Minty Fresh

With the new year I thought we’d take a look at an ingredient that can bring a little freshness to your cooking: mint!

Dinner and Snacks:

Mint avocado dip

Green goddess mint dipping pots

Crunchy sprout and daikon salad with mint

Quinoa salad with squash and mint

Orzo stuffed peppers with feta and mint

Lemon mint risotto

Potatoes with mint mayonnaise

Bulgar salad with chickpeas, feta and mint

Scallops with mint pesto

Grilled swordfish with citrus, saffron and mint

Poached salmon with lemon mint tzatziki

Lamb ragu with mint


Chocolate mint torte

Triple mint ice cream cake dessert

Mint chocolate cheesecake

Minty cookies and cream tassies

Butter mint stars

Mint tuilles

Melting mint brownies

Fresh mint truffles

Chocolate mint sandwiches

Mint chocolate brownies

Star mint meringues

Mint meringue kisses

White chocolate mint mousse

Mint chunk ice cream

Pink peppermint stick ice cream

Mint ice cream

Mint Greek frozen yogurt

Gluten free chocolate peppermint snaps


Minted iced tea

Mint julep

Minty lime refresher

Mint strawberry crush

Peach mint green tea

Cucumber mint refresher

Mint shakes

Pineapple mint ginger water

Bourbon mint tea

Pineapple mint juice

Blueberry mint smoothie

What are your favorite mint recipes?


Christmas Food Gifts

Today I thought we’d look at some awesome DIY food gifts you can give to family and friends.

Granola and Trail Mix:

Pumpkin seed trail mix

Fig ginger granola

Savory thyme granola

Gingerbread granola



Cookies, Scones:

Christmas macaroons

Lemon crispies

Toffee pecan cookie

Toasted coconut drops

Triple fruit fruitcake mix

Toffee blondies

Coconut crunch cookies

Gingerbread scones

Apple cinnamon muffins

Chocolate nut cookies

Toffee blondies

Cranberry bran muffins

Blueberry ginger hotcakes

M&M cookie mix

Chocolate peanut butter M&M cookies

Cinnamon spice muffins

Soup Mixes:

Curried lentil soup

Spicy three bean soup


Flavored vodkas

Limoncello (video)

Hot chocolate mix (video)

Spiced apple tea mix

Peppermint hot chocolate

Sauces and Syrups:

Herb infused olive oil

Spicy cinnamon syrup

Sundae sauce

Caramel bourbon vanilla sauce

Slow cooker pear and apple butter

Sweet pomegranate syrup

Chunky cranberry relish

Peppery peach sauce

Cranberry syrup

Lemon curd

Cranberry chutney

Strawberry chia jam

More ideas:

Salt blends

Personal coffee blend

Scented sugars

Candy cane marshmallows

All purpose spice rub

Jamaican jerk rub

Multipurpose meat marinade

Savory herb salt rub

What DIY food gifts have you received and loved or are your favorites to give?

Go for Ghosts

Today we’re taking a look at ghost inspired Halloween crafts, decorations and recipes (and join me on Pinterest too.)

Games, Crafts and Decorations:

Mini cheesecloth ghosts

Graveyard ghost

Ghost game

Ghost treat bag

Ghost luminarias

Gourd ghosts

Ghost Pinata

Ghosts in mason jars

Pencil eraser ghost craft

Ping pong ball ghost lights

Clingy ghosts


Meringue ghosts

Ghost cake

Ghost toffee

Ghost cupcakes

Ghost of Monte Cristo sandwiches

White chocolate ghosts

Ghost graveyard cocktail

Ghost pretzels

Ghostly spirit drink (video)

Oreo ghost balls (video)

Cereal and marshmallow ghosts

Ghostly pumpkin pudding

Strawberry ghosts

Bakerella ghost chocolate bark

What great ghost inspirations have you seen or tried?

Creating Creepy Eyes

I’ve seen quite a few creepy or spooky looking crafts and recipes this month that had lots of eyes in or on them.  Let’s take a look.


