Having a Halloween Party

Today we’re having a Halloween party. We’ve got lots of bags for gathering treats, some activities and some serving and drink holders to set the mood.

Bags and Treats:

Spider treat bag

Pumpkin treat bag

Glow in the dark skeleton bag

Mini coffin party favors

Candy filled headstone party favors

Spooky skull treat bags

Pumpkin favor pouches

Pillowcase trick or treat bags

Mummy candy cans

Glitter party favor bags

Scarecrow treat bags


Zombie head bowling

Floating paper ghost

Snake eyes game

Pumpkin picking game

Candy corn pinata

Marshmallow toss

Pin the spider on the web

Which pitch


Spider serving set

Skull tray pedestal

Poison drink bottles

Halloween floats in mason jars

Test tube sprinkle set

Halloween candy bowl pumpkins

Flying place cards

Cute monster drinkware

Worm ice

Halloween treats on a pumpkin

How did you celebrate and decorate for Halloween?

Monster Mischief

Today for our haunted celebrations we’re taking a look at spooky and cute monsters!

Crafts & Decorations:

Monster ate my laundry

Monster candy boxes

Zombie costume

Monster treat pumpkin

Zombie head bowling

Frankenstein’s head

Monster mouth treat holder

Invitation for monster bash

Frankenstein can monster

Tube monsters

More tube monsters

CD monsters

Glove monsters

Patch monster

Craft stick monster

Blow painted monsters

Sock monsters

Monster pencils


Coconut monster cupcakes

Devilish eggs

Monster eyeball cookies

Monster brownie pops

Blue blob

Shrunken head caramel apples

Airhead monster cookies

Mini monster cheese balls

What monsters are you scaring up this Halloween?

Light in the Darkness

Today we’re taking a look at a few spooky and fun crafts you can make for Halloween that have to do with light, other than carving pumpkins for the most part though.

Candy corn candle

Glow in the dark floating head

Chalked jar candle

Day of the dead pumpkin

Galaxy pumpkin

Glowing mustache mummy mason jars

Mason jar spooky lanterns

Black carved skull pumpkin

Glowing ghost balloons

Candle creatures

Shivering bat shades

Shocking silhouettes

Halloween candle display

Recycled bottle candy corn lights

Glowing lanterns

Halloween night lights

Halloween ghost lights

Pumpkin jar lights

Pumpkin glass block light

Ghost with a light

How will you light up Halloween night?

Creepy Candy

Today we’re looking at DIY candy creations you can make to celebrate Halloween!

Pumpkin seed candy

Candy corn dots

Halloween lollipops with Halloween candy

Peanut butter cups

Pumpkin seed brittle

Skull pops

White chocolate ghosts

Monster lollipops

Halloween candy bark (autoplay video)

Goblin cookie truffles

Chocolate dipped pumpkin marshmallows

Graveyard gravel

Creepy crawlers

Poison apple gumballs

Halloween caramel corn

Halloween peppermint patties

Candy eyeballs

Candy corn on the cob

Pumpkin spice pecan fudge

Gluten free bloody cups (like peanut butter cups)

Chocolate covered pretzel monsters

What creepy candy will you create this Halloween?

Creepy Cookies

Today to continue our Halloween party we’re taking a look at some creepy cookies you can create to celebrate!

Spiderweb cookies

Pumpkin spice cookies

Candy corn sugar cookies

Dulce de leche bat cookies

Skull madelines

Sweet bones

Bat and cobweb cookies

Pumpkin butter sandwich cookies

Nutmeg pumpkin cookies

Apple cider buttons


Spiderweb sugar cookies

Brain cookies with blood glaze

Spooky peanut butter spider cookies

Screaming spice cookies

Gingerbread jack-o-lanterns

Munching monster cookies

Witch hat cookies

Warewolf cookie pops

Ghost s’mores

Silly monster cookie pops

Peanut butter spider cookies

Black cat cookie pops

Halloween lollipop swirls

Frankenstein’s monster’s toes

Candy corn cookies

Chocolate Halloween pretzels

Dracula’s dentures

Spooky bat sugar cookies

Scary movie mask cookies

Candy corn swirl cookies

Mummy pumpkin cookies

Creepy mini spider chocolate chip cookies

Even more ideas

What cookies will you make this Halloween?

Bite Sized

Halloween is getting closer!  Today we’re taking a look at some festive bite sized treats for those who prefer both sweet and savory.

Sweet bites:

Candy corn and spider web cake pops

Cake pops

Brownie bites

Pumpkin chocolate whoopie pies

Black widow spider bites

Black and orange take away truffles

Mini triple treat cupcakes

Chocolate caramel sandwich cookies

Haunted owl pretzels (warning: autoplay video)

Pumpkin bread truffles (warning: autoplay video)

Pumpkin pretzel bites

Pumpkin cake pops

Halloween inspired marshmallow pops

Poison apple gumballs

Goblin cookie truffles

Mini dipped apple bites

Chocolate pretzel spiders

Savory Bites:

Monster fingers and pimento cheese paws

Morbid miniature french onion soups

Spinach ricotta skulls

Shriveled potatoes with romesco sauce

Boney chicken bites

Spicy bat wings

Bat bites

Meatball mummy bites

Monster eyes

Mozzarella eyes

Cheesy pumpkin tarts

Mini “pumpkin” cheese balls

Fried eyes

What little treats will you be cooking up this Halloween?

Dastardly Drinks

Today we’re taking a look at Halloween inspired drinks to set the mood!

Red sangria

Blood orange cocktail

Halloween sunset

Bleeding heart martini

Bloody scary

Fresh from the lab bubbling cocktails

Bloody black currant punch

Hot spiced concord grape juice

Black lagoon cocktail

Gall of goat float

Blood red hot chocolate

Swamp sips


Witches brew option 1, option 2

Spiced and spiked concord grape punch

Spooky punch

Vampire kiss martini

Vampire bite mocktail

Pumpkin sangria

Dragon’s blood non-alcoholic punch

Black cloud cocktail

Phoenix rising cocktail

Magical mad hatter


Mexican pumpkin punch

Candy corn cordials

Dark chocolate martini

Dark and spooky

Black and orange vodka

Smoking skulls

Witches hat

Poison apple

Black magic

Zombie slime shooters

Bourbon pumpkin pie milkshake

Black sun

Chocolate martini

Pumpkin martini

Vampire punch

Spicy margarita

Black velvet

Even more spooky drink ideas

And even more spooky drinks

What will you be drinking this Halloween?