Picking Plums

Today we’re looking at a favorite spring and summer fruit: the plum!

Plum tart

Gingered plum streusel pie

Dried plum coffee cake

Seared plums

Plum jam

Plum galette

Plum cake

Plum butter

Plum meringues

Plum crumble

Cherry plums in vodka

Sauteed plums in maple syrup

Plum and pinion coffee cake

Grilled plum kabobs

Plum and port crostata

Plum tart

Buttermilk plum cake

Plum skillet cake

Sugar plum tart

Spicy plum salsa

Warm plum sauce

Tapioca pudding with glazed plums

Plum galettes

Spiced plum pie

Port and cinnamon plums

Plum berry whole wheat tarts

Red plum shortbread bars

Grilled plum topped pizza

Cast iron plum polenta cake

Cherry plum bread pudding

Plum crunch

Plum cornbread

Plum vanilla preserves


Plum negroni

Prune plum spritzer

Plum and pineapple sangria

Plum caipirinha

Plums up

What are your favorite ways to enjoy plums?

Kiwi Creations

Today we’re taking a look at some kiwi recipes! Kiwi is a great summer treat, whether you enjoy it all by itself, in a fruit salad or mixed up in a delicious recipe.

Kiwi summer roll

Kiwi meringues

Yogurt cones kiwis

Shrimp kiwi lime relish

Honey flan citrus and kiwi fruit

Lime kiwi freezer jam

Kiwi lime pie

Chocolate covered kiwi pops

Strawberry, kiwi and quinoa breakfast parfait

Fresh fruit parfait with lemon poppy seed yogurt

Fresh fruit tart


Kiwi margarita

Kiwi honeydew limeade

Kiwi crush

Fizzy kiwi lemonade

Fresh kiwi grape juice

Kiwi peach green smoothies

Kiwi pineapple smoothies

Strawberry kiwi punch

Spring green smoothies

Kiwi ginger zinger protein smoothie

Frozen Treats

Watermelon kiwi pops

Fruity white sangria pops

Kiwi strawberry rooibos ice pops

Tropical fruit coconut parfait pops

Kiwi ice pops

What are your kiwi recipes and tips?

Drink to Summer

Today I’ve got a selection of summer inspired drinks, most with a little fruit or other summery inspiration!

Summer white sangria

Peach teallini

Summer breeze

Peach and blackberry muddle

Honeydew agua fresca

Summer fruit sangria

Watermelon-cucumber cooler

Peach juleps

Honeydew granita spritzer

Cherry beer

Rhubarb ice tea

Strawberry lemonade

Strawberry hibiscus tea lemonade

Frozen peach margaritas

Peach juleps

Hibiscus-honey iced tea

Tropical ginger punch

Watermelon mojito

Bing cherry mojito

Pineapple-rum cocktail

Pina colada

Mango margaritas

Spiked mango lemonade

Melon and mint lemonade

What is on your drink menu for this holiday weekend?

An Irish Treat

To extend the fun of St. Patrick’s Day on Friday into the weekend today we’ve got some Irish inspired treats and sweets.


Irish soda bread

Irish cream scones

Apple oat bread

Four leaf clover rolls

Scones with pears, Irish cheddar and honey

Rye soda bread

Irish style brown bread

Cookies and Cupcakes:

Irish cream shortbread

Irish cream cupcakes

St. Pats pistachio cookies

Pistachio shortbread

St. Pats green cupcakes

Chocolate stout cupcakes

Irish coffee bar

Sugar cookie clovers

Irish coffee cupcakes

Creme de menthe brownie bites

Spiked mudslide cake

Other treats:

Breakfast porridge

Gluten free Irish soda bread muffins

Guinness float

Irish pirate

What foods are you enjoying to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

A Little Bit of Orange

Today we’re looking at one of my favorite late winter and early spring flavors and fruits: the orange.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner:

Orange waffles

Orange popovers

Orange spiral rolls

Mini orange muffins

Orange glazed chicken wings

Orange balsamic chicken

Orange rice with mushrooms

Orange flavored scallops


Orange pound cake

Orange and cream cake

Orange sweet rolls

Creamy orange scones

Orange sunshine coffeecake

Orange cream shortbread cookies

Mini orange angel food cakes

Orange madelines

Orange tart

Creamy orange rice pudding

Orange nut toffee

Blood orange bars

Orange fig pillows


Orange cloud

Orange shandy

Blood orange martini

Hot orange sipping tea

Orange banana smoothie

Special Recipes:

Candied orange peel

Orange marmalade

Gluten free orange vanilla shortbread

Vegan clementine cupcakes

What are your favorite orange recipes?

Sweet Sangria

As we wrap up our year today we’re going to take a look at some sangria recipes you might want to add to your party tonight.

White sangria

Mulled white wine sangria

Sweet honey white sangria

White peach sangria (video)

Classic sangria

Prosecco sangria

Fall sangria

Winter fruit sangria

Apple cinnamon winter sangria

Summer sangria

Summer fruit sangria

Rose sangria

Sangria spritzer

Passion fruit sangria

Stone fruit sangria

Melon mint sangria

Strawberry rhubarb sangria

Plum and pineapple sangria

Cucumber sangria

Cherry sangria

Blackberry sangria

Strawberry sangria

Mixed berry limoncello sangria

Cranberry cider sangria

Pomegranate sangria

Hot spiced cider sangria

Tropical sangria

What are you making for drinks tonight for New Years Eve?

12 Days of Christmas, Day 12

Can you believe that today is the day before Christmas?  Me either! Let the celebrations begin!


Breakfast: Apple almond cinnamon strata

Snack/Appetizer: Herb and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms

Dinner: Shrimp risotto

Dessert: Red velvet holiday trifle

Cookie: Christmas peanut butter blossoms

Gluten Free: Turtle brownies

Food Gift: Nutty squash dog treats

Drink: Holiday punch


Santa: “We believe” Santa clothesline decoration

Trees/Wreath: Wood pallet and ornament ball tree

Angels: Paper fan angel

Cards: Reindeers in the dark card

Ornaments: Toothpick star

Lights: Christmas town candle and jar

Misc Decor: Clay Christmas lanterns

Games: Christmas tic-tac-toe

12 Days Inspired: Drum ornament