A Big Bite of Bacon!

Today we’re taking a look at a delicious ingredient that you can add to your holiday and new year menus, as well as use it throughout the year: bacon!

Pure Bacon:

Fried bacon

Bacon with citrus glaze

Maple glazed bacon

Maple candied bacon

Praline cayenne bacon

Cider braised slab bacon

Pecan maple bacon

Homemade bacon


Maple bacon biscuit bake

Bacon cheddar chive scones

Whole grain bacon ranch biscuits

Breakfast sandwich pizzas

Bacon, egg and cheese quiche

Bacon and zucchini quiche

Bacon cracked pepper biscuits

Gluten free bacon and cheddar savory biscuits


Bacon onion rye rolls

Bacon bites

Bacon horseradish spread

Bacon wrapped potatoes

Bacon wrapped ginger shrimp

Brussels sprouts with bacon

Bacon wrapped smokies

Bacon stuffed mushrooms


Bacon onion spiral bread

Baked tortellini with bacon

Seared scallops with bacon

Bacon roasted turkey

Bacon macaroni and cheese

Bacon broiled clams

Mushroom barley soup

What’s your favorite way to eat bacon?





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