Playing with Pillows

In the cooler months we often talk about making blankets and sourcing the warmest materials that we can wear.  But a good snuggle also needs some support, so today we’re taking a look at some pillows you can create to maximize your indoor winter times.

Knitting and Crochet:

Mustache knit pillow

Knit pillow

Knitted twisted taffy

Crochet full circle

Clay steps crochet pillow

Crochet stripes

Couture cable knit

Stepping stripes knit

Mitered squares crochet cushion

Big crochet round pillow

Big loopy knit pillow

Round crochet floor pillow

Knit basket weave pillow

Crochet a unicorn pillow pal

Oversized crochet owl pillow

Bamboo knit stitch pillow

Crochet cactus pillow

Knit cloud shaped pillows


Striped pillow

Envelope back

Sunfold printed pillow

Chevron pillow

Ombre ‘love’ pillow

Fleece pillow with fringe

Chambray floor pillow

Pillow pals

Striped rug pillows

Lavender eye pillow

Tooth fairy pillow

Turn a blanket into a pillow

Buckwheat hull pillow

Faux cross-stitch accent pillows

Sun print pillows

Reversible sequin mermaid tail pillow

Shibori velvet pillows

Round floor pillow with center button

Alpaca pillow

Neck roll pillow

Scrabble “F A L L” pillows

Floor pillow poof

Dog’s bed floor pillow

Pieced half circle pillow

Fleece Christmas tree pillows

What fun pillows have you created?

Slow Cooker Soups

In thinking about the sports viewing for the next month and the cold weather we’re currently having, today I’ve got some hearty soup recipes that will help take the chill off, be filling and not require all of your attention to make.

Chicken tortilla

White chicken lasagna

Stuffed pepper

Cheesy potato

Chicken taco

Lasagna soup

Three cheese broccoli

Brown lentil

Cuban black bean

French onion

Thai coconut chicken

BBQ chicken

Vegetable beef

Beef tortellini

Italian meatball

Lentil soup

Vegetable with barley

Tomato rotini

Italian chicken with pasta

Cheesy chicken and bacon

Meatball stone

Chicken and gnocchi

Italian chicken and lentil

Chicken verde tortilla

Two potato and vegetable

Butternut squash

Split pea

Pesto minestrone

Spicy fajita

Korean short rib

Mexican chicken

Chicken noodle

What soups do you like making in the crock pot?