Festive Fruitcake

To celebrate the last day of the year I thought we’d look at a food that some love and some hate.  I can almost guarantee that there’s a fruitcake recipe for each of us!

Golden fruitcake

90 minute fruitcake

Sour cream fruitcake

Taste of the tropics fruitcake

Orange cranberry nut fruitcake

Butter rum walnut fruitcake

Chocolate cherry berry fruitcake

Upside down fruitcake

Mini upside down fruitcake

Fruitcake toaster cakes

Chocolate dipped fruitcake

Fruit and stout fruitcake

Fruitcake shortbread

Fruitcake biscotti

Mini honey fruitcake

Dowager duchess fruitcake

Gingered fruitcake

Fruitcake macaroons

Vanilla cream fruitcake trifle

Fruitcake cookies

Free range fruitcake

Mini creole Christmas fruitcakes with whiskey sauce

What’s your favorite fruitcake recipe?

Dishes for December Week 5

We’ve reached the last week of 2015 and the last Tuesday in the month.  Here’s the last set of oatmeal muffins, chestnuts, bouillabaisse, cookies, and cocoa recipes.

Breakfast: Simply sinful cinnamon muffins

Lunch: Chestnut ravioli with browned butter and thyme

Dinner: Bouillabaisse with lobster

Dessert: Gingerbread cookies

Drink: Chocolate cocoa deluxe

Christmas Inspired Cooking

To celebrate Christmas I thought we’d take a look at some holiday inspired treats!

Sugar cookie stars

White chocolate glazed cookies

Cookie houses

Christmas tree cookies

Cookie cottages

Stained glass wreaths

Sugared wreath cookies

Stained glass snowmen cookies

Mint peppermint meringue cups with ganache

Peppermint meringues with chocolate filling

Candy stripe cookie sticks

Gingerbread snowflakes

Fluted wreath cookies

Candy cane cookies

Strawberry santas

Holiday biscotti

Glazed apples

Cinnamon star bread

Pink Peppermint stick ice cream

Gingerbread house cakes

Peppermint crunch marshmallows

Chocolate cranberry parfaits

Cranberry swirl cheesecake

What are your holiday inspired treats?

Celebrating with Santa

Today I’ve got lots and lots of reindeer, Santa and Mrs. Claus and elf crafts!


Reindeer cookies

Flying reindeer Christmas countdown

Reindeer ornament

Stuffed reindeer

Wool reindeer

Copper reindeer ornament

Reindeer frames

Reindeer ornaments

Stick figure reindeer

More reindeer sugar cookies

Pine cone reindeer

Bottle cap reindeer

Cute cardboard reindeer

String art reindeer

Reindeer food

Reindeer appliqued pillow

Red nosed reindeer thumbprint cards

Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Mr. and Mrs. Claus cookies

Santa’s belt door decor

Hanging clay Santa

Santa candy bar

Felted wool Santa pillow

Santa Claus mouse

Santa Claus tea towel

Wool felt Santa banner

Old world Santa Claus ornament

Jolly Santa pillow

Santa hat place card

Old world Santa Christmas card

Colorful Santa applique Christmas stocking

Cozy Santa Christmas blanket

Even more Santa ideas


Pine cone elves

Elf ornament

Elf stocking

Dolf pin elf ornament

Elf ornament

Singing elves

Elf doll

Alphabet block elf

Pine cone elves

Jingle bell elves

Elf boots

Cork elf

And an elf, reindeer and Santa finger puppets

What are your crafty Santa, reindeer and elf ideas?

All About Appetizers

The holidays are all about family, friends and celebrations, and with those celebrations comes food! So today I’ve got lots of appetizer recipes to make your holiday party a little more yummy.

Eggplant ricotta bites

Lighter southern deviled eggs

Potatoes with chili butter

Scallop and shrimp cocktail

Vegan potato, pepper and olive phyllo cups

Spinach and goat cheese tartlets

Swedish meatballs

Toasted ravioli

Crostini with thyme roasted tomatoes

Onion herb focaccia

Baked brie

Buffalo chicken and cheese balls

Rosemary cheese spritz cookies

Pizzette with Gorgonzola, tomato and basil

Star puffs

Herbed goat cheese sandwiches

Cumin roasted shrimp with green chile cocktail sauce

Pretzel bites

Sourdough crackers

Mushroom cheddar tarts

Gluten free almond flour crackers

Crunchy crackers

Gluten free cheese crackers

Sourdough bruschetta

Crab mini quiches

Garlic and Parmesan stuffed mushrooms

Cheese and chive poppers

Herbed crab salad

Butternut sage crostini with ricotta and hazlenuts

Mini party quiches

Greek style stuffed mushrooms

Mini spinach calzones

What are you serving at your holiday party this year?

A Crèche Christmas

Today we’re celebrating the spiritual story behind the Christmas story with some manger scenes, stars, and angels.

Manger Scenes:

Christmas cards

Felt nativity pattern

Felt nativity stockings

Wood and ribbon nativity scene

Simple nativity ornament one and two

Counter cross stitch pattern

Simple Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus

Nativity finger puppet printable

Nativity stocking holders

Crochet star of Bethlehem

“Stained glass”scene

Print and color nativity scene

Wood block nativity set

I spy nativity ornament

String nativity scene ornament

Glass ball nativity silhouette


3-D glitter stars

Outdoor shooting stars

Starry advent calendar

Polymer clay star garland

Small wood stars

Large glittering star


Paper plate angels

Trumpeting paper angel

Silvery angel tree topper

Fingerprint angels

Button angels


DIY advent calendars

Felt advent calendar

Peace on earth ornament

Noel pillow

“Joy” Christmas lighting

Immanuel burlap banner

What are you going to create to celebrate this Christmas?

Baking Better Brownies

Today we’re looking at one of those classic treats, desserts and snacks, the brownie!

Melting mint brownies

Brownie crisps

Chocolate cheesecake brownies

Fudge brownies

Crazy blonde brownies

Butterscotch chocolate brownies

Brownies with fruit, nuts and flax

Maple walnut brownies

Brownies tannenbaum

Chocolate, caramel, almond crunch brownies

Anns applesauce brownies

Nut brownies

Truffle brownies

Cappuccino brownies

Turtle brownies

Guilt free brownies

Brownie pizza

Shortbread brownies

Raspberry mousse brownies

And a few special treats for those with dietary restrictions:

Gluten free brownies

Whole grain brownies

Almond flour brownies

Gluten free zucchini brownies

What are your favorite brownie recipes?