A Treat to End the Year

Today I thought I’d share a few recipes that you might want to try over the last few days of this year in your last few holiday parties.  You’ll probably be familiar with many of the ideas below, but they’re not recipes I typically share.  Let’s celebrate the end of 2017!


Flaky cheese twists

Horseradish dill pastry crackers

Sourdough crackers

Vermont cheese crackers

Hot popper dip

Blue cheese and walnut spread

Pepperoni biscuits

Biscuit sausage rolls

Bacon bites

Buffalo chicken cheese balls

Cheddar bites

Upside-down mushroom tartlets

Spinach and goat cheese tartlets

Mini chicken b’steeyas

Cocktail meatballs

Sweet and sour Korean cocktail meatballs

Mini meatball crostini

Sausage Parmesan palmiers

Toasted ravioli

Italian Parmesan pretzels

Classic soft pretzels

Shrimp remoulade sliders

Crab topped shrimp

Bacon wrapped potatoes



Cream puffs and eclairs

Dark chocolate eclairs


Cinnamon sticks

Popovers with cranberry butter

Caramel apple biscuits

Chocolate coconut panna cotta

Cinnamon walnut strudel

Champagne sorbet tapioca

Plum pates de fruits

Espresso bundini

Strawberry cheesecake bites

Mini caramel cheesecakes

Creme brulee

Peanut butter parfait


S’more rockin reindeer ravioli

Strawberry chocolate turnovers

Cowboy cookie s’mores

Monster marshmallow cookies

Salted caramel pretzel thumbprints

What food treats are you serving to send out this year on a high note?

Christmas Breakfast and Brunch

Today we’re taking a look at some recipes you may enjoy serving to your family and friends on Christmas morning. There are some old favorites as well as twists on old favorites to check out, and we can’t forget a little decadence for the holidays!


Spinach, mushroom and cheese casserole

Pancake casserole

Panettone French toast casserole

Mushroom, spinach and baked eggs

Huevos rancheros casserole

French Toast, Pancakes and Waffles:

Cheesecake pancakes

Pancake squares

Gingerbread pancakes

Blueberry dutch pancakes

Upside down apple french toast with cranberries and pecans

Apple french toast bake

Praline french toast

Overnight french toast

Gingerbread waffles

Waffles Florentine


Cinnamon streusel coffee cake

Apricot almond coffee cake

Blueberry coffeecake with lemon streusel

Cinnamon streusel coffe cake

French chocolate coffee cake

Biscuits and Breads:

Sausage cheese biscuits

Rum raisin bread

Honey caramel sticky buns

Monkey in a tree

Cinnamon star bread

Stuffed breakfast crescent

Cinnamon eggnog scones

Fresh apple cinnamon scones

Cornmeal rolls with honey butter

Brown sugar cinnamon danish

Cheese danish

Pecan rolls

Tangerine pistachio sticky buns

Blueberry cream cheese pastries

Even more ideas:

Pumpkin ginger polenta with stewed fruit and marscapone cream

Cider braised slab bacon

Bacon mushroom quiche with Gruyere and thyme

What will you make for your holiday mornings this year?

Feast of the 7 Fishes

Today we’re taking a look at 7 fishes that you could include on your Christmas Eve table, whether you’re Italian or not.  As usual we’ve got some traditional fishes included as well as some non-traditional ones.


