No Bake Sweet Treats

The reports are that this weekend is going to be hot, but heat should never be a hindrance to having a sweet treat that’s not from the freezer.  So today I’ve got some no bake sweets for you to make with your family or friends.

Bars and treats:

Energy bites

Peanut butter chocolate squares

Peanut butter cereal bars

Oatmeal bars

Chocolate mint bars

Apple breakfast bars

Strawberry cheesecake bars

Peanut butter cheesecake bars

Blueberry ricotta tartlets

Rocky road bars

Pies and cakes:

Lemon icebox pie

Key lime yogurt pie

Triple berry pie

Creamy strawberry pie

Peanut butter cheesecake

French silk

Lemon chiffon

Limoncello cheesecake

Avocado cheesecake

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup ice box pie

Ricotta espresso cheesecake

Mocha chocolate icebox cake

Angel food cake and berry trifle

Key lime pies

Peanut butter fluff pie

Banana pudding pie

Even more treats:

Chocolate pots de creme

Banana cream pudding

What are your no bake treat suggestions?

Pecan Pie Paradise

It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of winter or in the heat of the summer, it’s always a good time to have a sweet treat.  Today we’re going to take a look at some different pecan pie recipes.

Bourbon ginger pecan pie

Old fashioned pecan pie

Golden pecan pie

Chocolate chunk pecan pie

Pecan pie dump cobbler

Toffee pecan pie lush

Pecan pie upside down cake 

Pecan pie stuffed cupcakes

Brown sugar pecan cheesecake

Pecan pie bars

Kentucky pecan pie

Pecan pie cookies

Pecan pie supreme brownies

Chocolate silk pecan pie

Maple pecan pie

Lighter Kentucky pecan pie

Pecan pie muffins

English toffee pecan pie

Pecan squares

Upside down pecan pie

Layered pecan pie

Pecan pie pockets

Gluten free pecan pie

Mystery pecan pie

Pecan pie cheesecake

Pecan pie monkey bread

Vanilla pecan pie

Salted caramel pecan pie

Are you a fan of pecan pie?

Made with Mocha

I’m in the mood for a sweet treat today, so we’re going to take a look at some mocha recipes.  What is mocha you ask?  When you add mocha to a recipe you’re adding both chocolate and coffee flavors to it.  I’ve got both some cool treats to beat the summer heat as well as some edibles you can have at your next family picnic (or just for a treat at the end of the day).

Cookies, Brownies, Muffins, and Bars:

Double shot mocha chunk cookies

Double dark mocha drop cookies

Mocha whoopie pies

Mocha brownies

Mocha cream cheese brownies

Mocha chip cheesecake bars

Mocha muffins

Mocha toffee chocolate cookies

Fudge mocha brownies

Cake, Tortes, and Pie:

Mocha streusel coffee cake

Deep dark mocha torte

Mocha mousse cake

Chocolate mocha mousse torte

Orange mocha chocolate cake

Mocha truffle cheesecake

Mocha panna cotta

Molten mocha cakes

Cool Treats and Sips:

Mocha madness ice cream

Dark and dangerous mocha chunk ice cream

Frosty mocha

Skinny mocha freeze

Mocha coffee frappe

Frozen hazelnut mocha pie

Dulce de Leche mocha ice cream

Frozen mocha mint cups

Mocha custards

Chocolate pots de creme

Mocha madness ice cream pie

Vodka mocha cocktail

Frozen mocha toffee crunch terrine

What are your favorite mocha recipes?

Picking a Pack of Pickles

With Father’s Day on Sunday and Summer starting on Saturday, today I thought I’d share some recipes for an iconic summer food (and it’s also tasty any time of year), pickles!  There are some traditional cucumber-based pickles, as well as other pickled vegetables, plus recipes featuring pickles.


