Dark Drinks

Halloween is just one day away, so today I thought I’d offer some creepy drink suggestions to help you finish out your party planning.

Blood red cherry punch

Spooky punch

Mexican pumpkin punch

Dragon’s blood punch

Chai punch

Dark and spooky

Black cloud

Phoenix rising

Magical mad hatter


Halloween sunset

Shirley Tempest

Bloody scary

Bloody floats

Bloody fizz

Sinister cider cocktail

Black and orange vodka

Dark chocolate martini

Pumpkin sangria

Bloody Maria

Apricot iced tea

Vampire bite mocktail

Pumpkin pie milkshake

What drinks will be spooking guests this year at your Halloween party?

Mysterious Mummies

We’re just 2 posts away from Halloween!  Today you may have guessed that our featured freaky is the mummy.


Mummy pumpkin

Mummy candy pot

Mummy bowling

Mummy head decor

Another mummy pumpkin

Mummy luminarias

Craft stick mummies


Mummy cookies

Banana mummies

Nutter butter mummies

Pumpkin chip cupcakes with brown sugar buttercream

Mummy pretzels

More mummy cookies

Mummy pizza

Chocolate pumpkin mummy cookies

Mummy sandwich

What mummy decorations, snacks and crafts have inspired you this year?

Creative Costumes

Today we’re celebrating Halloween with some awesome costumes and accessories!


Kid’s cat mask

Kids pom poms

Wings for kids

Pirate costume accessories

Medusa hair

Superhero cape

Superhero belt and cuffs


Kid’s snow princess

Kid’s Big bad wolf

Kid’s Gnome

Kid’s Mermaid

Kid’s circus acrobat

Kid’s pillowcase pumpkin

Kid’s pirate

Kid’s rose garden princess

Adult spiderman

Adult pirate

Adult fairy princess

Adult Greek goddess

Doggie dino

Zorro dog

Pirate cat

What fun costume are you creating this year?

Watch out for Witches

Today’s haunted host is the witch, with lots of witch inspired crafts and treats.

Creepy Crafts:

Witch lawn ornaments

Witch silhouette

Witch’s broom favors

Witch’s curtain

Doorway of doom broom garland

Witch party picks

Witch hat treat holders

Witch leg pumpkins

Fallen witch pumpkin

Witch treat bag

Witchy welcome sign

Freaky Food

Witch cupcakes

Witch way is up cupcake

Witches brew

Chocolate witches hats

Grilled cheese sand-wiches

Witch finger cookies

What witchy things have inspired you this Halloween?

Spooky Skeletons

Today I’ve got some creepy skeleton, skull and bone crafts and snacks for you.

Creepy Crafts

Skull topped mason jar

Stenciled skull canvas

Skull wreath

Skull potato stamp

Glittered skull candelabra

Papier mache glowing skull

Skull treat box

Halloween party picks

Shrunken apple heads

Plaster bones

Skeleton invitations

Sock skeleton

Glow in the dark skeleton treat bag

Dancing skeletons pumpkin

Halloween treat bag

Bones tumbler

Party streamers

Outdoor skeletons

Freaky Food

Bones of the dead

Sugar skulls

Spinach ricotta skulls

Skull pops

Marshmallow skulls

Skeleton crew candy coated pretzels

Skull cake

Scary skulls

What scary skeletons are you celebrating with this year?

Menagerie of Monsters

For our Halloween activities today I’ve got some spooky, scary, intimidating and cute monsters!


Veggie monster pumpkin

Fanged pumpkin

Undead pumpkin

Monster buffet table

Monster drinkwear

Kid-sized monster cut-outs


Helping hand monster cupcake

Goblin flatbread

Monster brownie pops

Green monster with horns cupcake

Devil’s food cupcake

Poison apple gumballs

Monster lollypops

More monster cupcakes

Even more monster cupcakes

What monsters are you creating this Halloween?

Batty for Bats

Today our Halloween inspiration are bats!


Shivering bat lamp shade

Bat and moon treat bag

Hanging bat

Bat bag

Cute clothespin bat

Black clothespin bat

Bat mobile

Bat headband

Bat pinata

Bat place cards

Bat noisemakers

Bat card

Bat cone treat holder

Bat doormat

Bat sconce

Bat pumpkin

Bat chair decoration

Bat garland

Batty card

Batty gazing ball

Painted pumpkin with flying bats


Bat wings and bat chips

Bat pops

Dulce de leche bat cookies

Bat cookies

Vampire bat cupcake

What inspired bat creations are you making this year?

Creating with Candy Corn

Today we’re celebrating that well-known treat of Halloween, Candy Corn!


Candy corn pots

Glittered candy garland

Jack-o-Lantern party favors

Candy corn door decoration

Candy corn garland

Candy corn topiaries

More decorating ideas


Mini triple treat cupcake

Candy corn popcorn balls

Spiky candy corn cupcakes

Candy corn hi-hat cupcakes

Candy corn sugar cookies

Candy corn crispy treats

Candy corn drink

Candy corn cordial

What are your favorite crafts and treats inspired by candy corn?

Black Cat Creations

Today our inspired creepy Halloween topic is cats!


Cat lawn ornament

Papier mache black cats

Pumpkin cats

Black cat treat boxes

Black cat silhouettes

Halloween table lanterns

Felted wool cat pencil topper

Halloween papier mache cat

Big rooftop cat

Muslin miniature cat

Halloween cat pillow

Pin the tail on the cat


Cat cookies

Midnight cookies

Black cat paw cookies

Scaredy crackers

Cocoa cat cookies

Black cat pops

What black cats are inspiring you this Halloween?

Ghastly Ghosts

Today our spooky inspiration is ghosts!


Cheesecloth ghost

Papier mache floating ghosts

Pop-up ghost cards

Ghost lights

Even more ghost crafts


Mini ghost cupcakes

Ghost cookies

White chocolate ghosts

Boo-nilla shake

Ghost cupcakes

Chocolate marshmallow ghost cake

Spooky Milano ghost cookies

Muenster ghost sandwiches

Ghostinis (ghost shaped crostini)

Meringue ghosts

What ghostly things are you creating this year?