Sweet Sangria

As we wrap up our year today we’re going to take a look at some sangria recipes you might want to add to your party tonight.

White sangria

Mulled white wine sangria

Sweet honey white sangria

White peach sangria (video)

Classic sangria

Prosecco sangria

Fall sangria

Winter fruit sangria

Apple cinnamon winter sangria

Summer sangria

Summer fruit sangria

Rose sangria

Sangria spritzer

Passion fruit sangria

Stone fruit sangria

Melon mint sangria

Strawberry rhubarb sangria

Plum and pineapple sangria

Cucumber sangria

Cherry sangria

Blackberry sangria

Strawberry sangria

Mixed berry limoncello sangria

Cranberry cider sangria

Pomegranate sangria

Hot spiced cider sangria

Tropical sangria

What are you making for drinks tonight for New Years Eve?

A Big Bite of Bacon!

Today we’re taking a look at a delicious ingredient that you can add to your holiday and new year menus, as well as use it throughout the year: bacon!

Pure Bacon:

Fried bacon

Bacon with citrus glaze

Maple glazed bacon

Maple candied bacon

Praline cayenne bacon

Cider braised slab bacon

Pecan maple bacon

Homemade bacon


Maple bacon biscuit bake

Bacon cheddar chive scones

Whole grain bacon ranch biscuits

Breakfast sandwich pizzas

Bacon, egg and cheese quiche

Bacon and zucchini quiche

Bacon cracked pepper biscuits

Gluten free bacon and cheddar savory biscuits


Bacon onion rye rolls

Bacon bites

Bacon horseradish spread

Bacon wrapped potatoes

Bacon wrapped ginger shrimp

Brussels sprouts with bacon

Bacon wrapped smokies

Bacon stuffed mushrooms


Bacon onion spiral bread

Baked tortellini with bacon

Seared scallops with bacon

Bacon roasted turkey

Bacon macaroni and cheese

Bacon broiled clams

Mushroom barley soup

What’s your favorite way to eat bacon?




Happy Hanukkah

Today we’re taking a look at Hanukkah related food and fun.


Hanukkah jelly doughnuts

Sweet potato latkes

Parsnip latkes

Basic potato latkes


Homemade gelt

Beef brisket with dried fruit

Spice and honey roasted carrots

Roast vegetable tsimmes with apricots

Classic challah

Harvest apple challah

Whole wheat challah

Cinnamon apple raisin challah

Honey challah with flax

Roast chicken with wild rice dressing

Horseradish crusted brisket with carrots

Gluten free potato latkes


Lighted Star of David

Star of David frosted mirror coasters

Star of David card

Craft stick menorah

Glitter menorah card

Plush Dreidel

Menorah in the mail

Hanukkah candle display (video)

Layered star Hanukkah card

Dreidel gift box

Wood menorah

Noah’s ark menorah

Spinning treasures

Paper dreidel garland

How are you celebrating Hanukkah?

12 Days of Christmas, Day 12

Can you believe that today is the day before Christmas?  Me either! Let the celebrations begin!


Breakfast: Apple almond cinnamon strata

Snack/Appetizer: Herb and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms

Dinner: Shrimp risotto

Dessert: Red velvet holiday trifle

Cookie: Christmas peanut butter blossoms

Gluten Free: Turtle brownies

Food Gift: Nutty squash dog treats

Drink: Holiday punch


Santa: “We believe” Santa clothesline decoration

Trees/Wreath: Wood pallet and ornament ball tree

Angels: Paper fan angel

Cards: Reindeers in the dark card

Ornaments: Toothpick star

Lights: Christmas town candle and jar

Misc Decor: Clay Christmas lanterns

Games: Christmas tic-tac-toe

12 Days Inspired: Drum ornament

12 Days of Christmas, Day 11

Only one more day in our countdown and tomorrow is Christmas Eve!


Breakfast: Caramel crunch rolls

Snack/Appetizer: Dilled onion cheese balls

Dinner: Fettuccine with lobster, tomato and saffron

Dessert: Chocolate cheesecake candy cane bars

Cookie: Cinnamon sugar roll cookies

Gluten Free: Cherry and chocolate cheesecake

Food Gift: Individual brownie cheesecakes

Drink: Holiday punch


Santa: Santa napkin rings

Trees/Wreath: Semi-circular paper tree

Angels: Angel bells

Cards: Christmas tree card

Ornaments: Gorgeous and creative salt dough ornaments example one, two

Lights: Illuminated grapevine spheres

Misc Decor: Mistletoe pomander

Games: Holiday family feud

12 Days Inspired: Shelf sitting pipers piping

12 Days of Christmas, Day 10

Only a few more sleeps before Christmas Day, do you feel the excitement in the air yet?


