Playing with Pistachio

Today’s food inspiration is the simple pistachio.  Did you know that Pistachios have protein, beneficial fats, fiber and other important nutrients your body needs every day?  They do! And here are a few recipes to help incorporate pistachios into your treats and sweets.


Chocolate truffles

Pistachio cremes

Tangerine pistachio sticky buns


Cannoli cakes

Chocolate pistachio Cannoli

Cranberry pistachio Biscotti

Cherry pistachio Biscotti



Cherry and chocolate tart

Nut crusted chocolate mousse tart

Honey pistachio tart


Lemon pistachio checkerboards

Spritz pinwheels


French pistachio buttercreams

Apricot pistachio oat bars

Yogurt pistachio smoothies


What recipes have you tried with pistachios?

Go for Grapefruit

Today I thought I’d share that yummy winter fruit: grapefruit!

Lunch and Dinner:

Grapefruit, salmon and avocado salad

Seared scallops with shaved fennel, cucumber and grapefruit

Pork lettuce wraps with grapefruit

Cookies and cake:

Citrus surprise grapefruit cake

Citrus bars

Grapefruit upside down cake

Poppy seed grapefruit torte

Grapefruit tart with chocolate almond crust

Candied grapefruit cupcakes

Pink grapefruit shortbread

Misc Desserts:

Poached grapefruit granita

Red grapefruit sorbet

Miniature grapefruit souffles with ginger

Molded grapefruit salad


Warm grapefruit tea

Grapefruit and mint mojito

Strawberry, grapefruit smoothie

Have you tried any good grapefruit recipes?

Celebrating with Chocolate Mint

For this Valentine’s Day I thought our special treat could be made of chocolate mint.

Cookies and Crunch:

Dark chocolate peppermint dips

Chocolate mint macaroons

Mint chocolate sandwich cookies

Chocolate mint crackles

Chocolate peppermint crunch

Chocolate mint checkerboard cookies

Mint crinkles

Chocolate mint creams

Mint meringue kisses

Chocolate mint tiddlywinks

Gluten free chocolate peppermint snaps

Bars and Brownies:

Think mint brownies

Melty minty brownies

Chocolate mint squares

Melting mint brownies

Dark chocolate mint bites

Pies, Cupcakes and Cakes:

Chocolate mint torte

Grasshopper cupcakes

Mint chocolate chip cake

Chocolate mint icebox cake

Grasshopper pie

White chocolate and candy cane cheesecake


Mint chunk ice cream

Mint chocolate gelato

Mint parfait

White chocolate and mint cups

White chocolate mint mousse

Chocolate mint puddings

Chocolate mint leaves

What are you making for Valentine’s Day?

Creating for Love

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, so today’s post is full of cards, gifts and crafts.


Simply said

Watercolor heart

Owl be your friend forever

3-D Valentine’s Day

Marbleized Valentine

Pop-up card

21 more ideas

 Crafts and Gifts

Sweetheart sugar cookie crochet brooch

Valentine’s striped picture frame

Spray painted votives

Romantic candles

Treat bags

Heart bookmark

Spa jar

Glitter heart

Clay necklace and bracelet

Silk lined jewelry boxes

What will you be creating this Valentine’s Day?

Perfect Cherry Cakes and Pies

Whether you’re thinking George Washington’s birthday, you love fruit or you want a romantic treat, today I’ve got some yummy cherry pies and cakes for you!

Presidential cherry pie

Sour cherry slab pie

Individual sour cherry pies

Cherry pie with almond crumble

Lattice cherry pie

Berry slab pie

Caramel apple cherry pie

Double cherry pie

Sweet glazed cherry pie

Cherry dream pie

Cherry almond creamy cheese pie

Cranberry cherry pie

Amaretti cherry cheesecake pie

Cherry lemon meringue mini pies

Deep dish cherry pie

Cherry hand pies

Fried cherry walnut pies

Sour cherry crumb cakes

Cherry sheet cake

Yeasted cherry and sour cherry coffee cake

Mini cheesecakes with cherry topping

Pumpkin cherry upside-down cake

Creamy cherry cobbler with pound cake topping

Cherry vanilla cake

What are your favorite cherry cakes, pies and treats?