Drink to Summer

Today I’ve got a selection of summer inspired drinks, most with a little fruit or other summery inspiration!

Summer white sangria

Peach teallini

Summer breeze

Peach and blackberry muddle

Honeydew agua fresca

Summer fruit sangria

Watermelon-cucumber cooler

Peach juleps

Honeydew granita spritzer

Cherry beer

Rhubarb ice tea

Strawberry lemonade

Strawberry hibiscus tea lemonade

Frozen peach margaritas

Peach juleps

Hibiscus-honey iced tea

Tropical ginger punch

Watermelon mojito

Bing cherry mojito

Pineapple-rum cocktail

Pina colada

Mango margaritas

Spiked mango lemonade

Melon and mint lemonade

What is on your drink menu for this holiday weekend?

A Little Summer Crafting

We’re getting close to the end of the school year in the US, so today I’ve got some fun crafts and creative ideas for you and the kids to do this summer on days that are too warm to be outside (including one you make indoors and use outdoors).

Lots of rock crafts

Matchbox guitar (includes a video)

Clothespin pinwheel

Sponge ball

Bubble wands

Origami finger puppets

Sun print cards

Stickers from scratch

Sea creature cardboard creations

Popsicle painting

No-sew tutu

Upcycled plant markers

Decorative paper clips

Craft stick airplanes

Friendship bracelets

Salt art

Butterfly wall art (video)

Fringe musical anklet

Flying fish

Paper flowers

What are you planning to try crafting and creating this summer?

Crazy for Kabobs

As we get closer to the summer and grilling season, today we’re looking at some kabob recipes and ideas, both sweet and savory.


Grilled chicken and peach

Chicken and red onion

BBQ chicken kabobs with potatoes and summer squash

Greek chicken

Lemon sage pork chops

Brine-cured pork kabobs with jalapenos and pineapple

Curried lamb kabobs with cherry tomatoes and red onions

Beef and broccoli

Fontina stuffed meatball kabobs

Blue cheese burger kabobs

Antipasto kabobs

Grilled bread and veggie

Baby potato

Tomato kabobs


Scallops with beets and prosciutto

Swordfish kabobs

Salmon kabobs with cucumber feta salsa

Tuna with marinated baby artichoke

Ginger tuna kabobs

Thai tuna kabobs

Grilled fish with cherry tomatoes

Halibut with zucchini and grape tomatoes

Shrimp with lemon and cilantro

Shrimp and chorizo

Spicy shrimp and sugar snap peas

Thai shrimp kabobs

Shrimp boil on a stick

Sweet shrimp kabobs


Grilled plums

Spicy melons

What do you like to include on your kabobs?

Baking with Bundt

Today we’re looking at popular dessert treats that can be made in a bundt pan!

Chocolate fudge bundt cake

Chocolate macaroon bundt cake

Malted chocolate bundt cake with chocolate glaze

Lemon bliss cake

Orange pound cake with bourbon glaze

Blueberry lemon bundt cake

Lemon ginger bundt cake

Coconut lemon cake

Peaches and cream bundt cake

Apple walnut bundt cake

Classic vanilla bundt cake

Caribbean rum cake

Sweet potato bourbon bundt cake

Coconut rum raisin bundt cake with rum caramel glaze

Zucchini bundt cake with orange glaze

Chai spiced pound cake

Black and white pound cake

Gingerbread bundt cake

Maple bundt cake

Jelly doughnut bundt cake

Mini Cakes:

Mini chocolate bundt cakes

Mini almond bundt cakes

Sticky toffee mini bundt cakes

Mini chocolate cherry bundt cakes

Gluten free:

Gluten free almond cake

Gluten free sour cream coffeecake

Gluten free citrus bundt cake

Gluten free almond bundt cake

Gluten free pecan pie bundt cake with pecan crumble and praline frosting

Snacks and Lunch:

Bundt pan jalapeno poppers

Cold cut bundt sandwich

What’s your favorite way to use a bundt pan?

Cooking with Chipotle

Today we’re looking at a spicy ingredient, chipotle! It’s great to add a little kick to your favorite recipe or special summer event.

Sauces and Spreads:

Chipotle mayonnaise

Chipotle marinara

Apple chipotle chutney

Maple chipotle barbecue sauce

Chipotle molasses barbecue sauce

Chipotle peanut sauce

Chipotle lime glaze

Chipotle chorizo and bean dip

A Meal with Spice:

Chipotle and rosemary roasted nuts

Chipotle cornbread

Chipotle kettle corn

Chipotle chicken

Chipotle chicken and rice

Chipotle pork posole

Apricot chipotle pork ribs

Chipotle shrimp and cheddar grits

Grilled fish tacos with chipotle cream

Chipotle sauced crab cakes

Chipotle glazed meatloaf sandwiches

Honey chipotle glazed ribs

Garlic chipotle beef kebabs

Chipotle beef tacos

Sweet potato and chipotle soup

Chipotle lime corn

Stuffed poblano peppers in a chipotle sauce

Chipotle avocado sandwich

Chipotle beef enchiladas

Chipotle butternut squash with crunchy topper

What do you enjoy adding a little spice to?

Salsa Celebration

Today we’re looking at another party favorite: salsa!  Here are some salsa recipes and recipes that use salsa to check out.

Salsa cruda

Citrus salsa

Salsa picante

Salsa rossa

Salsa fresca

Charred tomatillo salsa

Salsa de arbol

Salsa picante

Vegetable salsa

Grilled peach salsa

Roasted fresh pepper salsa

Orange and pepper salsa

Fresh herb salsa verde

Spicy plum salsa

Spicy cucumber salsa

Cranberry avocado salsa

Avocado pineapple salsa

Mexican avocado salsa

Apricot salsa with lemon verbena

Mango salsa

Mango basil salsa

Basil strawberry salsa

Strawberry rhubarb salsa

Roasted corn salsa

Black bean salsa

Grilled pineapple summer salsa

Pineapple salsa

Grilled pineapple jicama salsa

Recipes to try:

Chili sticks with creamy salsa dip

Salsa tacos

Salsa barbecue sauce

Creamy salsa soup

Salmon with mango salsa

Chicken enchiladas salsa verde

Pineapple salsa lamb burgers

What’s your favorite salsa and do you enjoy it smooth or chunky?

Totally Tortillas

This week we’ll be looking at some Mexican and Latin inspired dishes, and as we continue through this month we’ll be looking at some other spicy, sweet, grillable and shareable recipes too!


Soft flour

Simple tortillas

Tortilla cups

Tortilla chips

Corn tortillas

Chili lime strips

Colored tortillas with natural ingredients (video)

Spelt or kamut

Gluten free

Lunch and Dinner:

Chicken tomatillo tortillas

Tortilla soup

Mexican chicken tortilla soup

Tortilla espanola

Tortilla espanola with chorizo

Tortilla pie

Tortilla and black bean pie

Tortilla pie with chicken

Avocado and grapefruit tortillas

Mushroom and black bean tortilla casserole

Turkey chili in tortilla cups

Two cheese tortilla pizza with arugula salad

Pizza tortilla rolls

Monterey tortilla casseroles

Artichoke feta tortilla wraps

Black bean rainbow chard tortillas


Apple tortilla bake

Tortilla cups with yogurt and fresh fruit

Tortilla dessert pizzas

What will you be making with tortillas soon?