Breakfast: French chocolate coffee cake

Snack/Appetizer: Farro and pine nut tabbouleh

Dinner: Mushroom stuffed pork tenderloin

Dessert: Cornmeal wreaths

Cookie: Holiday spice cookies

Gluten Free: Turkey risotto

Food Gift: BBQ sauce and rub

Drink: White hot chocolate


Santa: Santa box

Trees/Wreath: Mini ornament wreaths

Angels: Fabric angel

Cards: Stitched tree card

Ornaments: Bird seed ornaments

Lights: Lit cardboard Christmas tree

Misc Decor: Clothespin reindeer

Games: Dunk the bells

12 Days Inspired: 10 lords a leaping cookie project

12 Days of Christmas, Day 8

Christmas celebrations and story telling make me think of traditions.  Are you one who likes snow on Christmas or can you do without?


Breakfast: Applesauce doughnuts

Snack/Appetizer: Cheesy mashed potato pots

Dinner: Crab and spinach pasta with fontina

Dessert: Citrus squares

Cookie: Cinnamon stars

Gluten Free: Chocolate souffle

Food Gift: Salted beer caramel corn

Drink: Spiced cappuccino


Santa: Simple paper DIY Santa

Trees/Wreath: Paper scraps Christmas tree

Angels: Burlap angel

Cards: Reindeer cards

Ornaments:  Mirrored mosaic balls

Lights: Lighted advent calendar

Misc Decor: Magnet ornaments

Games: Silver bells memory game

12 Days Inspired: Reindeer milk bottles

12 Days of Christmas, Day 9

We’re getting closer to Christmas Day, are your stockings all hung?


Breakfast: Marscapone stuffed french toast with salted caramel banana sauce

Snack/Appetizer: Pepper and basil tortellini soup

Dinner: Maple glazed turkey

Dessert: Pistachio bon bons

Cookie: White chocolate cranberry cookies

Gluten Free: Curried vegetable pie

Food Gift: Maple caramel sauce

Drink: Spiced holiday tea


Santa: Origami Santa

Trees/Wreath: Upholstered trees

Angels: Christmas angel ornament

Cards: Copy cat cards

Ornaments: Reindeer thumbprint ornament

Lights: Candy Christmas lights

Misc Decor: Christmas words pillows

Games: Christmas scattegories

12 Days Inspired: Dancing lady ornaments

12 Days of Christmas, Day 7

Less than one week til Christmas, I finally found that one gift I had gotten earlier this year for someone and hid away!  What are you still looking for?


Breakfast: Broccoli cheddar hash brown casserole

Snack/Appetizer: Cider roasted vegetables

Dinner: Fruited multigrain pilaf

Dessert: Kris Kringle bread pudding

Cookie: Black forest cookies

Gluten Free: Cranberry apple maple crisp

Food Gift: Cranberry chutney

Drink: Mulled blood orange punch


Santa: Santa stocking

Trees/Wreath: Cookie cutter wreath

Angels: Wire angels

Cards: Felt Christmas cards

Ornaments: Mini wreath ornaments

Lights: Recycling Christmas lights

Misc Decor: Handmade holiday napkins

Games: Christmas paper plate drawing game

12 Days Inspired: Towel swan

12 Days of Christmas, Day 6

Today was the last day of Advent, which means it’s less than a week til Christmas!


Breakfast: Apple french toast bake

Snack/Appetizer: Cookie cutter pizzas

Dinner: Striped bass with toasted shallot vinaigrette

Dessert: Baked eggnog custards

Cookie: Oreo ornaments

Gluten Free: Paleo cinnamon rolls

Food Gift: Hot cocoa in a mason jar

Drink: Hot cocoa with almond milk


Santa: Old world Santa Christmas ornament

Trees/Wreath: Ornament wreath

Angels: Clay pot angel

Cards: Watercolor Christmas tree cards

Ornaments: Cinnamon star ornament

Lights: Paper Christmas light garland

Misc Decor: Jingle bell door hanger

Games: Christmas tray game

12 Days Inspired:  Feather and pearl ornament