Crafting Easter

Today we’re celebrating Easter with some fun crafts, including an edible or two!

Carrot treat bags

Bunny ear headband

Tissue paper stained glass Easter icons

Yarn bunny

Buzz word Easter eggs

Paper flower eggs

Peeps Easter cupcakes

Easter bunny banner

Easter chick paddleball

Easter miniature door scene

Easter miniature tree scene

Easter miniature teacup scene

Carrot bunch Easter tote

Tic Tac Toe Easter game

Bright Spikeez eggs

Bunny ears cupcakes

Bright mossy bunny

Bunny t-shirt

Plastic Easter egg bunnies

Easter egg hunt games

Bunny ears

Bunny knit slippers

Bunny fold napkins

Rabbit finger puppet card and egg cozy (warning: auto play video)

Tips and tricks to Pysanky eggs

Easter tree eggs, rabbits and chicks

What are you crafting, creating and eating this Easter?

Eggs for Easter

Today I’m thinking about the upcoming celebration of Easter and thought I’d share egg recipes with you.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner:

Bacon, egg and cheese quiche

Bacon and egg muffins

Zucchini frittata

Asparagus and cheese fritatta

Asparagus eggs benedict

Egg salad

Curried eggs

Southwest egg scramble

Egg hole

Scrambled egg muffins

Cheddar and egg grits

Bakers dozen eggs

Shiitake and egg tart

Green eggs and ham omelet

Ham and eggs crepe squares

Eggs benedict bake

Ranch deviled eggs

Egg in a bundle

Sausage and egg po boys

Breakfast ham and egg cups

Pink deviled eggs

Baked eggs in a hash brown cup

Lobster deviled eggs

Armadillo eggs

Goat cheese stuffed eggs

Fried deviled eggs


Marshmallow eggs

Crispy Easter eggs

Golden mini egg cakes

Chocolate candy eggs

Puff pastry eggs

Painted egg cookies

Easter egg cakes

What egg delights are you making this Easter?

Passover Plans

Coming up this week we’ve got the celebration of Passover.  Today I’ve got some recipes you can try with your family for the event.


Passover popover

Gluten free matzo style flatbread

Four strand braided challah

Harvest apple challah

No knead challah

Seeduction challah


Pistachio brittle

Main Meal:

Easy latkes

Potato crust quiche

Matzo ball soup

Fresh beet horseradish

Matzo crusted chicken cutlets

Moroccan Haroseth braised lamb shanks

Braised brisket with carrots, garlic and parsnips

Matzo spinach lasagna

Zucchini and tomato frittata

Citrus roasted asparagus

Sweet root vegetable kugel

Grilled halibut sarandeado

Carmelized brussels sprouts with lemon


Flourless chocolate cake

Flourless chocolate truffle cake

Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons

Coconut apricot macaroons

Nutty chocolate matzo crunch

Matzo s’mores

Apple cake

Apricot hamantaschen

Slivered almond Passover fudge cake

What are you making this Passover?

Choosing Caramel

Today we’re going to take a look at a few recipes that feature the wonderful sweet, caramel.


Mom’s caramels

Apple cider caramels

Gingerbread caramels

Caramel and Apple:

Dazzling drizzled caramel apples with nuts

Salted caramel apple doughnuts

Caramel apple mini cakes

Caramel apple cinnamon buns

Blue ribbon caramel apple pie

Caramel apple walnut cake

Caramel apple dip

Carmel apple crepes

Caramel apple jam

With Nuts:

Caramel nut cinnamon buns

Caramel pecan fudge tarts

Chocolate turtle cookies

Caramel pecan cheesecake

Caramel crunch blondies

Caramel sticky buns

Caramel cashew bars


Caramel cake

Salted caramel cookie bites

Coconut caramel bars

Caramel bread pudding with coconut and banana

Caramel bowls

Caramel souffle

Coffee caramel

Creme caramel

Carmelized plantains

Caramel popcorn

Caramel chew bars

Caramel pear pudding cake

Hot caramel chocolate

What are your caramel favorites?