Fun with Pie

I love playing with food, getting creative with food and sharing food with friends!  Today we’re talking about the fun and creativity you can have with pie!

Decorating pies

If you’re a metal worker, or you have one you know, creating handmade [cookie] cutters are a great way to add your own personal flair to the “vents” on the top of a pie.  Here’s one creative idea from King Arthur Flour.  Use  little rollers/cutters to add a special touch to the outside of your pie, and maybe even the top.

Pie sizes and shapes

Pies can and should come in all shapes and sizes including mini, square, and round.  Get creative for your next event, and present birthday pies in mini size, one for each person!

Pie fillings

Traditional dessert pie fillings featured here include pecan, apple, chocolate, key lime and peanut butter!

Try Vegetable Pot Pie, Corn, Lima bean and Lobster Shepherd’s Pie, or traditional Shepherd’s Pie for dinner this week!

What creative things have you tried with pies?  Share your horror stories, fun adventures and success stories below!

A Straw of Another Color

On January 2 the drinking straw was patented in 1888.  Ever since we’ve been using them in drinks and in creative projects.  Check out these straw decorations and decorations made from straws!

Straw Decorations

Star straw decorations

Creative Crafts

Action figures, Leis, planes, engineering projects, dancing lion or dragon, miniature golf sets, and lots more!

Mobiles, paintings, beading, flowers, 3-d art and more!

Basketball hoop game, straw curtain, wind pointer, fireworks and more!

Star burst ornament and straw bead necklace from

Make your own party noisemakers with straws

Make extra large bubbles using straws

And for some over the top inspiration with straws, check out these crazy ideas!

Other than sipping a drink, what’s your favorite creative use for straws?  Share your creativity below!

Super Party

The Super Bowl is February 6th between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers!  I hope you’re celebrating, but regardless of whether you’re a fan of either team, it’s a great time to get together, have some super food and hopefully watch some great football (or commercials, or something else).


Steelers colors are primarily black and yellow, but you could also include some red and blue.  Packers fans are just green and yellow.  You can use the team colors to decorate with flags, hats, footballs and more.  Also coordinate your dinnerware, napkins and serving pieces with team colors.


A lot of the suggestions I’m seeing this year are about appetizers and not about main dishes.  I guess we’re tending towards small bites with lots of variety this year!

50 nacho varieties

Dip: Queso, Cheesy Spinach and Bacon, Cheese & Spicy Buffalo Chicken, Cheese & Spicy Cheeseburger, Cheesy Hawaiian, and 50 more!

32 Potato Skin ideas

60 Guacamole & 100 salsa ideas

100 varieties of chicken wings!

Main dish ideas: Chili, sandwiches, salads, tacos, burgers, pizza, ribs and more!

Can’t forget dessert ideas: brownies, cookies, 5 layer bars, sundaes, cheesecake, ice cream pie and more!


If you’re not a football fan, maybe make up a game to play with the commercials, bet on which team will win with your fellow partiers or play football or another game (board games are good too!)

Share your favorite team and your plans for the big day below!

Creative Words

Last week I shared two posts, here and here, about words.  This week I was inspired to share with you my creative friends about we can do creatively with words!

The most obvious thing to do with words is writing.  I love writing!  It’s the main reason I write so many blog posts and a devotion each week.  Writing is a great way to express yourself and to get your thoughts on paper.  Even if you’re not a writer keeping a journal is a very important thing to consider.  Journaling is great for people of all ages and talents.  Writing is a great way to record your dreams, keep up with your passions, remember great events and fun parties and never forget the reasons you love those you love.

However, I was recently inspired by the “words” on a fellow writer’s blog post, and thought that we could also talk about the other ways we can be creative with words as well.

Art @ Red Letter Words







And of course we can’t forget music & lyrics, collages, scrapbooking, movies or web design!

What other great creative projects use words? Share your favorites, and your thoughts on sharing words below!

Favorite Hobbies!

January is hobby month.  What are your favorite hobbies to do in your downtime?  I enjoy art, gardening, outdoor recreation and more! Check out these hobbies and share your favorites below.

Collecting: seashells, trading cards, photographs, autographs, books, toys, trains, poetry, art, and more.  Great fun, and makes it easy for people to get you gifts!

Outdoor recreation: whether you hike, bike, fish, swim, mountain climb, do extreme sports or just enjoy sleeping in a tent, get outside this year and enjoy nature!

Performing arts: singing, acting, juggling, magic, dancing.  Hop over to YouTube and check out some rising stars, or some doing their best!

