Cooking with Chia

Today we’re taking a look at an ingredient that’s become more popular in the past few years, chia!

Corn and cranberry muffins with chia seeds

Chia energy bars

Chia seed flatbread

No bake energy bites

Sprouted wheat easy rustic bread

Vanilla chia pudding

Mixed berry almond and chia seed smoothie bowl

Chia pudding with fruit

Maple brunch cake with apples and cranberries

Chocolate peanut butter granola bar

Blueberry oat chia seed muffins

Kiwi pineapple smoothies

Fruit, nut and rice fritters

Chia fudgy brownies

Blackberry ginger oatmeal

Chocolate chia breakfast pudding

Lemon chia muffins

Chocolate chia pudding pops

Blueberry and chia seed smoothie

Gluten free carrot coconut muffins

Lunch and Dinner:

Chia crusted salmon with soy bok choy

Chicken salad recipe

Chia crusted oven roasted tuna with mango fruit salsa

How do you like to enjoy chia?


Food for the Heart

February is heart health month.  With this month many people think about the romantic heart and working on their romantic relationships, and that’s an important heart to work on.  But the heart I’m talking about today is the one that’s beating inside your body.  Research shows that heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women in the United States.  That’s a pretty scary statistic in my mind.  In thinking about that and the fact that I’d like to stick around for a little longer, I thought I’d check out what foods are most recommended for our hearts and share them with you.  If I’ve done a blog post on it I’ve linked it, and you’ll certainly be seeing some of those I haven’t done show up over the next few months.

Salmon (sardines, mackerel)
Blueberries (strawberries and other berries)
Dark Chocolate
Citrus fruits (oranges and grapefruits)
Potatoes (including sweet)
Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, macadamia)
Legumes (lentils, limas, black beans, chickpeas (including hummus))
Extra virgin olive oil
Red wine
Green tea
Broccoli, spinach, kale
Flax seeds

There are lots of delicious foods out there and just about everything can be consumed for the special occasion, they’re not recommended on a regular basis though.  Foods like these shared here and other super grains, vegetables, fruits and proteins are necessary to support your body’s processes and make sure it functions well.  What are you feeding your heart?

Very Vegan

Today I thought we’d try some vegan recipes.  It’s not as scary or tasteless as you may think, it can be really yummy!


Banana bread

Blueberry muffins

Tofu and spinach scramble

Cranberry nut muffins



Cream of broccoli soup

Wheat berry salad

Savory stuffed sweet potatoes

Spring rolls with carrot-ginger dipping sauce

Couscous salad with black beans and mushrooms


Lemon fettuccine Alfredo

Lentil burgers

Spicy sloppy joes

Marrakesh stew


Bean and veggie sliders

Mixed vegetable curry

Spicy Thai burger


Chocolate ganache cupcakes with salted caramel and dark chocolate buttercream

Pumpkin pie

Lemon cupcakes with fresh berry filling and lemon buttercream

Mandy’s chocolate cake

Chocolate chip cookie sandwich

What are your favorite vegan and vegetarian recipes?

Rejoice for Rice

Today I thought I’d share about one of my favorite grains: rice!


Shiitake fried rice

Thai fried rice

Shrimp, tomatoes, spinach and rice

Wild and brown rice salad

Stuffed peppers with wild rice and hummus

Salmon ginger rice bowl

Picadillo rice

Wild rice casserole

Wild rice stuffed acorn squash with cranberries, pecans and pancetta

Brown rice pilaf

Cajun shrimp and rice

Chicken satay stir fry with orange scented jasmine rice


Brown rice pudding

Mexican rice pudding

Coconut rice pudding with raspberries

Vanilla rice pudding

Chocolate hazelnut rice pudding

What are your favorite rice recipes?

Outrageous Oats

Today we’re honoring the humble oat!

No bake granola bars

Oat and quinoa granola bars with chocolate and cherries

Oat, nut, and fruit granola bars

Cherry date oat bars

High fiber fruit and yogurt muffins

Oat waffle

Oatmeal bread

Oat and yogurt pancakes

Wheat, oat and flax buns

Apple oat bread

Banana oat breakfast cookies

Gluten free triple chunk oatmeal, coconut cookie bars

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Cappuccino caramel oat bars

Strawberry oatmeal bars

Pumpkin oatmeal

Vanilla spice oatmeal

Honey coconut oatmeal

What are your favorite things to make with oats?

Greening Up the New Year

Today I thought we’d get a little extra oxygen and some cheery green leaves in our lives with some indoor gardening activities and ideas.


Green and grassy

Spring in a bottle

Windowsill gardens

Indoor water gardens

Chalkboard pots

Cute house planter

Goldfish pond gazing ball

Wrapped clay pots

Can’t forget the plants of course!  Try these top 10 plants for cleaning indoor air, or 29 super easy to care for plants.

What do you plant indoors?

Great Grains

Today we’re honoring some of the tasty little guys of cooking: grains. You know, rice, quinoa, and one of my favorites barley.

Salads and Sides:

Orzo and wild rice

Thai fried rice

Cooked basmati rice

Spring herb rice

Creamy risotto with asparagus and peas

Garden risotto

Red wine risotto with peas

Turkey pilaf

Seven spice rice pilaf

Quinoa and almond pilaf

Wild rice pilaf with cranberries and pecans

Five grain salad

Barley salad with herbs

Curried barley

Sweet and spicy barley

Sweet potato and barley salad

Lentil quinoa salad

Quinoa toss with chickpeas and herbs

Main Courses:

Wild rice soup

Roast chicken, lemon and rice soup

Beef and barley vegetable soup

Chicken barley soup

Lentil and barley soup with sausage

Beef, roasted mushroom and barley soup

Vegetable barley salad

Barley stuffed peppers

Spanish rice with chicken and shrimp

Chicken Alfredo and rice casserole

Chicken satay stir-fry with orange scented jasmine rice

Ginger shrimp and rice

Steamed halibut with lemon olive quinoa

Rice and bean frittata

And More:

Quinoa, apricot and nut clusters

Vanilla rice pudding

Brown rice pudding

What are your favorite things to make with rice, barley and quinoa?