Fantastic Fudge

Today for a summer sweet treat we’re going to take a look at fudge recipes!



Candied cherry opera


Orange cream

Double decker layered 

Salted caramel

Espresso toffee



Creamy cranberry



Rocky road

Maple bourbon

Chocolate fudge with pretzels


Birthday cake white chocolate

Peanut butter 

Chocolate peanut butter

Peanut butter and jelly

White chocolate peppermint

Triple chocolate peppermint

Peppermint tuxedo

Triple chocolate pecan

Chocolate walnut

Double almond marshmallow

Cinnamon chocolate

Making it:

Microwave fudge

5 minute fudge

What’s your favorite fudge?

I Choose Cheesecake!

With the cheerful summer sun outside my window I thought today we’d take a look at a sweet treat that’s good in the summer time (and any time of year), cheesecake!

NY cheesecake

New York style cheesecake with chocolate crust

Ricotta cheesecake

Sour cream cheesecake

Low fat cheesecake

Greek yogurt cheesecake

Gluten free cheesecake

Special treats:

Vanilla bean cheesecake bars

Mini cheesecakes

Cheesecake in a jar

Chocolate cheesecake brownies

Sweetheart cheesecakes

Mini chai latte cheesecakes

Chocolate cheesecakes with raspberry topping

Cheesecake strawberry shortcakes

No bake s’mores cheesecake

No bake lemon Oreo cheesecake

Mini cheesecake cones

Mexican sundae cheesecake bars

Lime cheesecake pops

Strawberry cheesecake tartlets

Pumpkin cheesecake crunch bites

Raspberry swirl cheesecake cupcakes

Cherry cheesecake shooters


Chocolate cheesecake

Lime cheesecake

Vanilla cheesecake 

Raspberry cheesecake

Vanilla orange cheesecake

Caramel pecan cheesecake

Caramel chocolate cheesecake with praline pecans

Pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust

Irish whiskey cheesecake

Maple pecan cheesecake

Buttermilk dulce de leche cheesecake

Coconut cheesecake

Eggnog cheesecake

Margarita cheesecake

Passion fruit cheesecake tart

What’s your favorite way to enjoy cheesecake?

Cheering for Summer Corn

Today we’re looking at one of my favorite summer foods, corn!

Tex mex mac and cheese

White chili with cornbread

Zesty cornbread

Corn and bacon spoon bread

Farmer’s market pizza

Corn and green chili muffins

Corn stars

Corn fritters

Shrimp and corn fritters with red pepper sauce

Steamed clams and corn

Fresh corn and chicken chowder

Butternut squash and corn chowder

Sweet corn soup with toasted corn guacamole

Oven roasted chile butter corn

Curried corn

Charred corn guacamole with corn chips

Corn salsa

Grilled corn and bean salsa with baked corn chips

Pappardelle with corn

Hot corn dip

Corn and mushroom risotto

Grilled corn with lime and chile

Raw corn and zucchini salad

Poblano chiles stuffed with corn and Monterey jack cheese

Skillet corn, edamame and tomatoes in basil oil

Sweet corn with baby beets and basil

Corn and zucchini saute with basil

What are your favorite corn dishes?

I Scream for Chocolate Ice Cream

Today we’re celebrating the humble and simple chocolate ice cream.  Let’s take a look at some recipes you can make at home, as well as ways you can bring your next scoop of chocolate ice cream up a notch.

Ice cream:

Mexican chocolate ice cream

Mocha madness ice cream

Chocolate decadence ice cream

Malted milk chocolate ice cream

White chocolate amaretti ice cream

No churn chocolate ice cream

Cherry chocolate ice cream

Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate whiskey ice cream

Bittersweet chocolate ice cream

Rocky road ice cream

Ice cream treats:

Chocolate peanut ice cream cake

Chocolate ice cream bombe

Chocolate ice cream pie

Chocolate ice cream cake with hazelnuts and marshmallow swirl

Neapolitan pops

Triple chocolate ice cream sandwiches

Graham cracker and Mexican chocolate ice cream sandwiches

Chocolate, banana ice cream pie

Double chocolate ooey gooey butter cake ice cream

Chocolate hazelnut ice cream cupcakes

Ice cream drinks:

Chocolate blitzen

Black forest shake

Whiskey stout chocolate ice cream float

What do you love about chocolate ice cream?

Favorites for Fathers

Sunday here in the USA is Father’s Day, so today I’ve got some last minute DIY gifts you can help your kids make for the amazing dad in their life.

From here to there photo wood frame

Special memories shadow box

Tie rack

Wooden watch stand

Superhero Dad t-shirt

Stamped leather keychain

Leather passport cover

Cord roll

Leather headphone cord wrap

Etched mustache glass

Cutting board with leather handle

BBQ tool holder

Outdoor cooler cabinet

Leather wrapped grill utensils

Wooden grill scraper

Bow tie card

Super Dad card

Rosemary mint shaving cream

Bacon jam, candy and salt

Shrinky-dink gifts

What gifts are you planning to give the dad in your life this Father’s Day?

On the Road with Rocky Road

As we get closer to summer and summer treats and travels, today I thought we’d take a look at some rocky road inspired recipes.

Rocky road bars

No bake rocky road bars

Rocky road crunch bars

Fudgy rocky road bars

Bumpy road fudge

Peanut butter rocky road fudge

Rocky road tart

Rocky road brownies

Rocky road bites

Rocky road cheesecake

Rocky road truffles

Rocky road bark

Peanut rocky road bark

Peppermint rocky road candies

Mini rocky road cookies

Rocky road cookies

Rocky road ice cream

Rocky road pudding

Rocky road vanilla pudding cups

Rocky road pudding pie

Rocky road cupcakes

Gluten free white chocolate rocky road

Vegan rocky road fudge

What are your favorite rocky road recipes?

Have a Salad: Macaroni

Today we’re finishing our look at fresh salads to enjoy this summer with pasta salads!

Heirloom tomato and fresh pasta

Roasted tomatoes, pasta and mozzarella

Minestrone salad

Tortellini salad

Pasta salad with roasted broccoli

Broccolini and sweet pepper pasta salad

Artichoke pasta salad

Herbed pasta salad

Warm macaroni and mozzarella salad with herbs

Zucchini ribbons with pasta and arugula

Corn and zucchini salad with orzo

Corn and pasta salad with homemade ranch dressing

Cilantro lime pasta salad

Radicchio pasta salad

Penne and asparagus salad

Orange, mint and asparagus pasta salad

Gazpacho, crab and pasta salad

Roasted vegetable salad with pasta and walnut pesto

Lots of peppers macaroni salad

Smoked macaroni salad

Bacon avocado macaroni salad

Bacon and egg macaroni salad

Pasta salad with prosciutto, goat cheese, tomato, olives, and capers

BBQ macaroni salad with lemon thyme dressing

Macaroni salad with dill and ham

Mac and jack pasta salad

Creamy cheddar macaroni salad

Whole wheat pasta with walnuts and feta cheese

Creamy ranch macaroni salad

Chicken mac-n-cheese with spicy ranch salad

Greek garden pasta salad

Greek style orzo and double bean salad

Italian pasta salad

Hawaiian style macaroni salad

Mexican macaroni salad

Cajun macaroni salad

Vegan macaroni salad

American macaroni salad

Eggplant, zucchini, pepper, tomato, olive and homemade pasta salad

What’s your favorite pasta salad?