An Accessory Touch Part 2

Last week I shared some fun earrings and bracelets you can make, today I’ve got some necklaces and set ideas.


Golden geometric necklace

Neon rope chain necklace

Chunky pearl statement necklace

Sea glass necklace

Sand and sea necklace

Multi strand pearl necklace

Baroque pearl collar

Beechy Keen necklace

Gypsy desert layering necklace

Ink swirl heart pendant

Glitter heart necklace

Button necklace

Spaced hex nut necklace


Tassel necklace and earrings

Wire wrapped jewelry

Multi strand necklace, bracelet and earrings

Simple colorful jewelry

Clay jewelry beads

Dyed pearl jewelry

What are your favorite creative jewelry designs?

An Accessory Touch Part 1

This week and next I’ll be sharing some cute ways you can add a touch of whimsy or fun to your outfits with homemade accessories.   This week are some fun earrings and bracelets, next week will be necklaces and mixed sets.


Duck tape feather earrings

Big stone earrings

Sea glass earrings

Sequin ball earrings

DIY stone earrings



Fabric bangles

Painted leather bracelet

Studded tulle bracelet

Braided wish bracelets

Miss tentacles bracelet

Springtime in Paris floral and pearl bracelet

Nautical multi-strand bracelet

Studded wrap bracelet

Metal and turquoise wrap bracelet

Tulle chevron cuff bracelet

Silver cross connector bracelet

Denim cuff bracelet

Bangle beauties

Bow tie bracelet

High tide bracelet

Sea glass bracelet

Leather cuff bracelet

Dip-dyed sailor bracelet

Textured string bracelet

What are your favorite earring and bracelet ideas?

Beautiful Buttons

On November 16 we celebrate an essential and unique item: buttons.  I love that something so simple can be so useful and it can also be used to make far more creative things!  Here are some cool things you can do with buttons:

Button earrings

Rings and bracelets

Button necklace

Button flowers

Button beings

Dragon gloves

Button magnets

Button gift wrap

Button flowers

Button curtains

Scrapbook layout

Framed with buttons

Button snake

Decorated candles

What fun things have you tried with buttons?

FF: Jenni Lovette Jewelry

Happy Friday!  This week Feature Friday is back with jewelry designer Jenni Lovette.

Why are you passionate about jewelry and being creative?
I love working with my hands, creating something out of nothing. It’s a wonderful feeling to create something that makes others happy. I like being able to express myself without ever saying a word.

What got you started with jewelry and creativity as a hobby/business?
I’m a mom and I’ve always wanted to work from home to spend more time with my children. I began toying with the idea of starting my business while still working my job in 2007-2008. I made a few earrings for some of my co-workers and they loved them. Shortly after I quit, I started making jewelry full time.

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve designed? 
Yes, my favorite piece has and will always be my “Love & Peace” denim earrings. They were the first earrings that I made while pregnant with my daughter. The response that I received from them is the reason why I’m making jewelry today. A more recent favorite are my “Full Lipped” earrings. You can see them on my website.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?
My men’s collection is going to be getting a lot more attention this year. I’m also working on getting my jewelry into a few more boutiques around the globe. Last, but not least, I’m putting the finishing touches on another business venture I have called “The Beautiful Boss.”   My focus right now is on an exclusive line for that too.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?
Believe in yourself like never before. Ignore negativity and only keep positive people near. Pray before making ANY decisions. Social networking is KING. I love it and it’s a great way to promo your goods/services. Stay consistent. Take your time, be patient, and don’t measure your success according to someone else’s. What God has for you, is for you 🙂

You can connect with Jenni at her boutique, blog, Sew Funky jewelry Facebook page, Jenni Lovette page, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thank you Jenni!  Your work is one of a kind!

If you would like your creative work to be featured, leave a comment below!

Making Magic for Mothers

Mother’s Day is Sunday!  It’s a fabulous opportunity to say what you really think about your mothers, and the mother figures in your life, as well as a chance to spoil and appreciate them for all they’ve done for you over the years.


Beaded spiral earrings

Ladybug garden tote

Makeup bag

Flower headband

Homemade body scrub

Etched glass

Mosaic flowerpot

Time capsule

Place cards

Fingerprint fish clock

Patterned dishware

Bath salts

Decorated flower pot

Flower power card

Sweets & Treats:

Cornmeal blueberry scones

Orange raisin bread

Coconut waffles

Strawberry kiwi jam

Cherry streusel coffee cake

Spiral apple dumplings

Peach pancakes and chai syrup

Cranberry wheat pancakes

Pomegranate smoothie

Jam rollups

Tropical fruit smoothie

Cheesy cherry danish

Almond crusted chicken and orzo with peas and mint

Sauteed shrimp with arugula and tomatoes

Cool cake for mom

Queen cupcakes

Heart glazed cornmeal cookies

Raspberry lemonade

Who are you celebrating this Mother’s Day?

