Open for Oatmeal Cookies

Today, April 30 is Oatmeal Cookie Day.  I’m not a big fan of raisins, but sometimes when they’re in oatmeal cookies, they’re OK. But, it turns out that you can make oatmeal cookies lots of other ways too, so here are some ideas to add to your bake-from-home-while-stuck-at-home list (and enjoy with maybe a little less guilt since there are some healthy ingredients).

Just Oatmeal:

Iced oatmeal cookie

Brown sugar oatmeal cookies

Crispy oatmeal coconut cookies

Oatmeal shortbread

Chewy oatmeal decorating cookie

Oatmeal crisps

Chocolate Chip and Other Sweet Additions:

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Milk chocolate chunk and peanut butter oatmeal cookies

Zucchini chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal toffee cookies

Butterscotch oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal pecan chocolate chunk cookies

Oatmeal cookies with apricots and white chocolate

Chocolate chip, oatmeal and pecan cookies

Fruit and Vegetable:

Chewy oatmeal cookies with cranberries, apples and nuts

Cranberry, raisin and oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal, flax and cranberry cookies

Cardamom spice oat cookies with currants and apricots

Apricot oatmeal cookies

Carrot cake oatmeal cookies

Whole wheat oatmeal raisin cookies

Tropical oatmeal cookies

Apple spice oatmeal cookies

Chewy cranberry oatmeal cookies with orange icing

Oatmeal and dried cherry cookies

Iced oatmeal cookies with golden raisins and applesauce

Oatmeal date cookies

Gluten Free and Vegan:

Vegan oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies

Gluten free chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Gluten free oatmeal and flax cookies with cranberries

What’s your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe?

Serving Salmon

With Earth Day this week, I thought we’d take a look at some food that’s good for us, centering around a very down-to-earth ingredient: salmon.

Orange salmon and rice

Grilled lemon salmon foil packets

Salmon stir-fry

Honey mustard glazed salmon

Grilled salmon paella foil packs

Salmon patties

Grilled salmon with honey soy marinade

Sheet pan salmon nicoise

Grilled ginger salmon fillets

Grilled Caribbean salmon packs

Glazed salmon and spicy broccoli

Steamed salmon with fresh herbs and lemon

Salmon with Indian spices

Ginger roasted salmon

Salmon steaks with hoisin glaze

Blackened salmon sandwiches

Salmon pasta

Salmon coulibiacs

Grilled salmon with citrus salsa verde

Broiled sockeye salmon with citrus glaze

Salt and pepper salmon

Honey soy grilled salmon with edamame

Grilled salmon with key lime butter

Triple citrus glazed grilled salmon

Apple cider glazed salmon

Baked salmon with blackberry ginger glaze

Chili lime grilled salmon

Salmon chowder

How do you enjoy your salmon?

Cards of Cheer

With all that’s going on in the world right now, I thought today I’d share some fun craftable card ideas that you can create at home by yourself or with your kids and send off to brighten someone else’s day.

Cheerful Greetings:

“Hi” pastel block card

Sequined “hello” card

“Happy” card with coffee cups

“Have a Happy Day” card

“Be Happy” rainbow of ribbon card

“Hello” card with butterfly and burlap

“Hello” daisy card

“Just Smile” ombre card

‘Have a Sweet Day’ card

Fun and games:

Cheerful rainbow and unicorn card

“MOM” tattoo card

‘Sail away’ sailing ship card

Hearts and string love card

Ice cream cone card

Unicorn pin card

Nature cards:

Blue and orange 3-d flower card

Sea monster pop-up card

‘Thinking of You’ card with butterflies in flight

Llama card

Elephant with confetti card

Spring seed packet cards

Vellum blooms and butterflies card

How are you spreading cheer to the world?