Eye see paint poured canvas

Glow in the dark eyes pumpkin

Seeing bubbling cauldron pumpkin

Monster family costumes

Night eyes Halloween glass

Googly eye tote bag

Eyeball silverware

Halloween eye door wreath

Spooky eye treat holders

Spooky eyeballs in a vase

Spooky eyeball bracelets

Googly eye frame

Spooky eye Halloween wreath

Eyeball wreath

Eyeballs in a tree

Eyeball rings

Googly eye front porch

Glowing eyes


Monster eyeball cookies

Eyeball pops

Seeing eye doughnuts

Dracula’s eyes

All seeing gingerbread house

Deviled ham eyeball sandwich

Berry eyeball punch

Bloodshot eggs

Eyeball minicakes

Bloodshot peanut butter eyeballs

Blueberry rickety eyeball punch

Eyeball -tini

Oreo cookie eyeballs

Monster eye cake

Oreo eye truffles

Zombie eyeballs

Creepy eye crackers

What Halloween inspiration have you seen lately?

Cooking with Kale

Today we’re taking a look at another healthy ingredient you can add to your recipes: kale!

Soup and Stew:

White bean and sausage stew

Kale soup

Sausage and kale soup

Lentil soup with crispy kale

Salad and Slaw:

Kale slaw with peanut dressing

Sesame kale salad

Kale slaw with red cabbage and carrots

Holiday kale slaw

Sesame, kale and edamame

Kale and quinoa salad

Kale citrus salad

Southwest kale salad

Pasta and Pizza:

Greens and grain pizza

Tuscan kale orecchiette

Gnocci with kale

Chicken and kale casserole

Kale pesto


Kale chips

Sauteed kale with garlic and lemon

Roasted portobellos with kale

Kale with sausage stuffing

Kale dip with snap peas

Kale and lentil bowl with avocado dressing

Cheese and kale souffle

Kale with sweet sausage

Sausage and kale hand pies

Fruity kale smoothies

Warm eggplant and kale panzanella

Kale and artichoke dip

What are your favorite kale recipes?

Featuring Flax

Today we’re looking at an ingredient that can add something special to your recipes, including some extra nutrition: flax!  Take a look at these sweet and savory recipe ideas:


Blueberry flax muffins

Flax pancakes

Blueberry flax buttermilk pancakes

Pumpkin flaxseed and chocolate breakfast bars

Zucchini banana flaxseed muffins

Banana peach and flax smoothie

Gluten free banana bread with coconut and flax


Honey challah with flax

Flaxseed rolls

Flax soda bread

Wheat, oat and flax buns

Soft sandwich bread with flax

Honey flax sourdough bread

Whole wheat sandwich bread with flax, sesame and sunflower seeds

Lunch and Dinner:

Flax seed pizza crust

Flax crusted tuna burgers with avocado aioli


Brownies with fruit, nuts and flax

Oatmeal and flax cranberry cookies

Pumpkin flaxseed doughnuts

Oatmeal flax chocolate chip cookies

Peanut butter no bake cookies with oats and flaxseeds

Gluten free oatmeal and flax cranberry cookies

What are your favorite recipes to make with flax or add flax seed to? 

Picking Plums

Today we’re looking at a favorite spring and summer fruit: the plum!

Plum tart

Gingered plum streusel pie

Dried plum coffee cake

Seared plums

Plum jam

Plum galette

Plum cake

Plum butter

Plum meringues

Plum crumble

Cherry plums in vodka

Sauteed plums in maple syrup

Plum and pinion coffee cake

Grilled plum kabobs

Plum and port crostata

Plum tart

Buttermilk plum cake

Plum skillet cake

Sugar plum tart

Spicy plum salsa

Warm plum sauce

Tapioca pudding with glazed plums

Plum galettes

Spiced plum pie

Port and cinnamon plums

Plum berry whole wheat tarts

Red plum shortbread bars

Grilled plum topped pizza

Cast iron plum polenta cake

Cherry plum bread pudding

Plum crunch

Plum cornbread

Plum vanilla preserves


Plum negroni

Prune plum spritzer

Plum and pineapple sangria

Plum caipirinha

Plums up

What are your favorite ways to enjoy plums?