Journey Through June Week 5

We’ve made it to our last week of fruit, vegetable, chocolate ice cream and gin recipes for June!

Breakfast: tropical fruit parfait

Lunch: mixed vegetable quiche with cheddar and Parmesan

Dinner: vegetarian chili

Dessert: cherry and chocolate ice cream

Drink: grapefruit gimlet

Fourth Fun

Coming up we’ve got July 4th and the celebration of Independence Day here in the USA.  As we’ve talked about freedom this year on the other blogs and social media, it’s an important day for us to recognize and celebrate what freedom means.

Handprint firecracker t-shirt

Sparkler wands

Red, white and blue flag painted wood pallet

Balloon fireworks

Patriotic door medallion

Patio chair place mats

Patriotic lanterns

Patriotic doormat

Paper wind streamer

Fourth of July votives

Red, white and blue ribbon stars

Patriotic baton

Shooting star surprise cookies (video)

30 DIY Fourth of July decorations

24 Fourth of July party ideas

17 Fourth of July crafts

How will you be decorating for and celebrating the 4th?

Totally Iced Tea

Summer is here and it’s finally hot!  When summer heat gets to be too much I love to make a cool iced tea, so here are some delicious recipes you can try!

Long Island iced tea

Arnold Palmer

Mint ginger iced tea

Hibiscus and ginger iced tea

Hibiscus iced tea

Red iced tea

Strawberry basil iced tea

Raspberry rosehip iced tea

Spiced fruit tea

Jasmine iced tea

White peach iced tea

Green tea and cranberry spritzer

Shake-it green tea

Iced ginger green tea

Lemony spiked sweet tea

Minted mango tea

Garden tea punch

Mint iced tea

Chai iced tea

What are your favorite iced tea recipes?

Celebrating Dad

Tomorrow in the USA is Father’s Day, so today we’ve got lots of fun crafts and food to celebrate, even some last minute things if you’ve been putting it off!


Father’s Day notepad

Clip art labels

Dad cutout frame

BBQ sauce

Personalized necktie

Dad libs

Hand warming mug

Shooting stars card

Dad hole punch card

Best Dad ever BBQ card

Super Dad card

Folded shirt card


Bacon with citrus glaze

Chorizo, potato and egg tacos

Sausage cheddar balls

Soft pretzels

Sweet and sour chicken wings

Roasted buffalo shrimp

Beer drinker’s pizza dough

Midwestern grilled bratwurst sandwiches

Beer battered fish

Fudgy football brownies

Golf cupcake

Root beer float cupcakes

Brown sugar and pecan sticky buns

How are you celebrating the dad in your life?

Time for Iced Tea

Today our chosen ingredient is tea, specifically, since it’s summer, we’ll be looking at iced tea!

Long island iced tea

Raspberry rosehip iced tea

Red iced tea

Strawberry basil iced tea

Rhubarb iced tea

Hibiscus and ginger iced tea

Jasmine iced tea

Mint ginger iced tea

Iced matcha tea latte

Blueberry green tea slushie

Lemon, blueberry and mint iced tea

Frozen iced tea

Twin Oaks almond iced tea

Minted mango tea

Peach mint green tea

Spiced tea

Spiced fruit tea

Sweet tea swagger

Chai punch

Prickly pear iced tea

Thai iced tea

What’s your favorite iced tea recipe?

Totally Tapioca

Today we’re working with an interesting ingredient: tapioca.  Tapioca is a starch that can be used in puddings (as little tapioca balls), as well as lots of recipes like pies and stews to thicken them (as a ground starch), and is gluten free!

Rose champagne gelee and tapioca parfait

Tapioca pudding with glazed plums

Tapioca with sauteed nectarines

Tapioca passion fruit parfaits

Coconut tapioca pudding

Moroccan pudding

2 spice vanilla tapioca pudding

Tapioca cake

Chocolate tapioca pudding

Jasmine delight bubble tea

Gluten free decorated frosted shortbread cookies