the world and hope they bring joy to people who view them :).

Do you have any tips or inspiration to share?

Enjoy the moment, At the end of the day it is not just about what others think or how many times your photo gets “liked” or retweeted, but about the smile it will bring to your face, and the joy of capturing a fleeting moment which you would have missed if not for your handy phone camera. Enjoy the journey.

You can connect with Naveen on Twitter, Facebook, on his Shot With My Phone blog, and personal blog (lots more photography!)

~Thank you Naveen! I love the reminder that sometimes the simple stuff is exactly what we need to be reminded that creativity and beauty is all around us.

FF: Juergen Roth Photography

Happy Friday!  Today we’re speaking with Juergen Roth of Nature Fine Art.  He’s a beautiful nature photographer!

Why are you passionate about photography?

I love to spend outdoors and connect with nature. New England is a fabulous terrain to do so and I couldn’t ask for more. Photography takes it one step further for me and I love to capture these precious moments as well as things that may go lost or unseen in the hectic world us living in these days. I also enjoy the technical and compositional challenges to convey this through within landscape, seascape and flower photography.

What got you started with photography and being creative as a hobby/business?

At around 19 or 20 I kind of “stole” my Dad’s camera. He wasn’t using it regularly and it was just sitting in his office. I started using it more and more until finally I was able to call it my own. It was a pretty fancy Pentax and did a fine job taking photographs. A couple years later I moved from a small town near Cologne to West Berlin. Berlin was hip and wild. The art scene was and still is very remarkable and I very much enjoyed it for my 10 year stay in Berlin before migrating to Boston. Here my photography elevated to the next level and I try to keep improving with every composition and photograph I take.

Do you have a favorite photo you’ve taken or location to photograph?

I very much enjoy local photography and macro flower photography in and around Boston. Creating abstracts of the common such as Zantedeschia has become a top priority. Usually the latest photo always becomes the greatest and immediately turns into one of my favorite. A good example is Teary Rose Leaf and Genki Spark. All time favorites are Sudbury River, my Cape Cod boat photography collection and the misty birch trees in the Boston Arnold Arboretum. I am very happy and proud of my recent rose and leaf photographs. I am also very much in favor of my human forms in nature series where I look for human resemblance when I get out in the field.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I will keep exploring the beauty of New England. This year I will capture parts of Cape Cod. I also have plans to go back to the White Mountains … lots of hiking and photography on the way. In addition I am looking into Baxter State Park and Acadia National Park for fall photography. Florida everglades may become an option in the winter. Next year I am planning a trip to Europe … probably Italy, France or Spain … checking in with my family near Cologne is a must! I am writing a regular nature photography blog where I provide tons of photo tips, discuss my photos in more detail, and tell the story behind my photos. I am thinking about publishing a photography book and providing photography workshops in Boston and New England.  I will be online selling my photography artwork 24/7, worldwide on canvas, prints, framed, matted, and as greeting cards.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

Keep chasing the light as often as possible and strive for your best photographs to capture these marvelous moments. Make your photography and business locally work first and then branch out to new territories.

You can connect with Juergen and see all his amazing photography on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, his website, and blog.

Thank you Juergen!  I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful artwork around the world!

Remembering the Soldiers

Veteran’s Day may be in November, but Memorial Day is another perfect opportunity to celebrate and honor the veterans in our lives.  Today I’m sharing 28 ways you can celebrate and honor veterans and soldiers around the world, and especially in the USA!

Stained glass-for the adventurous stained glass creators, how about a stained glass window that depicts soldiers?

Collage-make a collage of pictures and memories of your soldier

Coloring-use red, white and blue

Sewing-sew an American flag, poppy or star into your design.

Flower arranging-a beautiful red, white and blue arrangement would be perfect!

Painting-there’s something special about seeing a painting of a flag fluttering in the breeze.

Writing-write a poem, news article or petition that supports, highlights or encourages soldiers.

Drawing-draw a picture of your favorite soldier.

Needlepoint-get festive with this heart and strips

Scrapbooking-here are some simple ideas to get you started scrapbooking your heroes memories.

Cooking-cook a meal for your favorite soldier or veteran family or group.  Or, attend one of the dinners they host.

Cards-get together with a bunch of friends and create cheerful thank you cards to send to soldiers around the world.

Decorating-use red, white and blue in your decorating and design

Candles-light a candle in honor of the troops.

Quilting-quilt a flag, or incorporate a heart into your design.

Origami-try this cute and dimensional star.

Sculptures-try sculpting an eagle, America’s bird.

Jewelry-try this butterfly of freedom.

Video-make a home movie to send to the soldier you love.

Clothes design-get creative with these star-studded shirts.

Craftsthese shining stars are festive and fun!

Photography-capture the moments of a parade like my friend Jess Klein did in his photos “God Bless America” and “We Salute You America”.

