Crafting the Month Away

March is National Craft month, so today I’ve got just a few ideas to get you started (I’d love to hear what you’re thinking of creating this month in the comments, too!)

Clay puffles

Enchanted clay toadstools

Clothespin cotton ball fairy

Cardboard petal picture frame

Tube racer

DIY bead bags

Dip-dyed scarves

Birthday girl place mat and napkin

Button snake

Elegant clay pot

Duck tape necklace

Get crafting!

Angelic Angels

This week we’re highlighting some of the fun and interesting angel crafts you can make:

Trumpeting paper angel

Patriotic angel

Beaded angel

Paper plate angel

Angel garland

Seashell angel

Coffee filter angel

Angel votive

Clothespin angel ornament

Cornstarch angel

3D angel decoration

Cedar lodge wooden ornaments

Potted angel with stars

Clay and clear ball ornament

Deco wooden ornament

Gift wrap card

What are your favorite angel crafts and decorations?

Wearin’ O the Green

The celebration of St. Patrick’s day is just a few days away! Today’s blog post has lots of fun ideas and edibles for you and your celebration!

Crafts and Games:

Catch a leprechaun

St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt

Pot-o-gold toss

Clay pot leprechaun

Homemade care freshener

Shamrock boutonnieres

2 St. Patrick’s Day cards

Shamrock wall hanging

Love shamrock t-shirt

4 leaf clover magnets

St. Patrick’s Day coasters

Lucky day card

Luck of the Irish door hanging



Irish brown bread

Irish bread American style

Sage potato rolls

Soda bread biscuits


Irish beef and stout stew

Irish beef hand pies

Irish lamb stew

Potato frittata

Braised greens

Smokey cheese potato soup

Corned beef and cabbage pizza

Black and tan pork with spicy ale slaw

Spinach pesto ravioli


Pistachio shortbread

Lime squares with pistachio graham cracker crust

Key lime cheesecake bars

Rum raisin rice pudding

Pistachio cookies

Clover cookies

Shamrock cookies

Pistachio cupcakes

Irish coffee cupcakes

Grasshopper cupcakes

Shamrock milkshake cupcakes

Black and white Irish cream cupcakes

Chocolate stout cake

Rainbow cake


Hot nutty irishman

Ginger and mint lime floats

Guinness float

Dublin eggnog

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Share your ideas in the comments.

Celebrating with Animal Friends

Today we’re looking at some cute and friendly animals to help us celebrate the holidays.

Red nosed wreath deer

Reindeer ornaments

Clay pot penguins

Penguin snowglobe

Birds in trees greeting card

Polar bear family card

More reindeer ornaments

Friendly penguin

Friendly reindeer

Almond birds

Felted owl

Reindeer slippers

Dala horse

Partridge ornament

Cardinal ornament

Dove garland

What fun decorations do you have with animal friends?

Spooky Skeletons and Mummies

Today we’re beginning our Halloween journey with some creative and edible haunted mummy and scary skeleton ideas!


Craft stick mummy

Mummy pumpkins

Mummy greeter

Yummy mummies

Sock skeleton

Skull potato stamp

Skeleton treat bags

Mummy lantern

Dancing skeleton glasses

Skull candles


Hot dog mummy

Pizza mummies

Breadstick bones

Mickey mouse mummy cupcakes

Funny bones

Gingerbread skeleton cookies

Skull pops

Skull madelines

Scary pear heads

Mummy cupcake

Screaming spice cookies

Skeleton cupcakes

Mummy cupcake

Skeleton bones cupcake

Handy pretzels

Wrapped cupcake

What are your favorite mummy and skeleton ideas? 

Golfing Around

Today I’m inspired to take a look at some creative golf-related things. Summer is a great time to get out there and hit some golf balls, or work on some golf-inspired crafts.


Card for dads

Golf wreath

Golf picture frame


Tee time cupcakes

Golf ball cake pops

Golf cookie bouquets

Golf cupcake


Air golf

Safari miniature golf set

Tee off birthday party

Portable golf course

Flip golf

Do you play golf or love golf?  I’d love to hear your inspired suggestions.