Holy Dishes

Easter and Passover have totally snuck up on us!  I can’t believe it’s so early this month!  Today I’m sharing a collection of Easter and Passover recipes for your upcoming celebrations.





Castilian potato casserole

Braised short ribs

Carrot and spinach salad

Gefilte fish

Cheese latkes and roasted apples

Vegetable puffs

Matzoh pizza


Passover cake

Chocolate cake

Lemon sorbet

Apricot squares

Chocolate matzo crunch

Matzo brei with apples



Spiced tea punch

More matzos



French toast casserole

Easter dove bread

Ham and cheese bake

Southern biscuits

Banana crunch muffins

Rustica pie

Peach pancakes and chai syrup

Mini ham and cheese quiches

Asparagus, tomato and fontina frittata

Strawberry bellini


Scalloped potatoes

Orzo salad

Roasted asparagus

Shrimp bisque

Twice baked potatoes

Brie en croute

Orange baked ham

Herbed leg of lamb with roasted turnips

Baked Mediterranean cod and asparagus


Spring fling icebox dessert

Pastry puff eggs

Fluffer bunnies

Lemon curd trifle with fresh berries

Orange chocolate bread pudding

Mini lemon meringue pies

Hot cross buns

Hummingbird nests

Bunny Cupcakes

Will you be celebrating Easter or Passover this year?  What food traditions do you have in your family?

The Necessity of Music

Along with all the other holidays, March is “music in the schools month”.  It’s an opportunity to reinforce why music should be learned and heard in schools, and what it means to us as a nation and world.

Why learn and listen to music?  According to VH1’s Save the Music,

“As we examined the music education system throughout the nation, we found that music education is not only important for its intrinsic value, but research consistently demonstrated that students who study an instrument enhance their critical thinking skills and their ability to work together as a team. They are more engaged in school and less likely to drop out; and they do significantly better in all of their academic endeavors.”

Music tells us about our history, from Folk Songs and children’s rhymes, to jazz or hip hop, there have been many developments throughout the years that show how we grow as a people.

From everything I’ve experienced, my years of piano and flute playing, as well as countless years of listening to all types of music, I know that music not only enhances an experience, but it can positively impact you emotionally.

Even if you can’t purchase musical instruments, they’re often available on loan and for younger children, can be made as fun crafts.

What impact has music had on your life?

Spring Snacks

This month is the month of spring!  I’m so excited to be seeing green again in the world.  If you’re as excited as I am, you’ll love these snack ideas that are just as fresh as spring.


Bubbly berries and grapefruit

Fairy berries

Strawberry sparkles


Stuffed cucumber cups

Vegetable soup

Oven roasted spring vegetables

Spring peas with dates and walnuts

Chickpea radicchio salad

Glazed baby carrots

Potato egg salad

Roasted beets with feta

Chop chop salad


Beef kebobs with grilled Asian slaw

Mini flat bread pizzas

Quinoa salad with apples and almonds

Spring sweet bread recipe

Spring greens and roasted chicken

Ribollita soup

Taco salad

Spring herb rice

Mango and roasted cashew salad

Sugar snap pea salad with quinoa citrus vinaigrette

Cupcakes & Cake

Flower basket cupcake

Kite cupcake

Strawberry torte

Butterfly banana cupcake

Flower power cupcake

Flower power cake


Almond, cornmeal and strawberry shortcakes

Blackberry crumbles

Blackberry fool

Lemon bars

I’m off to make a fresh green salad, what foods do you enjoy most in spring?

Craft Month: Quilting

Saturday, March 17th was national quilting day in the USA.  Quilting is one of those crafts that always interests me-I’ve got quilts around the house that my mother and grandmother have made, they’re very special to me.  Why do people quilt?

1-it tells a story.  Many people make quilts with fabrics that are part of their family, for example t-shirts that are too small, blankets that are old or are just favorites from someone who passed away.  It’s a way to continue the memory long after the fabrics are in use.

2-it’s a beautiful way to express art. I love seeing the big picture of quilting as well as seeing how the individual pieces fit together. It’s like people, we’re all made of individual parts, yet when it’s all put together we get something pretty fantastic.

I always love checking out quilts online, seeing the beautiful handiwork of seamstresses like Linda and QuiltTops.

What stories and memories do you have of quilting?

Butterflies of Spring

Some of my favorite bugs are butterflies.  They’re pretty and yet seem adventurous and each is unique. If you’re a butterfly fan like me you’ll love today’s collection of butterfly crafts and treats.


Origami butterfly

Butterfly patch shirt

Pipe cleaner, magazine butterflies

Egg carton butterflies

Butterfly mobile

Paper butterflies

Add a little love to your favor bags

Coffee filter butterfly

Butterfly card

Fingerprint butterflies

Butterfly suncatcher

Spring butterfly card


Butterfly cookies

Pretzel butterfly with cupcakes

Butterfly & flower cupcakes

Fruit slice butterfly cupcakes

Chocolate butterflies with cupcakes

I’m going to flutter over to my craft table and make some fluttering friends to share!

Crafting with Lucky Clovers

In our continued celebration of Craft month, we’ve got some St. Patrick’s Day inspired crafts!

Clover hair clip

Shamrock boutonniere

Clover earrings

Lucky card

Love shamrocks t-shirt

Luck of the Irish door hanging

Green ribbon wreath

Stamps away!

Catch your very own leprechaun

Shamrock wall hanging

Leprechaun hat

Irish candle lighting

Celtic tablecloth

Shamrock soap

Scrapbook inspirations

Lucky charm cards (multi-functional!)

Will you be crafting something Irish this week? Share your suggestions below.

St Patrick’s Snacks

We’re going Irish!  Yes, the celebrating of St. Patrick’s Day in the USA is only 10 days away.  To start the festivities, let’s talk about some delicious things you can make for your party!


Sage potato rolls

Irish soda bread

Brown griddle scones

Parsley garlic bread

Currant scones


Shepherd’s pie

Corned beef and cabbage

Spinach pesto ravioli

Pot of gold soup (tastes best served in a gold pot)

New potatoes with mint

Pesto Pasta

Irish Stew

Black and tan pork with spicy ale slaw

Vegetable shepherd’s pie

Irish beef hand pies

Blue cheese fondue


Shamrock milkshake cupcakes

Irish black bun shamrock cookies

Shamrock cookies

Irish coffee cupcakes

Lime pistachio tart

Chocolate stout cake

Pistachio shortbread

Clever Clovers

Pistachio cookies

Clover Cookies


Hot nutty Irishman


Chocolate stout shake

All Things Green

Green tea rice

Jasmine green tea truffles

French style green beans (gluten free)

Green tea lemon ice cream

Green tea ginger tea cakes

Day After Suggestions

Corned beef hash

Corned beef and cabbage soup

I’m excited for the celebration!  What heritages and family histories do you celebrate?

The Flowers of Spring

Ah spring is almost here!  I’m so excited.  To get us in the mood, and start our celebration of Craft Month, here are some flower crafts you can make!

Pipe cleaner flower ring

Magnetic flowers (perfect for entertaining)

Straw flowers

Party lights with flower power

Lotus blossoms made from crepe paper

Watering can craft

Fingerprint flower hat

Flower fairy costume

Flower friends

Petal fairies

Yarn flowers

Floral table runner

Egg cup tulips

Fingerprint flowers

Sunny flower pot

Wool pincushions

Button flower

Candy cup flowers

Painted flower tubes (pretty cool)

Paper lotus flower

Flower place mat

Mohair flower brooch

Garden in a jar

I love how a flower can just pick you right up.  Which flower cheers you up the most?