Wood working-make a birdhouse and give it a patriotic paint job.

Knitting-knit a warm cap soldiers can wear while traveling.

Music-play patriotic music.

Sand-make a sand sculpture that honors the flag, a soldier or another aspect of America.

Finally, donate your time or money to Wounded Warrior Project or another Veteran/Soldier group, and offer your services at a discounted price for soldiers and veterans.

If you don’t live in America, you can adjust the colors to celebrate the soldiers in your country.  Regardless of where you live, your soldiers and veterans should be celebrate.  What will you do to celebrate and honor the men and women who have fought for your country?

Earth Friendly for America

In April we celebrate Earth Day.  It’s also Keep America Beautiful Month.  To celebrate, here are 22 ideas to get your creativity started.

~make a stained glass American flag

~make a collage of your bit of America.  Your town, your life, your America

~color eggs in Earth colors or red, white and blues

~create a community garden

~paint a picture of your favorite spot in America

~sign petitions that support nature organizations (learn more at Charity Navigator)

~buy recycled paper notebooks to do your drawings

~scrapbook your travels to great American destinations like Yellowstone, Acadia, and Joshua Tree

~start a compost pile in your house or neighborhood

~create your greeting cards with recycled papers and other materials

~decorate your home with some barn stars

~buy or make all natural soap.  Your body and the drains will thank you!

~buy or make beeswax, palm wax or soy candles instead of the regular ones

~make a quilt of fabrics from all around America

~sculpt what freedom means to you

~create red, white and blue jewelry, or use traditional US stones like turquoise

~buy organic or eco-friendly clothes

~design a couple of bags that you can use for groceries!  They’re fun to decorate and you use them over and over again!

~create a photography collection of all things America.  This could include historical buildings, parades, public figures, or just natural America

~when doing wood working, choose your wood wisely.  Don’t use wood that comes from rare trees

~knit a blanket or baby’s cap with organic/natural fibers for a baby in need

~compose your own special song about natural beauty in the US

What have you done to celebrate Earth Day or make America more beautiful?  Share your thoughts and ideas below.

FF: Kreative Notions

Today we’re talking with Syda from Kreative Notions.  Syda’s journey is filled with different creative inspirations and I’m excited to share her with you today.

Why are you passionate about being creative?

Being creative allows me to connect, share and inspire others.  I didn’t discover my creativity until my late thirties and since that time it has gifted me connection, purpose, healing and immense joy.  Very often my life has been transformed, lifted out of the darkness and made brighter through creative play.  I want to inspire others to use creative play to enhance their joy, their connections and their lives.  Not to mention the pleasure and gratitude of knowing that someone is writing in a journal that I designed or wearing a T-shirt with a graphic I created.

What got you started with art, cards and being creative?

I began writing poems as a teenager, however I never considered myself to be “creative.”  Later, my husband would give me a camera for my birthday while we were dating (and several upgrades since).  I discovered macro photography and became obsessed with taking extremely close-up photogs of our freshly planted flowers.  Today my photography hobby continues to expand and grow.  I love that it allows me to become childlike; taking photos of odd things and transforming them into meaningful works.  In 2000, with photogs piling up, I took a stab at scrap-booking.  Still, I didn’t see myself as creative.

My true creative passion began to take shape when I received a hand stamped Christmas card.  I wondered if it was something I could do.  I sent out my first handmade holiday card in 2002 and the rest, as they say, is history.  I’ve been making greeting cards and small gifts for family and friends ever since and have often been told I should start a business and sell them.  So, here we are.  🙂

I chose the name Kreative Notions for my website and business because I enjoy a variety of creative play:  writing, photography, paper crafts, art journaling, collage and more.  I love playing with paint, gesso, Mod Podge, rubber stamps and UTEE to name a few.  I love finding new ways to inspire and play.

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve designed?

Today my favorite would be a special order journal cover I recently created with a turquoise background and white gerbera daisy.  A little white lace ribbon was all the embellishment it needed.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

My business is still in its infant stage.  I’m only getting started.  I like the idea of hosting a workshop, e-course, or creative challenge.  I like the idea of participating in a craft fair, or discovering a local boutique to host some of my creative energies.  First things first.  I just purchased The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee and I am looking forward to setting down a creative business plan.

I do have plans to develop a newsletter over the next month.  There’s a subscription form on my website and there will be a drawing contest when I reach my first subscriber goal.  (hint-hint)

Throughout the next year, in addition to expanding the collections I offer in my Etsy Shop and CafePress Shop, I’d like to create a day planner and perhaps a guided journal.

What tips and inspiration can you share?

The Kreative Notions motto is:  “Mistaeks are Mandatory….make lots of ’em.”

Release your attachment to the outcome.  Don’t think about it.  Let go of what it “should” look like.  Some of the best things come from mindless play.

