Mardi Gras Magic

This coming Tuesday is the celebration of Mardi Gras, the culmination of several weeks of festivals, parties and parades. Traditionally this is a celebration leading up to Lent, but is celebrated by many different people and cultures, especially in New Orleans.  Today I’ve got some food ideas to spice up any celebrations you may be having!

Shrimp and crab gumbo

Hot shrimp dip

Big Easy shrimp etouffée

Shrimp jambalaya

Fried catfish po’ boy

Chicken gumbo

Shrimp boil

Cajun snapper with red beans and rice

Jambalaya pizza

King cake

King cake cupcakes

Mini King cakes

Crown cookies

Easy beignets

Buttermilk pralines

Cafe brulot

Parade time cocktail


Are you celebrating Mardi Gras?  If so, what are you cooking?

Mosaic Magic

If you’re looking for something to fill your boredom while waiting for the snow to melt? How about a mosaic?  From paper to tables anything can become a mosaic work of art!  Popular mosaic material includes magazines, colored and scrapbook paper, tiles, eggshells, feathers, puzzle pieces, and basically anything!  My preference is to use only one type of material per project, but you can get creative and try a couple!

Magazine mosaics

Mosaic print T-shirt

Sand mosaics

Egg shell mosaics

Round mosaic trivet

Gypsy moon table

Mosaic vase

Glass mosaic spheres

Mosaic birdhouse

Mosaic coasters

What have you done with mosaics?

Cheering for Cherries

Today we’re going to celebrate the delicious and sweet cherry!

Cookies and pastries:

Cherry vanilla oatmeal cookies

Chocolate cherry rugelach

Cherry date oat bars

Cherry squares

Cherry cupcakes

Chewy cherry almond bars

Dried cherry and almond scones

Pies and more

Vanilla cherry cobbler

Sour cherry pistachio crisp

Rustic cherry tart with ricotta and almonds

No bake cherry cheesecake

Cherry ricotta cheesecake

Chocolate covered cherry whoopie pies

Lemon cherry trifle

Cherry pie


Cherry lemonade

Black cherry spritzer

Cherry berry tea smoothies

Bing cherry mojitos

Cherry limeade

What are your favorite cherry recipes?

Luscious Love

Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, is a great chance to spend some time with your significant other, or just your family and celebrate all that you love with delicious food!


Raspberry chocolate kiss cocktail

Blizzard cocktail

Pomegranate champagne punch

Chocolate martini

Chocolate stout shake

Wine to warm you

Tiramisu tippers


Spicy beef and broccoli noodle bowl

Shrimp scampi

Seared tenderloin steak

Chiken and mushrooms in red wine sauce

Linguini with shrimp

17 more romantic food and wine pairings


Cake pops

Heart sandwich cookies

Raspberry tarts

Chocolate dipped shortbread hearts

Creamy fudge hearts

Lovebug cookies

Chocolate intemperance

Chocolate truffle torte

Cherry pie

Mini raspberry and white chocolate whoopie pies

Individual brownie trifles

What are you serving this Valentine’s Day?

Very Creative Valentines

Friday we celebrate love again, so today I’ve got some crafty and creative ideas to start your gifting off with. Thursday I’ll share recipes to make your day special!

Crafts and Decorations:

Sticky hands, warm hearts

Heart string

Window heart

Candy box

Crayon hearts

Love beads

Papercut hearts

Heart-felt bag

Be still my heart T-shirt

Crafty heart T-shirt

Lace heart T-shirt

Shrinky Dink heart charm bracelet




Paw prints in the snow

Glitter heart

21 more ideas

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Celebrating Chocolate

Today, in honor of the founding of Hershey’s on February 9, 1894, I thought we’d enjoy some recipes made with Hershey’s products! Of course there are lots of ideas on the Hershey’s website to check out too.

Chocolate cherry mice

Fire breathing dragon cake

Valentine muffins

Rocket candy

Holiday pretzel treats

Chocolate truffles

Whoopee pie

Chocolate hazelnut cookies

Chocolate and almond croissants

Chocolate ganache cupcakes

Double chocolate bread pudding with bourbon whipped cream

S’mores cookie crumble bars

Salted caramel brownies

Chocolate, chocolate chip cookies

Mexican hot chocolate

Chocolate suds

Super gooey chocolate drops

Chocolate granite

What do you like making with Hershey’s products?