Go for Ghosts

Today we’re taking a look at ghost inspired Halloween crafts, decorations and recipes (and join me on Pinterest too.)

Games, Crafts and Decorations:

Mini cheesecloth ghosts

Graveyard ghost

Ghost game

Ghost treat bag

Ghost luminarias

Gourd ghosts

Ghost Pinata

Ghosts in mason jars

Pencil eraser ghost craft

Ping pong ball ghost lights

Clingy ghosts


Meringue ghosts

Ghost cake

Ghost toffee

Ghost cupcakes

Ghost of Monte Cristo sandwiches

White chocolate ghosts

Ghost graveyard cocktail

Ghost pretzels

Ghostly spirit drink (video)

Oreo ghost balls (video)

Cereal and marshmallow ghosts

Ghostly pumpkin pudding

Strawberry ghosts

Bakerella ghost chocolate bark

What great ghost inspirations have you seen or tried?


Creating Creepy Eyes

I’ve seen quite a few creepy or spooky looking crafts and recipes this month that had lots of eyes in or on them.  Let’s take a look.


Eye see paint poured canvas

Glow in the dark eyes pumpkin

Seeing bubbling cauldron pumpkin

Monster family costumes

Night eyes Halloween glass

Googly eye tote bag

Eyeball silverware

Halloween eye door wreath

Spooky eye treat holders

Spooky eyeballs in a vase

Spooky eyeball bracelets

Googly eye frame

Spooky eye Halloween wreath

Eyeball wreath

Eyeballs in a tree

Eyeball rings

Googly eye front porch

Glowing eyes


Monster eyeball cookies

Eyeball pops

Seeing eye doughnuts

Dracula’s eyes

All seeing gingerbread house

Deviled ham eyeball sandwich

Berry eyeball punch

Bloodshot eggs

Eyeball minicakes

Bloodshot peanut butter eyeballs

Blueberry rickety eyeball punch

Eyeball -tini

Oreo cookie eyeballs

Monster eye cake

Oreo eye truffles

Zombie eyeballs

Creepy eye crackers

What Halloween inspiration have you seen lately?

Sweet and Scary Spiders

Today we’re looking at some creepy, crawly and crafty spiders for Halloween fun.


Spiderweb brownies

Spider web vanilla bean cheesecake

Chocolate pretzel spiders

Licorice spider

Spider cupcakes

Candy spiders

Spiderweb pancakes

Black widow spider bites

Coconut tapioca filled chocolate spiders

Spider cake pops

Pecan caramel spiders

Spider bites

Truffle spiders

Crafts and Decorations:

Pet spider

Spooky spider wreath

Spider treat pumpkin

Spider sentry

Spider toothpicks

Spider egg sac

Glow stick spider

Spiderweb tablecloth spiders

Spidery sills and window webs

Creepy cobwebs

Spiderweb invitations

Spider boxes

Fuzzy spider

Spider pinata

Jumbo spider

Spider pillow

Little spider invitation

Spider treat bag

Spiderweb balloon

How will you be inspired by spiders this Halloween?

Picking the Pumpkin Patch

Today we continue our Halloween journey looking at pumpkin crafts, decorations and some snacks, too!

Decorations and Crafts:

Pom-pom pumpkin wreath

Glitter LED wood pumpkin

Chenille pumpkins

Halloween stacked pumpkins

Pumpkin slime

Miniature Halloween pumpkin scene

Throw up your guts pumpkin

Painted rock graveyard diorama pumpkin

Pumpkin chandeliers

Mummy pumpkins

Pumpkin lanterns

Paper pumpkins

Cute pumpkin pincushions

Pumpkin wreath

Pumpkin pillow

Painted Pumpkins:

String art moon pumpkin

Coloring book pumpkin

Glow-in-the-dark pumpkin

Masked pumpkin animals

Carved pumpkins:

