Celebrating with Santa

Today I’ve got lots and lots of reindeer, Santa and Mrs. Claus and elf crafts!


Reindeer cookies

Flying reindeer Christmas countdown

Reindeer ornament

Stuffed reindeer

Wool reindeer

Copper reindeer ornament

Reindeer frames

Reindeer ornaments

Stick figure reindeer

More reindeer sugar cookies

Pine cone reindeer

Bottle cap reindeer

Cute cardboard reindeer

String art reindeer

Reindeer food

Reindeer appliqued pillow

Red nosed reindeer thumbprint cards

Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Mr. and Mrs. Claus cookies

Santa’s belt door decor

Hanging clay Santa

Santa candy bar

Felted wool Santa pillow

Santa Claus mouse

Santa Claus tea towel

Wool felt Santa banner

Old world Santa Claus ornament

Jolly Santa pillow

Santa hat place card

Old world Santa Christmas card

Colorful Santa applique Christmas stocking

Cozy Santa Christmas blanket

Even more Santa ideas


Pine cone elves

Elf ornament

Elf stocking

Dolf pin elf ornament

Elf ornament

Singing elves

Elf doll

Alphabet block elf

Pine cone elves

Jingle bell elves

Elf boots

Cork elf

And an elf, reindeer and Santa finger puppets

What are your crafty Santa, reindeer and elf ideas?


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