Super Snacks

February is National Snack Food Month, and I love snacking!  Of course the challenge is finding snacks that taste good but aren’t over-processed.  Here are some delicious and easy snacks you and your family will love!

Savory pancakes

Pizza crackers

Oven fries

Baby bagels

Whole wheat chocolate chip muffins

Vermont cheese crackers

Fruit smoothies

Carrot snack cake

Trail mix

Apple chips

Kale chips

Granola bars

Yogurt, granola and fruit trifle

Grape jelly breakfast tarts

And for a bunch of easy ideas, try these.

What are your favorite snacks?

Heart Health

This month our theme has been heart, of course we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day, and it’s American Heart month.  In honor of these 3 events, I’ve got 5 of the best foods for your heart and some recipes to go along.


Pacific coast salmon burgers

Mustard crusted salmon

Pineapple glazed salmon kabobs

Asian grilled salmon

Salmon baked in foil

Salmon with puff pastry and pesto


Avocado smoothie

Avocado tuna sandwich

Corn, avocado and tomato salad

Grilled tuna rolls


Black bean salad


Spinach sticks

Spinach quiche

Thin crust spinach and feta pizza

Spinach and mushroom hand pies

Fusilli with spinach and asaigo cheese

Pork chops stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and spinach

Crispy chips (recipe is the same whether you use Kale or Spinach)


Almond joy style oatmeal

Quinoa salad, apples and almonds

Almond puff loaf


Broccoli cole slaw

Dried cherry almond scones


Blueberry smoothie with sneaky spinach!

Blueberry scones

Blueberry muffins

Blueberry hand pies

Blueberry fool

Granite steps country blueberry coffee cake

Blueberry cream cheese tarts

Blueberry dumplings

I’d love to hear your favorite heart-healthy recipes! Share them in the comments!

Lotsa Love

Yes, Valentine’s Day is just a few days away!  Prepare to celebrate your love with these fun crafts and delicious treats.

Crafts and Gifts:

Sweetheart roses

Valentine pencil toppers


Curtain of hearts

Puzzle pin

Knot bracelet

Valentine treat cups

Photo montage

Valentine’s Day wheel

Simple Valentine’s Day card

Be my Valentine mobile and decoration

Origami heart card

Crafty heart t-shirt

Show me the chocolate t-shirt

“You’re hot” card

Fluttering heart wreath


Creamy fudge hearts

Raspberry almond financiers

Raspberry chocolate parfaits

Raspberry tarts

Brownie heart cupcake

Bourbon currant cookies

No-bake truffle treats

Raspberry eclairs

Lovebug cookies

Mini chocolate and yogurt parfaits

Raspberry tiramisu

Individual brownie trifles

Chocolate martini

How are you celebrating love this year? Share your ideas in the comments!

Mardi Gras Magic

Mardi Gras is officially Tuesday the 12th, but they’ve been celebrating since mid-January down in Louisiana, so you can have a party anytime!


Party masks

Tragedy and comedy garlands

More masks

Colorful carnival t-shirt

Mardi Gras jewelry cuff

Mardi Gras scarf


Cajun popcorn

Chicken gumbo

Seafood gumbo

Crab gumbo

Shrimp jambalaya

Jambalaya sandwich

Catfish poboy

Red rice and beans



Cajun seafood balls

Sweet potato pie with praline sauce


Mardi Gras crown cookies

Mini King Cakes

King cupcakes

King Cake

Parade time cocktail


Are you celebrating Mardi Gras?  Share your favorite crafts, activities and recipes in the comments!