Calamari, tomato and caper salad

Light and crispy fritto misto

Kung pao calamari

Oregano lemon grilled calamari

Stuffed calamari

Orange, asparagus and calamari


Butternut squash and mussel soup

Coconut curry mussels

Thai red curry mussels

Mussels in white wine and garlic

Spicy mussels and chorizo

Baja med mussels

Vegetable topped mussels with Chardonnay cream

Spaghetti with clams

New England clam chowder

Manhattan clam chowder

White clam pizza

Clams in cartoccio

Clams casino crostini

Spanish clam soup

Caribbean clam chowder

Broccoli raab and clams


Shrimp scampi

Penne with shrimp and herbed cream sauce

Lemon pasta with roasted shrimp

Roasted shrimp cocktail

Orzo salad with shrimp and feta

Sesame shrimp

Sriracha shrimp

Shrimp creole

Ginger soy shrimp

Shrimp and rice bowls


Hot crab dip

Crab quiche

Crab stuffed mushrooms

Chili crab

Crab croquettes

Chilled corn and crab salad

Asparagus and crab salad

Macaroni and brie with crab

Easy crab bisque

Filet with crab topping


Grilled salmon with herb and meyer lemon compound butter

Miso ginger marinated grilled salmon

Pan seared salmon with ginger lime sauce and peanuts

Salmon in parchment

Salmon and barley salad

Roasted salmon with lentils

Horseradish crusted salmon

Salmon, apples and fennel

Salmon pot pie

Orange salmon with edamame orzo

Zesty salmon pasta salad


Grilled scallops with orange scented quinoa

Lemon orzo with scallops

Scallops and chorizo

Scallops with hazelnut brown butter

Spicy seared scallops

Sea scallops in parchment pouches

Seared scallops with bacon

Scallops with dill sauce

Pineapple and scallop skewers

Grilled herb scallops with balsamic syrup


Mediterranean cod packets

Miso glazed cod

Memphis cornmeal battered cod

Chili roasted cod

Black cod with miso

Crisp baked lemon cod

Steamed cod with ginger

Cod provencal

Sesame crusted cod

Citrus salad with poached cod

Smoky cod with sweet potatoes

Steamed cod with gingery mushrooms

Herb-crusted cod with cauliflower mash

Cod and potatoes puttanesca

Almond-coated cod with cabbage-fennel slaw

More than one fish:

Seafood linguine

Bucatini with clams and scallops

Braised calamari stuffed with shrimp and herbs

San Francisco seafood stew

Hearty fish chowder

Caribbean seafood stew

What fish recipes would you recommend?

Fun with Fruitcake

Today we’re looking at a holiday treat that I enjoy, fruitcake and its cousin, stollen.

Christmas stollen

Lofty layered fruitcake

Chocolate cherry berry fruitcake

Orange cranberry nut fruit cake

Fruitcake drops

Sour cream fruitcake

90 minute fruitcake

Golden fruitcake

Taste of the tropics fruit cake

Upside-down mini fruitcakes

Stollen muffins

Fruitcake biscotti

Fruitcake shortcake

Miniature golden fruitcakes

Gingered fruitcake

Chocolate nut fruitcake

Fruitcake macaroons

Vanilla cream fruitcake trifle

Fruitcake bread pudding with whiskey sauce

Cherry almond fruitcake

Free range fruitcake

Orange brandy fruitcake

Rich rum fruitcake with coconut cream cheese icing

Citrus fruitcake

Chewy fruitcake cookies

Classic fruit cake with salted maple syrup

Eggnog fruitcake challah

Fruitcake white chocolate fudge

Jamie Oliver’s stollen

Bite sized stollen

Gluten free holiday stollen

What are your favorite fruitcake and stollen recipes?

Christmas Food Gifts

Today I thought we’d look at some awesome DIY food gifts you can give to family and friends.

Granola and Trail Mix:

Pumpkin seed trail mix

Fig ginger granola

Savory thyme granola

Gingerbread granola



Cookies, Scones:

Christmas macaroons

Lemon crispies

Toffee pecan cookie

Toasted coconut drops

Triple fruit fruitcake mix

Toffee blondies

Coconut crunch cookies

Gingerbread scones

Apple cinnamon muffins

Chocolate nut cookies

Toffee blondies

Cranberry bran muffins

Blueberry ginger hotcakes

M&M cookie mix

Chocolate peanut butter M&M cookies

Cinnamon spice muffins

Soup Mixes:

Curried lentil soup

Spicy three bean soup


Flavored vodkas

Limoncello (video)