Friends with Love

Today for Feature Friday I’m featuring some of my favorite Feature Friday friend’s valentine designs.

Michelle Lisa Mosaics: light switch cover, lamp.

Finding Charm: earrings, necklace, bracelet, earring set, anklet.

Color Bakery: Hearts of art pin

Kreative Notions: I found love journal, be mine valentine’s

SwtTsCrafts: friend love, wood storage box.

Faerymoongoddess: love flies free earrings

Debra’s Designs: mother of pearl bracelet, love pendant.

Origami Spirit: keep the romance alive

Yesterday’s Trash Art: loving cookies with icing

BluKatDesign: earrings, statement necklace.

More Than Colors: love stained glass sign, I fancy you stained glass heart.

HoneyBeeAffairs: patriotic crocheted coasters, crocheted washcloths.

HockmanGirl: gunmetal locket, diamond heart earrings.

Bent & Twisted Creations: heart bookmark

GaelicForge: stone pendant

GardenVibe: blossoming love earrings, warming to you earrings.

Juergen Roth: love me tender photo, pink orchid photo.

S S Soap: lavender, strawberry banana, bath bombs.

Jewelry by Debby Designs: silver heart cabachon, red and white love earrings, smooth white earrings.

Ginalimosaics: valentine’s sea glass decoration, stained glass heart necklace, heart locket.

Thank you to my creative friends for their beautiful work!  If you’d like to be featured on Feature Friday, contact me here or let me know below.


Creating with Thanks

January is national Thank You month here in the USA.  There’s been a big focus over the past few years in being more thankful in our day to day lives, not just in November, which is a great thing!  It also presents lots of opportunities for creatively showing our thanks to others.  Let’s talk about some of those creative ways.

1-the most obvious way is with thank you cards.  If you create and sell greeting cards, you should have several great thank you card options for people to purchase in a selection of quantities.

2-write the word “thankful” on a piece of jewelry or two.  The word alone can remind those who see it, as well as those who wear it, that there are things to be thankful for.  It can be written in beads on a bracelet or engraved into a pendant for a necklace, or on the band of a ring.

3-in all your correspondence make sure you say “thank you!” to those who purchase or show an interest in your work.  It shows you appreciate them even if they don’t actually buy from you.

4-give gifts or have an appreciation program.  It’s easy to include an extra card and envelope, or little instruction book on caring for their new jewelry, or discount card for a next purchase with someone’s order.  People love getting gifts, even if they’re something little because it shows you care about them.  They don’t have to be big or cost much but it’s those little things that can make a difference.

What creative ways can you show your customers (and family and friends) that you appreciate them?

Let’s Love

Today, to wrap up our look at love this month, I thought I would share some of the love I’ve seen from creative friends this year.  Take a look:

Michelle Lisa Mosaics: hypnotic hearts stained glass lamp

Finding Charm: think pink with these earrings

SweetT’sCrafts: wooden storage box of love

Faery Moon Creations: put a little love in your heart

BluKatDesigns: necklace of hearts

DebrasDesigns: mother of pearl hearts

Hockmangirl: diamond swirl earrings

HoneyBeeAffairs: crochet hearts

MoreThanColors: red stained glass heart

Juergen Roth: bleeding hearts photo

Gaelic Forge: celtic scrolled heart earrings

Jewelry By Debby Designs: Silver Heart Cabachon

Ginalimosiacs: sea glass hearts

SSSoap: organic heart soap

These are just a few of the creative friends I’ve featured over the year, if you’d like to be featured you can learn all about it here.

What things have you created with love? I’d love to see your designs!

FF: Jewelry by Debby Designs

Happy Friday!  Today we’re talking with Debby from Jewelry by Debby Designs. Debbie has an amazing gift for creating jewelry, and her skills extend beyond the jewelry board.

Why are you passionate about jewelry and being creative?

I always loved jewelry, even as a child. When I was a teen I loved goudy rhinestones, the vintage pieces Grandma had tucked away. Grandma gave me her pins and I would wear the jewelry with Mom’s Cashmere sweater from the 50’s and patch Levi jeans. Jewelry was my thing. I made a few necklaces out of seed beads in teen camp but nothing to brag about.

What got you started with jewelry and creativity as a hobby/business?

