Attractive Apples

Today I thought we’d take a look at some seasonal decoration ideas, apples! Let’s craft and create our way through this autumn.

Apple terracotta pot

Crochet apple dishcloth

Paper strip apple

Apple corner bookmark

Pinecone apple tree

Little apple yarn favors

Apple pom poms

Dried apple star ornament

Apple and burlap banner

Apple with adorable worm

Puffy paint apple window clings

Apple leaf suncatchers

Iron on apple pencil bag

Cross stitch apple bag

Crochet apple

Button apple art

Apple mason jar

Crochet apple wreath

Apple thank you card

Scrap ribbon apple suncatcher

Book page apples

Apple suncatchers with melting beads

Decoupage apple bunting

Zippered apple pouch

Printable apple wreath

What are your favorite apple decorations?

Preference for Pizza

Today I thought we’d take a look at one of the favorite foods in the world: pizza.  It’s very customizable, so you can start with a simple base (crust) and then everyone can do whatever they want for the toppings.  If you’re looking for some new pizza inspiration, here are some recipes to try:


Thin crust

Artisan no-knead crust

Sourdough crust

Quick beer crust

Sprouted wheat crust

Gluten free crust

Almond flour crust

Flax seed crust

Cauliflower crust

Chickpea crust


Chicago deep dish 

Pizza margherita

Barbecued chicken

Spinach white pizza

Caprese pizza

BLT pizza

Cheeseburger pizza

Thai chicken

Mediterranean pizza

Mini meatball

Mushroom garlic

Ceasar salmon

Chorizo topped Mexican

Grilled fontina and arugula

Mini ricotta

Fresh tomato

Cast iron pizza

Philly cheesesteak

And more:

Pizza braid

Pizza buns

Pizza twists

Pepperoni biscuits

Pizza cones

Cheesy pizza dip

Bell pepper pizzas

Pizza zucchini boats

Parmesan crusted pepperoni grilled cheese

Pepperoni pizza cupcakes

Pizza pot pie

What are your favorite pizza recipes?

Over the Moon for Olives

Today I thought we’d take a look at an ingredient I’ve been enjoying lately: the olive.  There are many varieties (more than 75) and they’re good whether you eat them by themselves or add them to a dish.

Simply Olives:

Marinated olives

Olives with fennel seeds and orange

Fried olives

Citrus marinated olives


Rustic olive sourdough

Rustic olive flatbread

Rustic olive rolls

Rosemary, asiago and olive bread

Kalamata and gorgonzola knots


Olive straws

Dips and Salads:

Summer flatbread with olive dip

Panzanella bread salad


Olive and eggplant dip

Sauteed black olives with tomatoes

Toasted orzo with olives and lemon

Olive tapenade


Spaghetti with green olive sauce

Olives tart

Braised chicken with olives

Broccoli with olives

Roasted chicken with tangerines and olives

Lemon and olive chicken

Summer squash tart with olives

Baked potatoes with olives and feta

Olive medley pinwheels

Spicy fish and olive spaghetti

Olive and medjool date stuffed pork loin

Salmon with warm tomato and olive salad

What are your favorite olive recipes?

Totally Tuna

Today I thought I’d share about an ingredient that just about everyone has tried at some point in time, tuna!  So whether you’re only able to access a can or pouch or are lucky enough to be able to get it fresh (or the closest version thereof), here are some recipes to get you started making tuna more than a dated and rather tasteless fish.

Sardinian tomato salad

Thai spiced grilled tuna with Asian style slaw

Spicy tuna pita with cilantro

Tuna salad on bruschetta

Mediterranean tuna salad

Lemony orzo tuna

Tuna with mustard seed crust

Two bite tuna melt

Asian slaw with spice rubbed tuna

Chickpea and tuna dip

Tuna noodle casserole with cauliflower

Sesame seared tuna with ginger and carrot dipping sauce

Open faced seared tuna burger with wasbi mayonnaise

Seared Asian tuna steaks

Gluten free asparagus tuna casserole

Tuscan tuna mac casserole

Tarragon tuna melts

Muffin pan tuna melts

Spicy tuna melt

Twisted tuna salad

Grilled teriyaki tuna wrap

Seared tuna with grapefruit and orange relish

Tuna poke

Pan seared tuna with avocado, soy, ginger and lime

Israeli couscous and tuna salad

Herbed tuna steaks

Grilled tuna burgers with spicy mayo

Seared tuna with mango salsa

Spicy sesame tuna salad

Vegan sunflower seed tuna salad

Tuna burgers with chipotle slaw

Tart and crunchy fresh tuna salad

Veggie loaded tangy tuna salad

What are your favorite tuna recipes?

Custard Cravings

As we get further into the school year and closer to autumn and the end-of-year holidays, I thought we’d take a look at some custard recipes.

Simply Custard:

Frozen custard

Orange-vanilla frozen custard

Coffee custard

Caramel custard

Mocha custard

Buttermilk custard with raspberry sauce

Coconut custards

Vanilla bean custard

Chocolate custard

Pumpkin maple custard

Pumpkin custard with cardamom crumble

Pumpkin custard

Custard Treats:

Custard pie

Lemon custard cake

Custard pie with pears

Almond custard tart with strawberies

Coconut custard pie

Spiced custard mini pies

Snickerdoodle custard pie

Baked raspberry custards

Banana caramel custard

Banana cherry custard muffins

Berry custard pie

Eggnog custard pie

Savory Custards:

Herbed mushroom custards

Tomato and corn custard pie

Custard filled cornbread

Zucchini custard bake

What are your favorite custard recipes?

Shake Time!

It’s been quite warm where I live the past few days so I’m thinking something a little heartier and yet a sweet treat, like a shake! So today we’re taking a look at some sweet and tasty milk shakes.

Peach shake

Peachy mint shake

Peach strawberry shake

Strawberry cheesecake milkshake

Pineapple protein shake

Roasted pineapple milkshake

Almond coconut shake

Coconut doughnut shakes

Key lime tequila milkshake

Dole whip margarita

Malted milk shake

Vanilla malted milkshake

Blueberry breakfast shake

Bourbon ball milk shake

Black forest shake

Pumpkin shake

Date shake

Banana milk shake

Pretzel dulce-de-leche bourbon shake

Pear, oat, cinnamon and ginger shakes

Grapefruit and gin cocktail shakes

Chocolate cake shake

Mexican coffee milkshake

What are your favorite shakes?