Passion for Passionfruit

Today I thought we’d look at a special fruit that isn’t usually used and some sweet and savory recipes for it: passionfruit!


Passionfruit meringue pie with macadamia crust

Tapioca passion fruit parfait

Passion fruit curd icebox cake

Passion fruit sorbet

Passion fruit souffle

Passion fruit melting moments

Pavlova with passion fruit

Passion fruit filled cupcakes

Passion fruit cheesecake tart

Passion fruit ice cream pie with ginger crust

Lemon passion fruit meringue pie

Lemon coconut tart with passion fruit cream

Peach and passion fruit muffins

Ginger passionfruit trifle

Passion fruit cheesecake

Maracuya passion fruit mousse

Chocolate coconut bread pudding with passion fruit sauce

Cranberry passion fruit sauce

Passion fruit soup

Chocolate passion ravioli with ricotta souffle

Passion fruit and coconut cream parfaits

Gluten free passion cake


Passion fruit orangeade

Brazilian passion fruit and mango smoothie

Passion fruit margarita

Other dishes:

Salmon with warm passion fruit vinaigrette

Bacon wrapped shrimp with passion fruit

Macadamia nut crusted fresh catch with mango passion fruit sauce

Blue corn pancakes with piloncillo syrup and passion fruit butter

Passion yellowtail snapper

What are your favorite ways to enjoy passionfruit?

More with Meatballs

Today I was in the mood for something savory and comforting, so I thought we’d take a look at meatball recipes.

Hawaiian meatballs

Rosemary meatballs

Teriyaki meatballs

Beef stroganoff meatballs

Chicken parm meatballs

Meatballs with ouzo and mint

Meatballs in chipotle sauce

Lamb meatballs with harissa

Turkey and pancetta meatballs

Swedish meatballs

Northern Indian lamb meatballs

Shrimp scampi meatballs with garlicky broth

Honey chipotle turkey meatballs

Sweet and sour Korean cocktail meatballs

Brown sugar glazed turkey meatballs

Skinny Thai chicken meatballs with peanut sauce

Savory turkey meatballs

Cinnamon meatballs

Turkey meatballs with sundried tomato sauce

Asian quinoa meatballs

Pork meatballs

Florentine meatballs

Zesty chicken meatballs

Cheesy stuffed taco meatballs

Recipes with meatballs:

Meatball casserole

Eggplant meatball casserole

Meatball pizzas

Spinach and meatball calzones

Mexican meatball soup

Moroccan meatball soup with sweet potatoes

Meatball soup

Orecchiette with mini chicken meatballs

Spanish turkey meatball stew

Meatball sub egg rolls

What are your favorite meatball recipes and ways to enjoy meatballs?

Coffee Cake Creations

Today we’re creating one of those delicious breakfast treats: coffee cake!

Sour cream coffeecake

Sourdough cinnamon crumb cake

Cinnamon streusel coffeecake

Muesli coffee cake

Coffee cake muffins

French chocolate coffee cake

Cardamom streusel coffee cake

Honey glazed buttermilk coffee cake


Hazelnut coffee cake

Coconut pecan coffee cake

Chocolate almond coffee cake

Pecan frangipane coffee cake

Pecan browned butter coffee cake

Pecan sour cream coffee cake


Apricot almond coffee cake

Blueberry buckle coffeecake

Cranberry orange coffeecake

Cranberry almond coffee cake

Yogurt cranberry coffeecake

Applesauce coffeecake

Apple and sour cream coffee cake

Triple citrus coffee cake

Meyer lemon coffee cake

Lemon raspberry coffee cake

Lemon foldover coffee cake

Orange coffee cake

Pineapple upside down coffee cake

Cheese and sour cherry coffee cake

Strawberry rhubarb coffee cake

Almond berry coffee cake

Cream cheese berry coffee cake

Gluten Free:

Gluten free cinnamon streusel coffeecake

Gluten free sour cream coffee cake

What are your favorite coffee cake recipes?

Lots of Love to Share for Valentine’s Day

Today we’re taking a look at some fun creative ways you can create and celebrate this Valentine’s Day.


