Autumn Apples

Ah yes, it’s fall!  I love knowing that I can go to an orchard and get some really fresh, really local apples to enjoy.  It’s also a great time to cook up some of those apples.  Today I’ve got a taste of those apple recipes for you.

Muffins and more:

Caramel apple muffins

Double apple walnut bread

Apple cranberry spice muffins

Apple cinnamon scones

Cinnamon apple pull-apart bread

Apple oat bread

Snacks and Sips:

Apple chips

Apple butter

Apple fizz


Caramel apple pie

Apple pie bars

Cinnamon apple burrito

Apple, date and ginger crisp

Apple brownies

Roasted apple tartlets

Nutmeg apple fritters

Old fashioned apple slab

Apple upside-down cake

Apple spice whoopie pies

Caramel apple bars

You can also try gluten free apple muffins, or get cooking with some savory (dinner) ideas.

What are your favorite things to do with apples??

Perfecting Pot Pie

September is a month of warm and wonderful holidays, one of the days we celebrate is National Pot Pie day.  This interesting creation has certainly gotten a bad reputation over the years, and many moms have filled pot pies with things kids wouldn’t want to eat voluntarily.  They are great for meals that you don’t have time to give a lot of attention to or when you need a good, warm, hearty meal for a group.  I’ve included some recipes that would appeal more to kids, as well as some that will appeal more to adults palates.

Chicken and Turkey



Lightened up

Southwestern with jalapeno cornbread topping

Potpies with puff pastry

Potpies with ham

Turkey with biscuits

Turkey and string bean


Shrimp and andouille

Spicy seafood

Charleston crab

Corn and crab chowder


Beef, Vegetable, Sausage

Vegetable beef


Chili with cornmeal crust

Italian sausage

Shepherd’s pie

What about you?  What are your favorite things to include in a pot pie?

Celebrating Sewing

One of my favorite spare time activities is sewing.  I love having the needle and thread in my hand knowing I’m going to fix something or create something fun and beautiful.  In honor of National Sewing Month, today I’ve got some fun, profitable and easy projects for you to check out.

Ghost pillow

Patchwork coasters

iPod holder

Drawstring bag

Coffee cup cozy

Pot holder and oven mitt

Quilted place mats

Soft baby blocks

Large floor cushion

Fleece pillow toys

Hankie holder

Lavender pillows

Dragon gloves

Quadropus toy

Star shirt

Textured pillows

Teatime towels

Felt leaf pillow

Pocket scarf

Oak leaf bowl

Cuddly pig

What about you?? What are your favorite sewing projects?

Best of Burgers

Happy Wednesday!  Today I’m thinking, with the last of the summer weather, that it’s the perfect time for a few burgers.  I’ve got a variety of delicious ideas, but would love to hear yours too!


Carrot beef




Burger with pimento cheese

Jerk burgers with mango salsa


Burger bar (made with brisket)

Miami burger

Pineapple teriyaki

Green chile cheeseburger


Sausage and peppers



Fish with dilled slaw

Creole crab

Tuna burgers with tapanade aioli


Southern style

Black bean chipotle

Veggie burgers

Veggie burgers



BBQ chicken burgers with slaw





Cheddar stuffed

And more

Grilled herb burgers (beef and turkey)

MOP burgers (beef and sausage)

Surf and turf with spicy mayo (shrimp and beef)

What are your favorite burgers?

Celebrating Grandparents

Yesterday was National Grandparents Day in the USA, but if you’ve missed celebrating, don’t worry! I believe that Grandparents should be appreciated as often as possible for their contributions to your life and the world.  Today I’ve got a couple of fun ideas for you to creatively celebrate the grandparents in your life!

Create cards with the grand-kids artwork.  Scribbles, figures and even whole pictures are great things to use to decorate and create the fronts of cards, as well as include inside.

Framed art with “thank you” in it.  Framing the grand-kids artwork is a cute way to help the grandparents keep the art for a long time, and be able to interchange it with new artwork as the kids grow.

Video greetings.  Video is super popular with lots of people, although not every grandparent knows how it works yet.  It’s a great way to share special moments with grandparents who don’t live very close to their grandchildren.

Create a book of pictures and memories.  There are lots of ways you can do this one.  One, is to scrapbook the memories yourself.  Of course you can always turn to the older simple photo albums.  There are also some super creative photo books that are easy to make and create online, and then have physical copies printed.

Memory jars. If you’ve never had a memory jar, it’s a great way to keep some of the treasures you’ve found over the years, or from a particular adventure, without them all gathering dust or getting broken or in the way.  I suggest that if you’re going to gift a jar, just start one don’t fill it up, so there’s lots of room for new memories and items to be added.

Start a collection together.  It’s lots of fun to know that even if you’re not together you can still do something together.  Great things to collect are stuffed animals, clay figurines, books, pictures or artwork.  You can take pictures of what the grand-kids find and share it with the grandparents.

What do you do to celebrate and honor the grandparents (or similar figures) in your life?

Chicken Choices

September is National Chicken Month, and a great opportunity to share some healthy meals for busy professionals and families getting into the swing of school again.

Soups & Stews

Chicken and dumplings

Morrocan chicken stew

Chicken and white bean stew

Chicken chili

Chicken edamame chowder

Wild rice chicken soup

30 minute chicken gumbo

Moroccan chicken stew with sweet potatoes

Salad & Sandwiches

BBQ chicken and cheddar quesadillas

Curried chicken salad

Mango chicken salad

Onion, walnut and cilantro chicken salad sandwiches

Cold soba noodle salad with chicken and peppers

Asian style chicken wraps

Caesar grilled chicken sandwiches

Main Dishes:

Quick chicken cutlets

BBQ chicken pizza

Thai chicken pizza

Chicken pot pie

Cayenne rubbed chicken with avocado salsa

Brown sugar BBQ chicken drumettes

Fast chicken fajitas

Chicken parmigiana

Southwest chicken skillet

Chicken broccoli mac and cheese

Ham, chicken and cheese roll-ups

Spicy apricot glazed chicken

Pineapple stuffed jerk chicken

Chicken chilaquiles


General Tso’s chicken

Chicken enchiladas

Sesame chicken

Buffalo chicken salad

Pot pie

What about you?  What are your favorite things to do with chicken?