You can learn more about Syda, including join her newsletter, at her website, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as visit her Etsy and CafePress shops and see what she’s created lately.


Thank you so much Syda! I look forward to seeing where your creative journey takes you!

What inspiration can you share with someone today? You may never know the impact of your thoughts, but it’s always worth it!

FF: Jess Klein Photography

Today we’re getting to know a photographer, Jesse Kleinpeter.  Jesse has some really great thoughts for us today!
Why are you passionate about photography?
I enjoy the perspective it gives me on life.  Beauty is literally all around us & the camera always reminds me of that.  I especially enjoy how a simple captured moment in time can often evoke such powerful emotion!
What got you started with photography and being creative as a hobby/business?
As a child I was always fascinated by how a photograph freezes time, allowing a moment to last forever.  Without a camera, so many memories would just fade away.  Therefore, being the sentimental guy that I am, I decided to embrace the world of photography!
Plus, I am driven by the reaction of my subjects when they see their photos.
Do you have a favorite photo you’ve taken?
I was in the right place at the right time at a small town parade when a man marching with a flag broke formation and waved at his son to come see him. I was very emotional as I watched and knew I had captured something special.  I took several pictures back to back.  My two favorites are posted on my website – They are titled “God Bless America” and “We Salute You America” and can be found under the people section.
What exciting future plans do you have for your work?
Picking up the camera always proves to be exciting. I would like to get a little more involved in fashion photography, and have also always wanted to be a part of an art exhibit!
Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?
One of my favorite quotes by Henri Cartier-Bresson has always remained inspirational to me, and pretty much sums up any tips I could offer…
“What is photography? …it is seizing the moment.  It is putting one’s head, one’s eye and one’s heart on the same axis.”

You can learn more about Jesse at his website, Facebook, Twitter, blog and see his photos posted on Instagram (search JessKleinPhotog).

Wow! I want to go grab my camera now and go take some pictures of the things growing outside!  Thanks for the inspiration Jesse!

Share your thoughts and passions about photography below too!

Creatively Celebrating St. Patricks

Today we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s with 28 creative ideas!

Stained glass: simple but gorgeous Celtic knot

Collage: make your collage in the shape of a cloverleaf, Celtic cross, or leprechaun.

Dance: how about some step dancing or a jig?

Coloring: green of course!

Sewing: make a leprechaun hat to show off

Flowers: shamrocks!

Painting: paint a gorgeous Celtic cross

Writing: write a shamrock-shaped limerick or a St. Patrick inspired prayer

Drawing: draw your pot of gold!

Embroidery: here are a couple cute embroidery ideas!

Scrapbooking: use different colors of green with white backgrounds

Cooking: Irish soda bread!

Cards: two cute ideas from Kelli

Decorating: get creative with green glasses, balls, flowers and linens

Soap: how about soap with shamrocks?

Quilting: festive table runner!

Origami: here are some different origami ideas

Sculptures: sculpting a leprechaun could be a challenge!

Jewelry: a Celtic knot with a green glass background would look nice

Collecting: leprechauns or beer steins!

Clothes design: Try this Irish inspired t-shirt

Crafts: make this cool straw cross

Web Design: do it up in green and orange!  Change a couple words and share some Irish inspiration!

Photography: photograph a parade!

Woodworking: try creating a Celtic harp

Knitting: a pretty and festive green and white scarf

Music: check out harp, fiddle or pipe music!

Sand: you could make a gorgeous Celtic cross with different colors of sand

What St. Patrick’s inspired artwork have you done?  Share your ideas below.

Creative Gifts of Love

Today I’m sharing some creative, and inexpensive, ideas for Valentine gifts!  If you missed out on last week’s creative ideas, you can check them out here.  Share your creative ideas below too!

Collage: make a collage of things that remind you of your special someone.  They could be pictures, movie tickets, restaurants and mementos.

Painting: try painting a heart for your special someone, or yourself, that illustrates your love!

Writing: write a heartfelt list of all the things you love about yourself, or your partner.  You don’t have to pretend you can write poetry, just write all the things you love about your partner!

Drawing: sketch each other for some valentines fun!

Cooking: Wednesday I’ll be sharing about lots of yummy meal and dessert ideas, and some drink ideas too! (I’ll update with a link on Wednesday!)

Decorate: use candles, red Christmas lights, and things your partner likes to make the event special for them.

Photographs: if you’re a photographer, either frame or assemble a collection of photos that captures what you love most about your partner, and the times you have spent together.

Wood: if you’re a wood worker, carving something that symbolizes your love or how you feel about that special someone is a heartfelt idea.

Sand in a jar:  maybe you’re a traveling couple.  Put some sand in a jar with miniature pieces that remind you of where you’ve been and the fun you’ve had (like this).

What creative gift are you giving your special someone for Valentines Day?  Share your gift below!