Cinco de Mayo Crafts

This weekend we have the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, a celebration that has happened since 1862!  Today we’ve got some fun crafts to make and on Wednesday some delicious Mexican recipes!

Bark paintings

Mini pinatas

Mini sombrero

Mini felt rug

Make a pinata


Sound shakers

Mexican dancing doll

God’s eye


Sombrero Canvas

Ribbon lanterns

Cinco de mayo tissue paper decorations

Tin napkin rings

Tag your drink

Will you be having a Cinco party? 

Rainy Day Fun

Today we’re taking a look at some delicious and fun ideas for those long rainy days!  If you’re looking for something creative to do or eat, here are some fun suggestions:

Crafts & Activities:

38 fabulous game activities

Painting in the rain

Hopscotch Mat

Dress-up box

Diorama project

Pom-pom animals

Colorful clay

Paint pounced umbrella

Funky moon rocks

Color swirl beaded jewelry

Fun paperweights

Rainy day baseball bash

Box scores

Go on a treasure hunt

Food Fun:

Creamy tomato soup

Grilled cheese

Banana muffins

Chocolate Pudding

Umbrella cookies

Spring shower cupcakes

Rainy day smores

Try some of these ridiculously funny ideas too.

What are your favorite things to do and eat on rainy days?

Eating Earth Day

Sunday is Earth Day and if you’re going to be out doing some good for the earth, you should eat good food too!  To kick off your Earth Day celebrations here are some delicious, and healthy, recipes.

Sides & Snacks

Lunch box taco salad

Chicken salad with peaches & walnuts

Spicy potato wedges

Potato & snap peas

Spring peas with dates & walnuts

Quinoa salad with apples & almonds

Veggie chips

Golden gazpacho

Chickpea radicchio salad

Apple, walnut & endive salad

Glazed baby carrots

Mango & roasted cashew salad

Sugar snap pea salad with quinoa citrus vinaigrette

Main Meals

Penne with peppers

Spinach lasagna rollups

Spinach fettuccine primavera

Roasted shitakes & pacific cod

Whole wheat greek pizza

Desserts & Delights

Vanilla yogurt fruit dip

Vegan banana blueberry muffins

Apple ladybugs

Dirt cups


Strawberry rhubarb tart

Granola bars

Worm cupcakes

Earth Day bars

What are your plans for Earth Day?  Do you have a favorite food you like to eat while outside? Share your thoughts below

Recycled Crafts

Earth Day is less than a week away!  If you’re looking for some activities for the kids, or you’re looking for some cool green ideas you can do, here are some of my favorite recycled crafts.

Critters that keep the cold out

Carton wallet

A flock of baby socks

Plant a tree t-shirt

Compost bin

Animal storage jars


Newsprint basket

Cardboard petal picture frame

Kiss the sun chair

Chic cork trivet

Going green suncatcher

Ribbon spool jewelry box

Cereal box organizer

Beach towel bag

Balloon ride

What fun crafts have you made with recycled materials?  Share your ideas below!

FF: Piper Stone

Happy Friday!  Today for Feature Friday we have a very special guest, a dog!  Our guest, Piper Stone is an adorable English bulldog who has been painting for charity.

What do you enjoy besides painting?
I enjoy eating, snoring, grunting, licking, high fives, and wagon and car rides.  My wagon and car rides give me great inspiration!  I like to watch Mother Nature’s beauties go by, like birds and leaves blowing in the wind.  Sometimes, I even stop to smell the roses.

What got you started with painting?
I  was fascinated by Mom painting.  I ran into the studio and watched with excitement every time she painted.  All Mom had to do was shake up a can of paint and I’d instantly appear to study her techniques.  Keep in mind I limp and have bad hips, so the only thing I usually run (wobble) for is food!  After expressing my interest in painting for about six weeks, Mom finally got the hint and stuck a paintbrush in my mouth.  Mom was so impressed with my first painting that she realized I might be able to raise money for San Antonio Bulldog Rescue and other rescue organizations through my natural talent.

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve designed?
The three pieces I created with Bob from the TV show Texas Country Reporter!  Hearts Beat Faster, In The Limelight and Lights Camera Action.  Bob and the film crew were amazing and wonderful to work with!  My Texas friends will be able to see me paint these pieces with Bob on April 28th and 29th.  For my out-of-state  friends, there will be an international YouTube video too!.

What exciting future plans do you have for your work?
Well, I don’t mean to brag, but I have some really great things happening this year!  Not only will Texas Country Reporter air a segment about my artwork and my Mom’s artwork, but a talented dog portrait painter named Peggy Box is painting a portrait of me for the show!  I have paintings in The Arthouse at the Jones Center’s 5×7 exhibit with a bunch of talented human artist.  I’m the only dog painter in the show!  Niza Knoll Gallery in Denver will feature my work in the August Gone to the Dogs exhibit! And the new issue of The American Dog Magazine included a photo of me in their famous dogs on Facebook section!

Do you have any tips/inspiration to share?
Dream impossible dreams and explore all of your talents!

You can connect with Piper on Facebook, the website, Etsy and the official Piper blog.

Thank you Piper (and Mom, Jessica)!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

What a Beautiful World

This month we’re thinking about what we can all do to make the world a better place.  One of the things Americans celebrate is that April is Keep America Beautiful Month.  Even if you’re not living in America, you too can make a difference for your part of the world.  Here are a few suggestions for making your world greener and cleaner.

-put trash where it goes

-pick up trash

-think about your water consumption

-plant native plants

-support natural places-the Nature Conservancy is one way to do so.

-drive a greener car/carpool/mass transportation

-be a better steward of what you have so you throw out less

-choose packaging that’s easy to recycle and doesn’t waste resources

-recycle more

compost-it’s easy and you can do it at home

-plant trees or support those who do


In general, if we were all more conscious of what we do, where we go, how we do things and what we had we would be able to keep America and the world beautiful.  What do you do to help keep the Earth beautiful?

Green Gardens

April is full of fun green things!  We’ve got Easter which is often celebrated with green plants and beautiful flowers, and we’ve got Earth Day which focuses on helping make the earth a greener, better place to live. April is also National Garden Month.  If you’ve got a big piece of land or if you’re just got a couple of pots in your apartment, you can participate in Garden Month.

Starting Small:

-have a couple of pots in your house, I suggest herbs to start with.

-growing green things in your house helps have healthy oxygen and improve the overall health of the space.

Thinking Bigger:

-plant plants that are native to your area.

-get the family involved.  You’ll get your family outside and make the yard beautiful.

-make a community garden. You can pick a place in your community for everyone to work at or a central location at your apartment building.

-if you really want to make a difference, create a garden at a residential center where seniors or individuals with handicaps live.

What green will you garden this month?

Easter Excitement

Easter is just a few days away!  If you’re getting ready for the celebration this weekend, here are some cute crafts and great decorating ideas that will help inspire you.


Crafts: feathered friends, eggimals, egg creatures, crayoned eggs, confetti eggs, crepe paper creations, dyeving dudes, nest egg, crochet eggs.

Decorations: tulip eggs, colorful egg tree.

Adorable Animals:

Crafts: jelly bean chick, sleepy bunny, sock hop, spring peeps.

Decorations: bunny fold napkins, butterfly tree.

Beautiful Baskets:

Magazine basket

Paper Easter basket

Bunny bucket

Flower basket

More Decorations:

Flower linens

Doily bowl

Scrap paper cones

Cracked “eggshell” dishes

Flower cups

Are you having an Easter Egg hunt at your house?  What are your favorite things to do at Easter?