Chili for the Chills

Today I’ve got some delicious chili recipes that you can enjoy in the winter cold or make in the crock pot and have for an easy dinner.

Oven baked chili

Cincinnati chili

Chuck wagon chili

White chili with cornbread

Chili and cornbread bake

White bean chicken chili

Vegetarian chili

Chili con carne

Lighter beef chili

Turkey chili

Chicken chili

Beef chili

Texas red chili

Shredded pork in red chili

Chili mac skillet

Veggie chili con queso

Taco chili

What are your favorite chili recipes?

Sweet on Sweet Potatoes

Today we’re looking at one of the healthiest foods, sweet potatoes.  Vitamin A, Vitamin B and fiber are just 3 of the great vitamins in them, and they’re full of antioxidants too!

Sweet potato rolls

Sweet potato cloverleaf buns

Sweet potato pie

Sweet potato biscuit bars with pineapple glaze

Pumpkin sticky buns

Sweet potato gnocchi

Twice based sweet potatoes with sage and pecans

Sweet potato flan

Sweet potatoes with coconut, pomegranate and lime

Sweet potato chips

Candied sweet potatoes

Sweet potato rounds

Herb roasted sweet potatoes

Bourbon sweet potatoes

Savory stuffed sweet potatoes

Sweet potato souffle pie

Caramelized sweet potato wedges

Spicy sweet potato soup

Sweet potato cupcakes

Sweet potato and hazelnut pie

Pork and sweet potato empanadas

Sweet potato skins

Hasselback sweet potatoes

Spicy quinoa with sweet potatoes

Sweet potato soup

Candied sweet potatoes with apples

What are your favorite ways to cook sweet potatoes?

A Heart for Hearts

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, today we’re taking a look at some creative and fun ways you can celebrate.


Accordion heart card

Mason jar hearts card

Xoxo love card

Simply said card

Burlap heart embellished card

Watercolor heart card

Owl be your friend forever card

Heartstrings card

Critter cards

Rosy stationary

Love multiples cards

Heart fold card

3D accordion card

Accordion Valentine

Even more card ideas


Styrofoam heart trio

Resin heart pendant

Framed heart photo montage

Gold foil heart banner

Kid’s caterpillar garland

Spray painted Valentine’s day votives

Little love light

Zip tie garland

Heart shaped pot holders

Lacy votive holder

Crayon hearts

Mini Valentine’s gift bags

Heart seals

Papercut hearts

What fun Valentine and heart-inspired creations are you making for this weekend?

Heart Helpings

Today we’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day with some heart inspired snacks, treats and sweets.

Breakfast and Dinner

Lemon love buns

Heart pancakes

Chocolate chip scones

Heart pizzas

Heart roasted potatoes

Cheese filled hearts


Carmel chocolate seduction

Chocolate valentine hearts

Chocolate caramel hearts

Brownie hearts

Creamy fudge hearts

Bittersweet chocolate hearts

Brownie heart cupcakes

Chocolate sweet hearts

Chocolate ganache heart tartlets

Chocolate eclair hearts

Chocolate mousse with puff pastry hearts

Hearts of passion

White chocolate bark heart bites


Chocolate pistachio heart cookies

Heart of gold cookies

Shortbread hearts

Linzer heart cookies

Cream cookie sandwich hearts

Valentine heart pops

Honey and poppy seed hearts

Conversation heart cookies

More Treats

Vanilla hearts

Sweetheart cheesecakes

Cheesecakes with raspberry hearts

Happy hearts

Heart rosettes

Meringue hearts

Raisin heart pockets

Red velvet heart cake

Stuffed cupcakes

Strawberry pie hearts

What heart inspired eats are you making this Valentine’s Day?

Just Jello

Today we’re taking a look at the favorite of kids in all generations: jello. With National Jello Week starting on the 12th, it’s a perfect time to look at some traditional and new recipes to try.

Raspberry chocolate gelatin

Watermelon lime gelatin squares

Coconut jelly

Pomegranate gelatin

Spring fling icebox dessert

Cranberry and pear gelatin

Melon icebox cake

Christmas ribbon salad

Pineapple mojito gelatin shot

Raspberry star dessert

Strawberry pretzel salad

Lemon torte with raspberries

Key lime cheesecake bars

Berry cheesecake pie

Gelatin cheesecake

Sparkling peach punch

Pistachio shortbread

Strawberry and cream cookies

What do you like to make with jello?

More for Mardi Gras

Today we’re taking a look at some recipes, crafts and activities you can do to celebrate Mardi Gras even if you can’t get to New Orleans.


Corn, crawfish and andouille chowder

Shrimp and crab gumbo

Hot shrimp dip

Cafe au lait pie

Mardi Gras king cake

Mini king cakes

Mardi Gras king cupcakes

Chocolate praline pie with bourbon whipped cream

French quarter beignets

Mardi Gras jam buns

Ginger margarita

Hurricane cocktail

Mardi Gras cocktail


Simple beaded mask

Advanced beaded mask

Handprint mask

Flowered mask

Peacock feather mask

Colorful mask

Crepe paper rose mask

Clay masks

Beaded peacock frame

Bead mosaic

Beaded cluster rings

Are you joining the Mardi Gras party this year?

Tasty Tortellini

Today we’re taking a look at the simple yet tasty tortellini.  You can make your own as well as use your favorite kind with a homemade sauce or in a homemade dish.


Turkey tortellini soup

Tortellini with sage brown butter

Lemony tortellini with peas and prosciutto

Tortellini with mushroom sauce

Tortellini soup with escarole

Tortellini skewers

Tortellini primavera

Spinach tortellini soup

Cheesy baked tortellini

Meatball tortellini soup

Pesto cream tortellini

Pumpkin tortellini

Veggie tortellini soup

Butternut squash tortellini with brown butter sauce

Chicken tortellini soup

Baked goat cheese tortellini with radicchio

Whole wheat tortellini with broccoli

Hot saucy tortellini

Tortellini stir fry

What’s your favorite tortellini recipe?