Better for Back to School

Today we’re thinking back to school!  Not excited?  There are plenty of ways you can add some spice to your kid’s school supplies, and more!


Personalized notebooks

Honeycomb notebook (cool technique)




Getting organized:

Artist’s organizer

Roll-up pencil kit

Felt pencil case

Beautiful box

Dressing up:

Fun bracelet

Food Fun:

Blackboard cupcakes

Apple cupcakes

What fun back to school ideas do you have?

Summer Smores

Today we’re talking about the yummy, delicious, addicting s’mores. This summer time treat is a perfect addition to your end of summer parties.  I love how gooey they are and while the original is great, I do love trying different ideas!

Chocolaty caramel nut s’more bar

S’more bread pudding

Coconut fruit s’mores

Peanut butter s’more quesadillas

White chocolate blackberry s’mores

Matzo s’mores

S’mores sundaes

Marshmallow cookie sandwiches

S’mores mini cakes

S’mores bark

S’mores squares

S’mores cookies

Spicy, smoky s’mores bars

Chai s’mores

Double chocolate coconut s’mores

S’mores eclairs

Mexa s’mores

S’more eggrolls

S’mores cheesecake bars

S’more crescent puffs

Peachy caramel s’mores

Popcorn s’mores

S’more roll-ups

What do you like to do with your marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers?  Share your favorite ideas below.

Mixing it up for Back to School

As we’re thinking back to school, one of the things I think of is trail mix.  It’s super easy to put together, has lots of variety and healthy options, and can be totally customized to fit any child’s pleasure.  It’s also a great snack break for mom and dad!  Here are some of my favorite additions to trail mix:

Cheerios (regular, honey nut, or multi-grain)

Other cereals (chex, kix, puffed wheat, graham varieties)

Popcorn (cheese or regular)

Pretzel sticks

Nuts (pecans, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds)

Raisins (or craisins or cranberries)

Dried fruit (banana, papaya, coconut, apricots)

Mini chips (chocolate, caramel)

Mini marshmallows

Fish crackers (cheddar, pretzel, plain)

M&M’s (the varieties are endless!)

Crackers (those from the 100 calorie packs are great sizes!)

When it comes down to it what are the essentials?  Well, you need at least 1 sweet (like chocolate), 1 crunchy (like cereal), 1 fruit, and 1 nut, but the choices are up to you!  What are your favorite things to have in a trail mix?

Let’s Relax!

Today is National Relaxation Day in the USA.  To celebrate, I thought I’d share some creative ways you can relax and enjoy life more.

Take a vacation: No, you don’t have to go all the way to a far off land or tropical island to have a vacation, a vacation could just be an afternoon at your local coffee shop with a novel or drawing pad.  It could also be a night at the hotel nearby for just you and your partner, rather than being at home or planning a big, expensive vacation.

Make the moments count: it’s hard to relax with all the stressors we have around us.  On those rare moments that you do have to relax and enjoy yourself, go all out.  Instead of just taking a bath, take a bubble bath with eye mask, a little bubbly and DVD/movie on your computer.  Don’t just have a beer in front of the TV after work, get outside, lay in the hammock, and enjoy your beer with a snack.

Plan creativity into your life: it may sound silly that you have to plan for creativity, being a creative individual, but sometimes the best way you can relax is by working on a personal creativity project or different project than you have to work on for your clients.  Always have some projects in the works that you can work on bits and pieces in break time you have.  Also having some projects that aren’t related to your typical area of creativity that you can relax and take a break with are great, like jewelry if you’re a photographer, painting if you’re a gardener, or scrapbooking if you’re a sculptor.

What are your creative suggestions for relaxing?

Golfing Around

Today I’m inspired to take a look at some creative golf-related things. Summer is a great time to get out there and hit some golf balls, or work on some golf-inspired crafts.


Card for dads

Golf wreath

Golf picture frame


Tee time cupcakes

Golf ball cake pops

Golf cookie bouquets

Golf cupcake


Air golf

Safari miniature golf set

Tee off birthday party

Portable golf course

Flip golf

Do you play golf or love golf?  I’d love to hear your inspired suggestions.

Wonderful Watermelon

One of the best fruits of the summer is watermelon.  August 3rd was National Watermelon Day, so to celebrate I’ve got a few delicious recipes for you.


Punch and bowl

Watermelon basil margaritas

Watermelon cucumber cooler

Watermelon tequila cocktail

Cool Treats

Watermelon lime popsicles

Watermelon sorbet

Watermelon sherbet smoothies

Melt in your mouth melon

Watermelon bombe

Watermelon slushies

Watermelon salad

Pineapple watermelon slush

Snacks & Supper

Watermelon, orange and feta salad

Fruit salsa

Grilled chicken with watermelon glaze

What’s your favorite thing to do with watermelon?

Creative Inventors

Did you know that August is National Inventors Month in the USA?  To celebrate I thought we would talk about a few of the things that it takes to be an inventor.

First, the most important thing: anyone can do it.  You don’t have to have millions to make an invention, nor do you have to be a certain age. You also don’t have to have any specific degrees or qualifications.

Second, you need an idea, or lots of ideas.  The ideas should be related to an area of need you see, like getting water into deserts or helping cars/drivers drive safer.

Third, you need to figure out how to make the idea work.  They might have tried inventing cell phones before Alexander Graham Bell’s time, but without the initial concept and technology of a phone, it wouldn’t have worked.

Fourth, you have to do what you do best: be creative.  The whole project is dependent on you being creative, feeling creative and thinking creatively.

Who knows, your creativity could save thousands or bring joy to thousands.  What could you create that would help the world?

Simple but Satisfying

The first week of August is a week dedicated to the simple things of life.  So today I’ve got some simple but satisfying recipes to share with you.

Snacks & Appetizers

Black bean hummus

Pine nut cheese crisps

Popcorn with Parmesan and pecorino

Chili tortilla chips

Mexican rotisserie chicken salad

Peanut butter granola bars

Pita nachos

Mini spinach and cheese pizzas

Main Meals

Roasted potatoes and tomatoes

Tex-mex salad

Salami mozzarella calzone

Ham and spinach potatoes

Shrimp and snow pea salad

Three bean and beef chili

Salmon with lemon, capers and rosemary

Penne with spinach sauce

Vegetable frittata

Chipotle shrimp taco and avocado salsa Verde

Margarita chicken skewers

Dry rubbed BBQ chicken

Beer shrimp boil

Pork loin with pinot noir sauce


Japanese chicken and egg rice

Pinwheel chicken sandwiches with plum dipping sauce


Peanut butter whoopee pies

Cheesecake parfaits

Corn pudding

Limoncello raspberry torte


7 layer ice cream cake

Marshmallow cookie sandwiches

Tangy raspberry fool

Frozen chocolate mousse trifles

What are your favorite simple recipes?  Share them below.