I started making jewelry when my Mother asked me to help her with a jewelry project 5 years ago. I’m hooked and been designing ever since. My mother is an artist and metal smiths. Growing up I was surrounded by talented people in my family. Grandma Iris taught me the saying, “IF THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY”. I use that lesson through life’s journey. I admire those with strength and vision like my Grandma, Mother and Dad, Bernie. Afterwards I started buying my supplies at a craft store, shopping for material online and at Gem shows. I became addicted to creating unusual jewelry pieces, and eclectic jewelry. I then set up a hobby/business and started selling on, Art, did a few craft shows and a boutique owner found me.

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve designed?

I like my Hand Stamp Jewelry. I use different metals (Copper, Silver, Brass, and Gold) and crystals with a sterling ball chain. I like my record Jewelry which is unique made out of recycle old scratched vinyl records melted into wonderful bracelets.  My Sea Glass Jewelry is another of my favorite picked off the shore of Southernmost Beach in Key West FLA.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I want to continue designing, continue to learn new techniques and grow. I’m hope to become a well know jewelry designer and artist (I paint too). I enjoy meeting other artisans and appreciate their work. The boutique I have my jewelry (Schon on the Boulevard) does charity work monthly and the owners, employees and artisans give back to community. I will be selling my painting soon.

I make jewelry and donate for good cause. I made a charm bracelet for animal rescue, cancer bracelets and bracelet for children charity and I will be volunteering to teach less fortunate children art classes soon. It’s rewarding and you meet good people with good spirit.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

My tips to fellow jewelry artist and artisans. Love what you do, share with other artisans, get involved in an art groups, guild, meet people in the art world, and community. Don’t worry about the small stuff like copy cats, everyone copies in a sense. Be unique, have fun designing and creating.

I will NEVER go back to the corporate world ever again. I’m much happier doing what I love and surrounding  myself with positive people with creative minds and common interest.

“A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.” James Allen

You can connect with Debby on Etsy, Artfire, her website, her Wix site, and Facebook.

~Thank you Debby!  I love your work and look forward to seeing your paintings and new jewelry inspirations soon!

FF: Ginalimosaics

Today’s special guest is Gina of Ginalimosaics.  She creates beautiful works of art from sea glass and beach pottery.

Why are you passionate about jewelry, mosaics and being creative?

The passion behind my art mosaics and sea glass jewelry comes from living in the Aegean Sea area, namely  on the island of Rhodes in Greece. The colors of the sea and sky and the beautiful hues in the abundance of wildflowers in Greece. Also the architecture of ancient Greece and the neoclassical era gives me inspiration.

What got you started with jewelry, mosaics and creativity as a hobby and business?

I lived on the island for over 20 years. While there I was an entertainer in music and upon my return to the USA, in 2005, I really needed a creative outlet but no longer had the desire of late night stage life. I have always loved mosaics and the different techniques by various artists. So after doing hours of research, on the internet, I decided to attempt a mosaic table. From there I got the bug in me and made mirrors, wall hangings and art. While on my yearly trips back to Rhodes I started collecting sea glass, from the local beaches, to add to my  mosaics and then started a line of sea glass jewelry after that.

I actually didn’t start selling my art until 2008 because I had a good friend that pushed me in that direction. I never thought I could have my own business in art or that people would actually want to pay for something I made. I was wrong, and I’m very happy my dear friend was right! I have featured in many art leagues and art shows and since January 2010 I decided to sell on Etsy. It’s been a wonderful learning process, and slow at times but I am happy that I have a good following of return clients and a special few customers have become adored cyber friends of mine. That is a wonderful feeling. Thankfully I don’t have to depend on my creations to survive but I have a wonderful husband who admires, supports and encourages my creativity.

Do you have any favorite pieces you’ve designed?

Here are some of my favorite creations to date, you will recognize the color of the Aegean sea, that I love so much, in these:  Mosaic Mermaid, dolphins tropical fish in stained glass; Bib Necklace, blue, sea glass, floral, beaded; Embellished Picture Frame blue and white vintage beaded flowers.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?

I would love someday to be financially independent because of my art and in the beginning of the new year of 2012 I will concentrate on what works and what doesn’t for my Etsy shop. Because I love creativity of all kinds I tend to go off in several different directions, as is apparent in my shop listings. So I will try to compose the shop a bit better and perfect 2 or 3 techniques and stick with them. I also just opened a new Etsy shop to share some of my beautiful sea glass and beach pottery supplies for other jewelry and mosaic artists.

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?

The best tip or advice I would share is to trust your instinct in your art, if you love it many others will too. Also, networking with good cyber karma, meaning, don’t just promote yourself but stop once in a while and help out a newbie in that area too.

You can connect with Gina on her blog, GinaLimosaics Etsy shop, Agapiglass Etsy shop, website, Facebook, and on Twitter.

Of course I love Gina’s work because it’s all beach inspired!  Thank you for sharing Gina!