Easy refrigerator pickles

Sriracha pickles

Sour pickles

Freezer dill pickles

Garlic dill pickles

Salt and sugar pickles

Sweet and spicy pickles

Honey pickles

Other Vegetables:

Rhubarb pickles

Pickled fennel

Asian pickles

Pickled jalapenos

Pickled lox

Pickled watermelon rind

Zucchini pickles

Pickled peppers

Pickled vidalia and red onions

Pickled ginger

Hot giardiniera

Pickled herring

Recipes Featuring Pickles:

Dill pickle ranch pasta salad

Fried pickle spears

Tuna pickle pitas

White pizza with pickled onions and peppers

Fried cheesy pickles

Almost famous fried pickles

Tartar sauce

What are your favorite pickle recipes?

Peanut Butter Cookie Cravings

Today I’ve got a selection of tasty peanut butter cookies to make!

Plain Peanut Butter:

Classic peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter oatmeal sandwich cookies

Self-rising peanut butter cookies

No-bake peanut butter cookies

Gluten free peanut butter cookies

With Chocolate:

Chocolate peanut butter cookies

Chocolate chunk, peanut butter and oatmeal cookies

Quinoa peanut butter cookies

Peanut blossoms

Inside-out peanut butter blossoms

Chocolate peanut butter pinwheels

Chocolate piped peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter, chocolate and toffee cookies

Peanut butter secrets

Peanut butter cookie cups

Flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Even more:

Peanut butter raisin bran cookies

Crunchy peanut butter breakfast cookies

Coconut peanut cookies

Peanut butter and jelly thumbprints

What are your favorite peanut butter cookie recipes?

Cooking with Coconut

As we head into the summer months, today I thought we’d start off by looking at some coconut recipes.

Bread and Breakfast:

Samoan coconut buns

Tahini and coconut muffins

Coconut doughnuts

Chocolate coconut quick bread

Baked coconut doughnuts with coconut glaze

Strawberry coconut bread

Lunch and Dinner:

Coconut shrimp

Thai style coconut chicken

Curried coconut couscous

Coconut curry chicken

Slow cooker Thai coconut chicken soup

Slow cooker coconut curry chicken

Pies and Cupcakes:

Coconut cream pie

Coconut cupcakes with pineapple frosting

Gluten free coconut pie

Gluten free vanilla coconut cupcakes


Coconut cake

Coconut filled lemon cake

Fudgy coconut cream cake

Coconut marble cake 

Coconut loaf cake

Coconut cardamom cake

Coconut cheesecake

Chocolate pecan coconut porter cake

Carrot cake with coconut

Coconut tres leches cake

Coconut lemon cake

Key lime coconut cream bundt cake

Bars and Brownies:

Coconut caramel bars

Coconut and white chocolate brownies

Key lime coconut squares

Coconut cherry bars

Chocolate coconut macaroon bars

Lime-in-the-coconut frosted cheesecake bars

Coconut cream bars

Gluten free triple chunk oatmeal coconut cookie bars


Coconut jam drops

Coconut citrus cookies

Coconut biscotti

Coconut macaroons

Chocolate coconut macaroons

Coconut snowballs

Chewy coconut macadamia nut cookies

Other Coconut Treats:

Dairy free coconut milk frozen treat

Coconut almond candy

Pineapple coconut gelato

Chocolate coconut panna cotta

Banana coconut cream dessert

Coconut ice pops

Coconut eclairs

Coconut flan

Coconut custards

What are your favorite coconut recipes?

Ready with Ramen

Today I thought we’d take a very inexpensive ingredient that many people joke about but has been part of our culture for quite some time and check out some recipes that you can make with it and stretch your budget even further: ramen!

Slow cooker pork ramen

Beefy Italian ramen skillet

Slow cooker chicken and ramen soup

Slow cooker gingered pork and ramen

Lo mein noodle salad

Crunchy Asian chicken salad

Gingery tofu ramen bowl

Beef satay with peanut ginger ramen

Cirtrus bok choy salad with crisp ramen

Shrimp and mushroom ramen

Chicken ramen stir fry

10 minute chicken, corn, and kimchi ramen

Roasted shrimp, corn, and bacon ramen

Broccoli, mushroom and ramen casserole with blue and cheddar cheese

Beef with broccoli and teriyaki ramen 

Braised pork ramen

Spicy ramen with beef and bok choy

Kale, corn, mushroom, pork belly and egg ramen bowl

Asian ramen shrimp soup

Turkey noodle tomato soup

Turkey lo mein

Stir fry scallops and asparagus with ramen

Red curry carrot ramen soup

Asparagus beef lo mein

Quick sesame chicken noodles

Sirlon stir-fry with ramen

What are your favorite ways to enjoy ramen?

