Bunnies And Birds

Easter is coming up so today I’m sharing some cute bunny and bird ideas.

Bunny Crafts:

Bunny fold napkins

Plastic Easter egg bunnies

Sew an Easter bunny basket

Carrot burlap wall art

Crepe paper Easter creations

Bunny ears

Rabbit finger puppet card

Easter bunny garland

Easter bunny card

Stuffed menswear bunny

Quilt a carrot table runner

Bunny Treats:

Easter bunny cupcake

Carrot cheesecake with marzipan carrots

Easter bunny cake

Raspberry lemon Easter cake with cookie bunnies

Bird Crafts:

Needle felted chicks

Easter place cards

Egg chicks

Bird Treats:

Marshmallow chicks and bunnies

Nesting bird cupcake

Chick cupcake

Bird’s nest cupcake

Bird’s nest cookies

Nesting baby bluebird cupcakes

Chick and egg cupcake

Lemon macaroon chicks

What fun and tasty things will you be inspired to create with chick and bunnies this year?

Savory Scallops

Today’s ingredient is the scallop, it’s a shell fish that isn’t usually served on the shell, like oysters, but can be. Buying tip: if scallops are stark white, it’s a sign that they’ve been soaked in water

Spicy seared

Seared with pomegranate dressing

Asian broth poached with shrimp and soba noodles

Kebabs with orange and cucumber

Scallops with sherry and saffron couscous

Stir fry

Po boy with spicy mayo

Spaghetti with bay scallops, leeks and tarragon

Orange flavored

Snap pea stir fry

In white wine

Stew with shrimp and couscous

No-beach clambake

Scallops, mussels and asparagus salad

Grilled drunken shrimp and scallops skewers

Mediterranean casserole

Piri piri scallops with spinach pineapple salad

Seared scallop tequila shooters

Seafood chowder

What are your favorite scallop recipes?

Ready for Spring

Spring officially arrived yesterday, but in NJ we’ve still got snow.  So I thought we could talk about some fun indoor gardening ideas instead.

Macrame paracord plant

Painted, galvanized succulent garden

Mini fairy garden terrarium

Spring container planting

Tiered plant stand

Miniature plant garden with olive

Buttoned plant sling

Plant watering system

Eggshell flowerpots

Table terrarium project

Wardian cases

Blooming houseplants

Easy houseplants

What ways will you use plants to brighten your home?

Say Yes to Strawberries

Today we’re celebrating the yummy strawberry!

Breads, Bars and Cookies:

Pecan bread

Triple berry cinnamon swirl bread

Strawberry shortbread

Strawberry rhubarb bars

Strawberry muffins

Strawberry scones

Oatmeal bars

Pies and Cakes

Berries and cream cake

Hand pies

Old-fashioned pie

Strawberry filled angle food cake

Strawberry torte

Strawberry shortcakes

Strawberry-chocolate turnovers

Strawberry souffle

Chiffon pie

Sweets and Treats

Syrup and puree

Strawberry jam

Coconut smoothie

Ice cream

Strawberry butter

Strawberry-ginger caipirosca

Strawberry-kiwi jam

What are your favorite things to make with strawberries?

Signs of St. Patrick

Next week Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the USA, for the past week and into next week there have been and will be lots of celebrating and drinking (you can see some yummy recipe ideas here and here).   Today I’ve got some fun projects (and Leprechaun games) for you to try if you haven’t been having too much fun with your friends.

Simple clover hair band

Clover garland

Shamrock boutonnieres

St. Patrick’s Day pins

Clover coasters and marbles

Clover hair pin

Shamrock wall hanging

Felt shamrock

Lucky shirts

Split pea shamrocks

4 leaf clover card

Leprechaun pin

Leprechaun peg dolls

Leprechaun cake trap

Glass vase leprechaun trap

How will you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Super Spinach

Yes, this week’s ingredient is the ever-famous spinach.  Did you know that they didn’t actually make up the power of spinach for Popeye?  Yes, it’s actually really good for you, one of the best leafy greens, and it’s low in calories too!


Breakfast biscuits

Scrambled eggs, spinach and tomatoes

Pineapple spinach juice

Sunny side up eggs and baby spinach flatbread

Spinach and Gruyere quiches

Spinach and bacon quiche

Spinach and cheddar souffle

Quinoa spinach bake

Lunch and Dinner:

Steamed spinach with lemon

Fried black rice with ginger tofu and spinach

Barley, Brussels sprouts, spinach and edamame

Mushroom spinach and scallion tart

Spinach pie

Stuffed pizza

Spinach and ricotta calzone

Creamy shells with tuna and spinach

Shrimp, tomatoes, spinach and rice

Salmon, spinach and chick peas

Italian wedding soup

Broccoli and spinach soup with avocado toasts

Spinach and tortellini soup

Creamy shrimp and spinach stew

Ricotta and spinach stuffed shells

Spinach mac and cheese

Pasta with spinach and edamame

Spinach and brie chicken with tomato orzo

What do you like to make with spinach?