Jumbo card

Falling hearts card

Marbelized heart card

Folding envelope heart

Birdhouse valentine (video)

Cookie cutter cards

Scratch off cards


Polka dot Valentine Mason jar vase

XoXo mason jar

Watercolor heart frame

Kid’s heart caterpillar garland

Spring spiral heart ribbon

Crayon hearts

Heart pom pom pillow

His and hers pillows

Ombre love pillow

Heart shaped crystals

String of hearts

Hearts on a string

Heart suncatcher

Window clings

Yarn hearts

Heart flowering tree


Valentine slime

Puppy Valentine party game

Valentine cookie houses

Candy kabobs

Heart animals

Gifts and Fun:

Heart mugs

Stretch bracelets

Heart trinket dish

Heart shaped soap (video)

Bath fizzies (video)

Valentine’s Day treat bag

What will you create to celebrate love this week?

A Tart Treat

Today in thinking about romantic dinners and desserts many will be having over the next week for Valentine’s Day, I thought we’d take a look at some sweet and savory tarts.  The difference between tarts and other sweet baked treats is that it has a shallow sided crust and doesn’t have a top crust.


Tomato and goat cheese

Fresh tomato

Red onion and balsamic

Mushroom cheddar

Shiitake and egg

Asparagus custard

Asparagus tart

Zucchini tart

Shrimp creole

Beef wellington

Ham and cheese


Mini lemon

Lemon with fresh berries

Key lime

Tangy grapefruit

Apple toffee tartlets

French apple

Berries and cream

Pear and almond

Rustic fruit

Strawberry tart

Strawberry cheesecake tartlets

Rustic peach

Plum tart

Cranberry tart

Blackberry macaroon

Apricot tart


Cherry chocolate

Frozen chocolate mousse

White chocolate macadamia nut

Malted milk chocolate hazelnut

Chocolate peppermint tartlets

Chocolate pear

Chocolate caramel pecan

Chocolate crusted chocolate

Brownie tart

Caramel pecan fudge

Sweet Treats:

Almond tarts

Rhubarb tartlets

Cream cheese

Coconut cream

Nut picnic

Honey and pine nuts

Chess tart

Gluten Free:

Spiced chocolate

Strawberry almond

Nut crusted chocolate mousse

What are your favorite tarts?

Craving Crêpes

Today we’re taking a look at sweet and savory ways that you can enjoy a meal with crêpes.


Basic crêpes

Buckwheat crêpes

English basic crêpes

Dessert crêpes

Gluten free dessert crêpes

Gluten free Teff crêpes

Gluten free crêpes


Cheese and broccoli crêpes

Vegetable crêpes

Vegetables and goat cheese crêpes

Spinach Gruyere crêpes

Herb crêpes with wild mushrooms

Corn and cheese stuffed crêpes with poblano cream

Curried chicken crêpes

Chicken crêpes

Turkey and pesto crêpes

Ham and egg crêpe squares

Ham and brie crêpes

Smoked ham and butter crêpes

Quiche Lorraine crêpes

Peanut butter and jam crêpe rolls


Apple caramel crêpes 

Chocolate crêpes cake

Cottage cheese crêpes with almonds

Strawberry crêpes 

Nutella crêpes 

Lemon crêpes 

Raspberry crêpes cake with nectarines and cream

Cinnamon roll crêpes 

Chestnut flour crêpes with ricotta and honey

Chocolate strawberry crêpes 

Brandied cherry crêpes 

What are your favorite crêpe recipes?

Do with Dip

Today as we think ahead to the big football game this weekend let’s take a look at some tailgate/party worthy dips, both sweet and savory.


Taco dip

Bacon cheddar potato dip

Pepperoni pizza dip

Ham and cheese dip

Windy City deli dip

Buffalo chicken dip

BLT dip

Hot shrimp dip

Spicy shrimp dip

Baked clam dip

Hot crab dip

Roasted corn and crab dip

Hot corn dip

Sweet onion dip

Baba ghanoush

Creamy artichoke zucchini dip

Hot popper dip

Mango sauce

Hot spinach dip

Spinach dip

Whipped feta and pepper dip

Red pepper dip

Avocado ranch dip

Creamy edamame dip

Cucumber dip

Green goddess dip

Minty pea dip

Creamy peanut dipping sauce

Blue cheese dip

8 layer dip

Curried yogurt dip

Pineapple black bean guacamole

Garlicky white bean dip

Four cheese pimento dip

Beer cheese dip


Caramel apple dip

Cider cinnamon spread

Cannoli dip

Whipped hazelnut dip

Cherry cheesecake dip

Strawberry basil dip

Pina colada dip

Key lime pie dip

What are your favorite sweet or savory dips?