Games: card & board, and of course video games!

Cooking: The web is full of great cooking inspiration. usually features a great food blogger or two, and always has new recipes!  Twitter is another great way to find new recipes.

Gardening: whether you have a big backyard, or just potted herbs in your kitchen, gardening is a bright and healthy activity!

Reading: Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, History, Non-Fiction and more!  Magazines, comics and newspapers too!  Check out your local library

Woodworking, photography, moviemaking, jewelry making, playing a musical instrument, restoring a car, metalworking & more.

Share your talented designs, or add a favorite hobby below!

Tea Party

January is hot tea month!  Green, white, herbal, black.  There are so many varieties of tea.  What is your favorite?  Lately I’ve really been especially enjoying my favorite, green.  Maybe it’s because of dealing with the challenges that come with winter in the Northeast USA. Hmm.  If you’re a tea drinker do you prefer loose tea or bagged tea?  Today I’m sharing a selection of tea recipes and tea party food ideas.  Check them out and share your favorites too!

Flowering teas: never heard of them?  Check them out here

My favorite chai tea recipe

Lipton’s selection of hot tea recipes


Southern tea cakes

Chocolate glazed tea cakes

Tangerine tea cakes

Cranberry/currant scones

Check out these tea party recipes

Check out Bigelow Tea’s excellent selection of recipes for all times of the day!

What do you love best about tea?  Share your tea thoughts and a picture of your favorite tea mug or cup below!

Creative Stress Relief

Today I thought I would share about some of my favorite creative activities that are especially good at releasing stress.

Dance: Dance requires physical movement, passion, and energy.  Whether you’re a trained dancer or prefer to dance along to whatever is on the radio, dance is a great way to release stress.

Gardening: Although gardening is slightly out of season for those of us in the New York area, think of this as something to look forward to if you’re buried under snow right now.  Gardening not only gets you doing some physical activity, it also gets you directly in contact with nature and plants.  Nature has this great ability to reduce and relieve stress that builds up from all the technology in our lives, as well as the stress we get from other people or our work.

Sculptures:  Whether you’re working wires, ice, snow, clay or something else, sculpting is a great way to release stress.  Throwing the clay, bending the wires, shaving the ice, rolling the snow, all have different levels of physical activity, but are great to put the extra passion and energy you have into.

Wood working: The next time you’re frustrated, try building a bird house, or try carving an animal, box or toy for a little less physical work.

Other options including painting and yoga.  Painting is especially good for expressing emotions and the feelings of stress, but not so great if you want to work off physical energy. Yoga is also great for calming yourself down and getting re-centered before you get back to work.

What are your favorite stress relieving creative activities?  Share them below!

Scrapbooking Your Holidays

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get out those scrapbooks and get creative with our holiday memories.  Taking time to do this in January not only helps to chase away the January blues but also gives you the opportunity to scrapbook while the holiday’s events still fresh in your mind.

-visit local craft stores now to pick up Christmas decor & paper you can use for scrapbooking this year and next

-use left over wrapping paper for both backgrounds and decorations

-check out these super cool paper piecing patterns to liven up your pages and add a bit of depth

-see if your local craft stores offer classes or have free demonstrations. You never know what ideas they may share.

For some Christmas and Holiday layout ideas, check out these 1 2 3 4 5

For Hanukkah layout ideas check this page out

Have you scrapbooked your holidays yet?  Do you have other little tricks or ideas that you include in your scrapbooking?  Share your ideas below.

Growing Creativity

Stay in touch with yourself this year as you pursue creative fun.  There are inspirational ideas everywhere, try a different creative pursuit to get new inspiration or a new perspective on your creative passion.

Read a fantasy or fiction book

Take a vacation

Take a class: there are tons of art classes available in community colleges and at local high schools

Blog: sharing your art can often inspire other ideas and you can create a support network with other artists.

Scrapbook your creativity: it’s another way to not only remember but to inspire

Do daily yoga/meditation: you’ll be more relaxed and can create from a lower stress place

Get outside daily for nature inspiration

Do some home cooking, both favorites and new recipes

See a play or show

Dedicate time weekly to creating for a good cause.  You can make up a box throughout the year to donate in December to an orphanage or other country.

Redecorate: new perspectives bring new ideas

Buy a cheaper camera to keep with you at all times, you’ll always be ready to snap up inspiration

Listen to music

Share your talent: there are tons of websites you can share your creative talents on including, and You could also teach a community class, or start your own website or a Facebook page.

What other ideas do have that help to inspire you?  Share them below.