Creepy Cupcakes

Today I thought I’d share an easy and creative, but creepy, activity: decorating Halloween cupcakes!

Monsters and Bugs:

Spider cupcakes

Devil’s food

Helping hand monster

Pudding filled cupcakes with worms

Mini monster cupcakes

Frosting monsters

Pretzel and chocolate spider cupcakes


Chartreuse witch cupcakes

Melting witch cupcake

Tall hat witches

Cute witch cupcakes

Black cauldron cupcakes

Ghosts and graveyards:

Graveyard cupakes

Graveyard scene cupcakes

Tombstone cupcakes

Ghosts and candy cupcakes

Ghost cupcakes

Body and blood:

Mini eyeball cupcakes

Battle ax cupcakes

Even more creepy ideas:

Mummy cupcakes

Vampire cupcakes

Pumpkin patch cupcakes

Candy corn frosted cupcakes

Spiky candy corn cupcakes

And even more creative ideas

What creepy cupcakes are you going to create?

Visions of Vodka

Today in honor of Halloween I thought we’d take a look at some vodka drinks!

Vodka Gibson

Vodka thyme lemonade

Melon mint vodka

Rosemary vodka tonics

Cucumber cape codder

Laughter in the rain

Passion fruit vodka smoothie

Bing cherry mojitos


Blackberry crush

Salty dog

Raspberry herb cocktail

Cucumber ginger fizzes


Pear lemon fizz

Cranberry and orange sherbet punch

Watermelon lemonade


White Russian

Tropical ginger punch

Bloody rimmed martinis

Ruby cocktail

Ginger infused vodka

Tiramisu tippers

Hibiscus tea with vodka and citrus

And for a special treat try this frozen vodka great presentation.

What’s your favorite vodka drink?

Games for Ghouls

To get ready for Halloween next weekend I’ve got some fun activities and games you can play in between gathering candy and eating creepy foods and treats.

Beanbag toss

Flying bat pinata

Halloween crackers

Glow stick spider

Pop goes the pumpkin

Donuts on a string

Pin the face on the pumpkin

Squash bowling

Jack-o-lantern pinata

Pumpkin toss

Mummy bowling

Spider web walking

Pin the Tail on the Cat, Witch’s Ring Toss, Twist-and-Turn, and a Ghostly Pinata

9 more games

What are your favorite Halloween games and activities?

Taco Thursday

Today we’re taking a look at the delicious taco!  Do you have a favorite way to make yours?


Lighter beef tacos

Smoky beef tacos

Carne Asada taco

Pork carnitas

Flank steak tacos

Pulled pork tacos

Beef and cabbage tacos

Beef taco pie

Tacos in pasta shells

Brisket tacos with red cabbage

Chicken and Turkey:

Chicken tacos with queso fresco

Ground turkey tacos

Smoky chicken tacos

Mediterranean chicken lettuce wrap tacos

Tangy cilantro chicken tacos

Chili and lime chicken potato tacos

Thai chicken tacos


Breaded fish tacos

Crackling fish tacos

Broiled shrimp tacos

Fish tacos with spicy slaw

Baja fish tacos

Tamarind shrimp tacos with roasted corn slaw

Fish tacos with lime slaw

Grilled drunken shrimp tacos

San Diego-style blue corn salmon tacos with orange-habanero hot sauce


Chanterelle tacos

Portobello and zucchini tacos

Black bean and cheese tacos

Spicy black bean tacos


Taco salad with beef

Taco salad with sirloin

Turkey taco salad

Taco salad wraps

Even more:

Taco casserole

Taco soup

Mucho choco taco

What are you going to make for taco dinner?

Playing with Pumpkins

Today we’re looking at the iconic fall and Halloween item: the pumpkin.


Miniature glitter pumpkin diorama

Crochet pumpkin

Black carved skull pumpkin

Leaf carved pumpkins

Glow in the dark dotted pumpkin

Pumpkin owls

Paper pumpkins

Felt paper people

Pumpkin porcupines

Smashing pumpkin invitation

Pumpkin king pumpkin

64 pumpkins you can carve


Pumpkin cheese ball

Pumpkin cake 1

Pumpkin cake 2

Stack up pumpkin lollipops

Pumpkin treat bags

Pumpkin spice cookies

Pumpkin butter sandwich cookies

Gumdrop pumpkins

Pumpkin patch cupcakes

What are you inspired to make with pumpkins?

Popping Popcorn

Today’s treat is one that we associate with movies, and also with Halloween too: popcorn!

Popcorn balls

Silly popcorn treats

Pink peony popcorn balls

Candy corn popcorn balls

Toffee almond popcorn balls

Popcorn wreath

Cajun popcorn 

Spicy popcorn 

Caramel and almond popcorn 

Cheesy garlic popcorn

Spicy caramel popcorn with peanuts

Truffled popcorn

Chili lime popcorn

Calypso popcorn

Italian popcorn

Sweet and nutty popcorn

Aztec chocolate caramel popcorn

Sesame ginger popcorn

Nilla caramel popcorn

Cheesy chili popcorn

Kettle style popcorn

Cranberry orange caramel corn

Chocolate caramel popcorn

Theater style buttered popcorn

Pizza popcorn

What are your favorite ways to dress up popcorn?

Fearsome Flyers

Today we’re taking a look at some creepy projects involving bats, crows and other creepy flying things.


Bat headband

Shivering bat lampshade

Clothespin bat

Bat mobile

Flock of crows

Bat card

Bat cone treat holder

Bat sconce

Bat theme doormat

Bat gazing ball

Dead and breakfast inn sign

Bat and ghost tic tac toe

Owl invitations

Kid’s party owl cup

Banister owls

Crochet owl hat

3d paper owls

Owl invitation for kid’s party

Bat mask

Pom pom bats

Pop up bat


Bat and cobweb cookies

Bat wings

Dulce de leche bat cookies

Black cat pops

Owl smores

Vampire bat cupcake

What are your fun finds of freaky flyers?