Open for Oatmeal Cookies

Today, April 30 is Oatmeal Cookie Day.  I’m not a big fan of raisins, but sometimes when they’re in oatmeal cookies, they’re OK. But, it turns out that you can make oatmeal cookies lots of other ways too, so here are some ideas to add to your bake-from-home-while-stuck-at-home list (and enjoy with maybe a little less guilt since there are some healthy ingredients).

Just Oatmeal:

Iced oatmeal cookie

Brown sugar oatmeal cookies

Crispy oatmeal coconut cookies

Oatmeal shortbread

Chewy oatmeal decorating cookie

Oatmeal crisps

Chocolate Chip and Other Sweet Additions:

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Milk chocolate chunk and peanut butter oatmeal cookies

Zucchini chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal toffee cookies

Butterscotch oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal pecan chocolate chunk cookies

Oatmeal cookies with apricots and white chocolate

Chocolate chip, oatmeal and pecan cookies

Fruit and Vegetable:

Chewy oatmeal cookies with cranberries, apples and nuts

Cranberry, raisin and oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal, flax and cranberry cookies

Cardamom spice oat cookies with currants and apricots

Apricot oatmeal cookies

Carrot cake oatmeal cookies

Whole wheat oatmeal raisin cookies

Tropical oatmeal cookies

Apple spice oatmeal cookies

Chewy cranberry oatmeal cookies with orange icing

Oatmeal and dried cherry cookies

Iced oatmeal cookies with golden raisins and applesauce

Oatmeal date cookies

Gluten Free and Vegan:

Vegan oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies

Gluten free chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Gluten free oatmeal and flax cookies with cranberries

What’s your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe?

Serving Salmon

With Earth Day this week, I thought we’d take a look at some food that’s good for us, centering around a very down-to-earth ingredient: salmon.

Orange salmon and rice

Grilled lemon salmon foil packets

Salmon stir-fry

Honey mustard glazed salmon

Grilled salmon paella foil packs

Salmon patties

Grilled salmon with honey soy marinade

Sheet pan salmon nicoise

Grilled ginger salmon fillets

Grilled Caribbean salmon packs

Glazed salmon and spicy broccoli

Steamed salmon with fresh herbs and lemon

Salmon with Indian spices

Ginger roasted salmon

Salmon steaks with hoisin glaze

Blackened salmon sandwiches

Salmon pasta

Salmon coulibiacs

Grilled salmon with citrus salsa verde

Broiled sockeye salmon with citrus glaze

Salt and pepper salmon

Honey soy grilled salmon with edamame

Grilled salmon with key lime butter

Triple citrus glazed grilled salmon

Apple cider glazed salmon

Baked salmon with blackberry ginger glaze

Chili lime grilled salmon

Salmon chowder

How do you enjoy your salmon?

Go for Grits

Today we’re going to take a look at a classic: grits.  You may be surprised how many options are out there to try.  Not familiar with grits? They’re boiled cornmeal and typically served as a breakfast item, although those who love them are happy to eat them all day long.

Cajun spiced cheesy grits

Baked garlic and cheese grits

Jalapeno cheese grits

Cheese grits

Buttered grits

Shrimp and sausage grits

Shrimp and grits bake 

Shrimp and cheese grits

Chipotle shrimp and cheddar grits

Cajun snapper and shrimp over bacon cheddar cheese grits with red pepper coulis

Lemon garlic shrimp and grits

Crawfish and grits with poached eggs

Pan seared Chilean sea bass with wild mushroom grits and fresh spinach

Sausage and cheese grits casserole

Sausage and grits casserole with baked eggs

Bacon cheddar grits

Carolina brunch style grits

Smoked Gouda grits and egg bake

Grits with broiled tomatoes

Baked grits and collards casserole

How do you enjoy eating grits?