Hot chocolate mix (video)

Spiced apple tea mix

Peppermint hot chocolate

Sauces and Syrups:

Herb infused olive oil

Spicy cinnamon syrup

Sundae sauce

Caramel bourbon vanilla sauce

Slow cooker pear and apple butter

Sweet pomegranate syrup

Chunky cranberry relish

Peppery peach sauce

Cranberry syrup

Lemon curd

Cranberry chutney

Strawberry chia jam

More ideas:

Salt blends

Personal coffee blend

Scented sugars

Candy cane marshmallows

All purpose spice rub

Jamaican jerk rub

Multipurpose meat marinade

Savory herb salt rub

What DIY food gifts have you received and loved or are your favorites to give?

Let’s Have Hot Chocolate

Today we’re looking at a holiday favorite, hot chocolate!  We’ve got lots of drink ideas as well as some tasty food ideas too.


Homemade hot chocolate with dry milk

Cocoa blocks

Sweetheart cinnamon hot cocoa

Hot chocolate with fresh nutmeg

Malted hot chocolate

Mexican hot chocolate

Spiced hot dark chocolate

White hot chocolate

Nutella hot chocolate

Hazelnut hot cocoa

Peppermint hot chocolate

Cinnamon infused hot chocolate

Toasted marshmallow cream hot chocolate

Cardamom hot chocolate with vanilla bean whipped cream

Milk chocolate and peanut butter hot chocolate

French style hot chocolate

White chocolate hot cocoa with coconut and rum

Raspberry cocoa with chocolate hazelnut cream

Vanilla coffee white hot chocolate

Timberline hot chocolate

Coconut tres leches hot chocolate

Cocoa nib hot chocolate

Hot cocoa almond milk


Triple treat hot chocolate cake

Mexican hot chocolate cake

Frozen hot chocolate

Hot cocoa cookies

Hot cocoa ice pops

Raspberry hot chocolate cupcakes

Hot cocoa brownie cake

Hot chocolate crescent rolls

Salted caramel hot chocolate ice cream

Hot chocolate tiramisu

Hot cocoa souffle with coffee ice cream

Hot chocolate cheesecake dip

Mini hot cocoa cookies

Spicy Mexican hot chocolate fudge

Hot chocolate sandwich cookies

Hot cocoa cup cakes

Hot cocoa monkey bread

Hot cocoa cake roll

Hot chocolate cheesecake

Hot chocolate pancakes

Hot chocolate pudding

Hot chocolate brownies

What are your favorite hot chocolate recipes?

Stuffing Fruits and Vegetables

Earlier this week I shared stuffed bread and sweet treat recipes, today we’re taking a look at stuffed fruits and vegetables!


Stuffed mushrooms

Garlic and Parmesan stuffed mushrooms

Crab stuffed mushrooms

Mozzarella stuffed portobellos

Bacon stuffed mushrooms

Sausage stuffed mushrooms

Stuffing stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed jalapenos

Stuffed peppers

Mini stuffed peppers

Sausage and rice stuffed peppers

Orzo stuffed peppers with feta and mint

Farro stuffed peppers

Sweet peppers stuffed with applewood bacon risotto

Peppers stuffed with quinoa and spinach

Barley stuffed peppers

Creamy stuffed peppers

Stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed BLT salad

Stuffed cherry tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes in puff pastry

Stuffed pumpkin

Vegan wild rice stuffed butternut squash

Stuffed acorn squash

Crispy squash blossoms filled with pulled pork and ricotta

Stuffed eggplant

Stuffed eggplant Parmesan

Stuffed artichokes

Cheese souffle filled artichokes

Savory stuffed sweet potatoes

Stuffed spuds

Stuffed cabbage rolls


Stuffed apples

Filled strawberries

Stuffed blood oranges

Cheescake stuffed peaches

Fruit filled wontons

What are your favorite ways to fill fruits and vegetables?