Bringing Nature Indoors

Earth Day was on Monday, and while it’s a celebration and call to action for the world we share and live on, the fact is we do spend a lot of time indoors.  So today I thought I’d share some ways to bring some of nature into our homes, or celebrate nature in our homes.

Go Natural:

Hanging geometric planter

Floral pickup truck planter

Chic twig planter

Hanging, hooked plant holder

Wood hanger with 3 planters

Buttoned plant sling

Plant stand

Wood plant stand

Polka-dotted tiered planter

Chandelier planter

Faceted gem flower pots

Miniature shell-potted succulents

Drawer planters

8 glass bottle vase in a wood frame

Succulent book ends

Nature Inspired:

Cactus pillow

Lily of the valley pillow

Hanging planter string art

Hello daisy card

Spring sensory bottle

Flower wreath

Beautiful day spring wall sign

How are you celebrating and decorating with spring?

Crafting with Eggs for Easter

Happy Easter! Today I’m sharing some fun crafts and decorations all about Easter eggs.

Easter egg card

Egg themed stationary

Hoppy Easter decor sign

Whimsical window egg

Crushed eggshell art

Decorative Easter egg tree

Easter Egg placemat

Tissue paper stained glass egg

Button Easter egg decoration

Perler egg garland

DIY simple egg garland

Ice cream cone egg

Egg dye stencils

Easter guinea eggs

Paper mache eggs

Gold studded painted eggs

Faux gilded Easter eggs

Knit Easter eggs

Unicorn Easter eggs

Egg pinatas

Dyed Easter eggs with shaving cream

Cute woodland animal Easter eggs

Easter egg bird feeders

Finger painted eggs

Crystal egg geodes

Glittering Eggs

Egg ornaments

Paper egg wreath

Fluffy egg wreath

Red egg wreath

Easter egg napkin rings

How are you crafting with Easter eggs?

Baskets for Bunnies

With Easter in just about a week, today we’re looking at lots of fun storage options for Easter treasures.

Bunny tail clay pot

Easter egg crate

Tulle skirt basket

Woven basket

Bunny basket

Paper mache basket 

Canvas fabric basket

Lined basket

Mini modern basket

Black and white ombre basket

Fabric basket

Hemp woven basket

Stamped treat bags

Decorated berry baskets

Carrot treat boxes

Bunny basket

Bunny cart

Slipcovered basket

Unicorn basket

Felt basket

Picket fence basket

Cute ruffled basket

Chickadee crochet basket

Wood bunny shaped basket

Crepe paper basket

Crochet spring basket

How are you carrying and displaying your Easter treats?

Bright with Butterscotch

As we get closer to Easter I thought I would share another sweet flavor profile today: butterscotch!


Butterscotch macadamia nut cookies

Schraffts butterscotch cookies

Salty butterscotch toffee cookies

Oatmeal butterscotch cookies

Bars and Brownies:

Butterscotch chocolate brownies

Salty butterscotch pecan bars

Butterscotch bark

Butterscotch crunch squares

No bake butterscotch bars

Butterscotch apple bars

Butterscotch toffee bars

Chocolate butterscotch caramel bars

Butterscotch bourbon blondies

Oatmeal cream cheese butterscotch bars

Cakes, Pies and Cupcakes:

Butterscotch pecan cupcakes

Butterscotch cream pie

Chocolate and butterscotch parfait pie

Butterscotch cream pie with gingersnap crust

Butterscotch pecan cake

Butterscotch meringue pie

Butterscotch pecan tart

Butterscotch chip oatmeal cake

Chocolate and butterscotch mousse cake

Butterscotch apple crisp

Chocolate butterscotch swirl cheesecake


Butterscotch sauce

Moloko butterscotch 

Thick butterscotch sauce

Butterscotch pecan dessert fondue

Vanilla Bourbon butterscotch sauce

Other Sweet Treats:

Butterscotch apple sweet rolls

Butterscotch pudding

Butterscotch custards with apple cider caramel

Butterscotch tassies

Vanilla flan with butterscotch sauce

Butterscotch bird nests

Black bottomed butterscotch pots-de-creme

How do you cook with butterscotch?

Pretzel Picks

Today I’m in the mood to snack, so I thought we’d take a look at some pretzel recipes.


Sourdough pretzel

Rye pretzel

Saffron pretzel

Chocolate pretzel

Sweet soft pretzels

Bavarian pretzel

Original pretzel

Pepperoni pretzels

Gluten free pretzels


Pretzel bites

Stuffed pretzel bites

Cheesy pretzel dumplings

Pretzel bite skillet

Pizza dough pretzel bites

Even More Pretzels:

Hard pretzel sticks

Honey whole wheat pretzel sticks

Pretzel sandwich buns

High fiber pretzel rolls

Made with Pretzels: 

Chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzel cookie bars

Chocolate pretzel spiders

Chocolate dipped pretzels

Pretzel shortbread bars

Chewy caramel, popcorn and pretzel bars

Chocolate, pretzel and peanut cookie bars

Peanut and pretzel bars

Triple treat pretzel wands

Peppermint pretzel candies

Strawberry pretzel pie

Red, white and blue pretzel salad

How do you enjoy your pretzels?