Rejoice for Rice

Today I thought I’d share about one of my favorite grains: rice!


Shiitake fried rice

Thai fried rice

Shrimp, tomatoes, spinach and rice

Wild and brown rice salad

Stuffed peppers with wild rice and hummus

Salmon ginger rice bowl

Picadillo rice

Wild rice casserole

Wild rice stuffed acorn squash with cranberries, pecans and pancetta

Brown rice pilaf

Cajun shrimp and rice

Chicken satay stir fry with orange scented jasmine rice


Brown rice pudding

Mexican rice pudding

Coconut rice pudding with raspberries

Vanilla rice pudding

Chocolate hazelnut rice pudding

What are your favorite rice recipes?

Lots of Leaves

Today we’re celebrating the beautiful fall colors with some projects, and a few treats!


Baked tortilla leaves

Aut-yum leaves

Chrusciki leaves


Pressed leaf butterflies

Foliage friends

Nature prints

Paper leaves of thanks

Leaf alphabet

Fan folded leaves

Lacy leaves

Leaf applique blanket

Leaf printed linens

Tuile leaves

Leaf print tote bag

Leaf notions

Felt leaf pillow

Waxed leaves

Cornhusk leaves

Luminary votive candle holders

Oak leaf bowl

Vintage paper leaf wreath

Paper leaf wreath

Leaf motif screen

Leaf napkin rings

Leaf motif coaster

What are your favorite ways to create and decorate with leaves?

Happy Honey

Today I thought we’d focus on an ingredient that is widely used but not always praised, honey.  So I’ve got some breads and other treats and a few dinner ideas too.

Mini Buñuelos with honey cream

Citrus, pomegranate, and honey with toasted coconut

Barley with apricots, hazelnuts, chocolate, and honey

Honey nut cereal bar

Honey butter

Miso-honey wings

Sweet ricotta baked apples

Honey, walnut, and dried-fruit topping

Spiral fritters with honey

Honey lace cookies

Honey-pecan granola

Honey and pine nut tart

Mini honey fruitcakes

Honeycomb buns

Honey cake

Vermont whole wheat oatmeal honey bread

Mini bee stings

Honey oatmeal bread

Honey nut crunch pie

Honey pistachio tart

Honey coins

What are your favorite recipes with honey?

Cheering for Chicken

A staple for many families is chicken.  So today I’ve got some different ideas for you to try with your family.

Chicken and sausage paella

Sweet chicken bacon wraps

Mushroom smothered chicken

Chicken Marsala

Mediterranean lemon chicken and potato packets

Thai chicken pizza

Roman style chicken

Chicken curry

Chicken Lo Mein

Moroccan chicken stew

Moroccan chicken kebobs

Japanese chicken yakitori

Slow cooker Indian chicken stew

Chicken enchiladas

Apricot chicken drumsticks

Citrus chicken

Spicy orange chicken

Crispy skinned chicken a l’orange

Apple cider chicken

Hawaiian skillet chicken

What are your favorite chicken dishes?  Share your recipes in the comments.