Thankful Creativity

Today is the day before we celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA, and we’re talking about crafts and fun games!  If you missed Monday’s delicious dinner, dessert, drink, and leftover ideas, you can check them out here.

Crafts and Decorations:

Tiny toms

Turkey nut holder

Wooden turkey

Leaf place cards

Finger stamp place cards


Turkey luminarias

Cornhusk votives

Indian corn napkin rings

Leaf napkin ring

Cornhusk dolls

Pilgrim pal

Finger puppet favors

Give thanks blocks


Turkey trot

Nutty squirrels

Turkey trivia

How will you decorate and celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thankful for Food

Today I’m starting our Thanksgiving celebrations with some recipes if you’re looking to try something new this year!  Wednesday I’ll have some fun crafts, decorations and activities!



Apple and sage

BBQ style

Herb roasted

Rosemary and lemon

Slow grilled

Brown sugar


Butternut squash risotto

Sweet potato souffle

Ginger rice stuffed mushrooms

Hot crab dip

Beet, carrot and apple salad

Biscuits with pumpkin spiced apple butter

Gluten free high fiber dinner rolls

Herb and onion rolls

Spinach and cheese puff

Cranberry and dried cherry relish

Green beans with crispy prosciutto pine nuts

Curried pumpkin apple soup

Cherry pecan cornbread



Oyster brioche


Sage and sausage

Ciabatta with chestnuts and pancetta


Pear and pecan

Mushroom and walnut


Pies, Cakes and Tarts:

Pecan chocolate chip

Pumpkin cream

Cranberry, almond and cinnamon tart

Cranberry meringue

Caramel nut tart

Cranberry cake

Pumpkin cheesecake

Whole wheat cranberry sour cream coffee cake

Scones and Cookies:

Orange cranberry

Triple chocolate scones

Marshmallow pilgrim hats

Cupcakes and Muffins:

Whole grain, vegan cranberry nut muffins

Gobbling good cupcakes

Sweet tom turkeys

Pumpkin cupcakes

And More:

Maple pumpkin custard

Fruity Indian pudding

Pumpkin icebox squares

Pumpkin gingerbread trifle

Pumpkin caramels


Warm apple pie

Pumpkin pie martini

Whiskey cranberry slush

Mulled red wine sangria


Turkey stromboli

Tex-mex turkey tacos

Cranberry pancakes

Pocket pies

Stuffing bites

Potato croquettes

Veggie frittata

Turkey chili with cornbread topping

Chunky turkey vegetable soup

What are you serving this Thanksgiving?

Beautiful Buttons

On November 16 we celebrate an essential and unique item: buttons.  I love that something so simple can be so useful and it can also be used to make far more creative things!  Here are some cool things you can do with buttons:

Button earrings

Rings and bracelets

Button necklace

Button flowers

Button beings

Dragon gloves

Button magnets

Button gift wrap

Button flowers

Button curtains

Scrapbook layout

Framed with buttons

Button snake

Decorated candles

What fun things have you tried with buttons?

Super Sandwiches

Today, in honor of the sandwich, celebrated on November 3, I’ve got some sandwich recipes I hope you’ll enjoy.  Some I’ve chosen because they’re healthy, others I’ve shared because you may have always wondered what ingredients went along with that name!


Italian roasted chicken wrap

Cobb salad

Chicken, avocado and bacon

Slow-cooker spicy buffalo chicken

Chicken ruben

Pollo con queso


Turkey caprese

Turkey pastrami

Turkey avocado club

Turkey muffuletta


Crab cakes

Po’ Boys

Grilled fish sandwich with cabbage slaw

Salmon salad


Banh Mi


Monte Cristo



Croque Monsieur


Hummus vegetable

California vegetable


Chef salad

Veggie wrap grilled cheese



Vietnamese steak

Philly steak

French dip

Steak remoulade

Do you have a sandwich you’ve always wondered about?  What about a favorite?  Share your favorites and frustrations below!