Owl carved pumpkin

Celestial pumpkins

Night owl carved pumpkin

Haunted house carved pumpkin

Halloween sky pumpkin

Jeweled pumpkin

Birdhouse pumpkin

Bat pumpkin

Pumpkins to Eat:

Sweet sugarbelle Halloween pumpkin cookies

Jack-o-lantern face cookies

Jack-o-lantern tartlets

Jack-o-lanterns with sorbet

Jack-o-lantern spice cookies

Fondant pumpkins

Pumpkin cheese ball

Pumpkin butter sandwich cookies

Pumpkin spice creme brulee

Pumpkin pie pops

What are you inspired to create with pumpkin this year?

An Apple To Start the Day

Today we’re taking a look at a classic ingredient that everyone loves this time of year because the fresh crop is arriving in stores and available in orchards: apples!  I’ve shared about apples in the past and I’m sure we’ll take another look at them in the future, but today I’m thinking about tasty apple breakfast recipes to start the day with.


Cinnamon apple twist bread

Cinnamon apple pull apart bread

Whole wheat apple raisin bread

Apple french toast bake

Harvest apple challah

Cinnamon apple challah

Roasted apple bread

Apple oat barley bread

Gluten free apple bread

Scones and Muffins:

Apple cinnamon scones

Apple muffins

Morning glory muffins

Dumplings and Turnovers:

Apple dumpling slices

Baked apple dumplings

Big apple dumplings

Maple apple turnovers

Autumn apple turnovers

Buns and Rolls:

Apple cinnamon pull apart rolls

Caramel apple cinnamon buns

Cinnamon apple buns

Pancakes and doughnuts:

Apple cider baked doughnuts with maple glaze

Apple pancakes with boiled cider

Apple stuffed pancakes

Gluten free apple cinnamon coconut flour pancakes

More Breakfast Treats:

Sausage, apple and cheddar pockets

Apple cinnamon baked oatmeal

Apple butter

Gluten free apple cinnamon breakfast pastry

What are your favorite apple breakfast recipes?

Falling for Fall Creativity

Today we’re going to take a look at a few craft and decoration ideas that are perfect for early autumn or even post back to school decorating, there might even be a few fall snacks too!

Pom pom rug

Fall leaf painted mason jar

Fall floral bundle wall art

Fall pick and berry wreath

Leafy spiced cupcakes

Yarn feather canvas

Leaf guest soaps

Fall hoop wreath

Fall stenciled baskets

Cork leaf coasters

Pressed leaf butterflies

Pumpkin spice candles

Dried bracts wreath

Autumn in a jar

Leaf print tablecloth

Autumn luminarias

Family tree scrapbook page and leaves accordion fold cards

Paper leaf wreath

Nut wreath

Gourd candles

How are you celebrating fall?

Food to Fuel School

Today we’re taking a look at some ready-for-school recipes. These are recipes that can help you and/or your kids get ready for the day, some school-approved (no peanut butter) snacks and after school treats!


“Hot chocolate” banana nut oatmeal

Whole grain porridge

Breakfast burrito

Low fat raspberry corn muffins

Berry oatmeal bake

Breakfast cookies

Whole grain pumpkin banana bread

Toaster tarts


Apple cinnamon scones

French toast kebabs

Oatmeal and dried cherry biscuit scones

Allergen free coffee crumb cake

Gluten free morning glory muffins


Taco bar

Rainbow and butterflies pasta salad

Yogurt fruit bars

Banana oatmeal sponge cookies

Scone nibbles

Crunchy roasted chickpeas

Tortilla roll-ups

Pot of gold bento lunch

Broccoli pesto pasta


No bake granola bars

Date nut squares

Banana chocolate chip muffins

Coconut fruit and nut bars

Chocolate coconut graham crackers

Pita nachos

Apple cupcakes

Chocolate banana pops

Bear-y good snack mix

Cinnamon bun bites

Cranberry millet muffins

Gluten free cookie bars

What fun foods are you planning for this school year?